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Feminist Explanations
All of the feminist perspectives argue that women are oppressed in British society, but they differ in their explanations of the causes of this oppression and the -ways in which ft should be overcome. Liberal Feminists
Radical Feminists
Perhaps the least radical of the feminist
Their basic theory is that men are the enemy! They
perspectives. They argue that the so-called argue that there has always been a sexual division difference between men and women are not innate of labour underpinning and reinforcing a system of but the result of socialisation and 'sex-role male domination. Male defined ideas about women's conditioning'. The different -ways that boys and girls 'natural' roles and behaviour persists in all spheres are treated from birth discourages women from of society and therefore benefits men and serves to developing their full potential. In this way women are keep women subordinate and inferior to men. Men oppressed in society and are seen as subordinate
use their aggression to control women and are thus to men. Therefore, to liberate women it is necessary able to maintain their dominant position. To be free
to show (educate) that men and women are equal
women need to separate themselves from male in potential, thus their concern is with fighting for
equal fights.
Evaluation: Highlights dark side of family life but
Evaluation: Advocates and supports equal rights
fails to account for the different experience and legislation but fails to explore other explanations
expectations of women, particularly in relation to for inequalities.
Marxist/Socialist Feminists
Black feminism
Recognises both the role of Capitalism and Argued that 'white feminists' have ignored the patriarchy. Men exercise power over •women and in position of black women. Black women have a Capitalist societies patriarchy takes a specific form. double disadvantage as they are oppressed by With industrialisation women lost certain legal rights racism in white society and by patriarchy. Evaluation: and -were excluded from certain spheres of paid Highlights colour-blind nature of feminist approaches work compared to men who gained certain political, but ignores similarities between different women's dependent on males and male needs dominated both within marriage and in wider society. Marriage and motherhood became women's primary role with limited access to paid work. Women serve the needs of Capitalism because they are a cheap source of Post-modernism feminism
labour and reproduce future labour at little cost to capital. Evaluation: Links in the role of capital but Challenges assumptions around gender identities, fails to explore the experiences of men. suggests there are now a range of identities from -
which women and men can choose from.
Evaluation: Highlights the changes in society,
ignores that for some people there is
limited choice and the power of gender ideology.


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