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November 2006
This online exhibition features images, lesson plans and classroom activities that “explain how satellite imagery is gathered and used to expand the understanding of life on Earth”. It was created by the Smithsonian Institute in collaboration with the National Air and Space SITE DESIGN:
-- Students -- Teachers -- Special Education This well organized site is easily navigated through the top navigation bar. Content in the online exhibit is categorized into five sections and can be accessed through the graphical index on the main page of the exhibit. "Best Of" Series
The Earth from Space site offers users spectacular satellite images of conditions and events on the Earth. Each of the five sections of the exhibit; Living Planet, Water and Air, Structure of the Land, The Human Presence and Satellite Technology, offers rare views of extraordinary conditions and events on Earth that are nearly impossible to document from the surface of the planet. Over forty detailed satellite images of the planet are available from the Florida Everglades and the tropical forests on the Yucatan Peninsula to the Criteria
dry valleys of Antarctica. Especially fascinating are the images found in the Water and Air section. These include everything from typhoons Submit A Site
to dust storms to changing seasons to rising floodwaters. The Education World® Site Reviews: Earth from Space Mailing List
technology that is used to gather the images is also discussed in the Satellite Technology section as well as the satellites whose images are on display. Lesson plans and classroom activities that correlate to national standards are available to help students and teachers to increase their understanding of life on Earth. Lesson plans are RELATED REVIEWS:
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