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Selected Feature Films Director Cinematographer CLASSMATES - Factory Films - Steadicam Operator COMPLICITY - A Camera/Steadicam Operator THE COTTAGE - The Cottage, LLC - Steadicam Operator THE LIBERATOR - Liberator, INC. - Steadicam Operator HIROKIN - Hirokin Productions, LLC - B Cam/Steadicam TENTACLE 8 - Steadicam Operator FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY – B Camera/Steadicam METH HEAD – Meth Head, LLC - Steadicam Operator THE HOWLING REBORN – Moonstone Ent- Steadicam - 2nd Unit GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X – Steadicam/Cam Op SORORITY PARTY MASACARE – SyFy - Steadicam PIRANHACONDA – SyFY-Steadicam Operator IS IT JUST ME – Whitestone Acquisitions. Steadicam KARAOKE MAN - Karaoke Man Productions - Steadicam MILF-Asylum Entertainment-Steadicam Operator Selected Commercial List Director Cinematographer
ALEVE - Partizan - Steadicam Operator RICK ROSS PSA - MJZ - Steadicam Operator MCDONALDS BIG MAC PARTY - Tool Of North America NERF SUPER SOAKER- Smuggler - Steadicam CHEVY SAVINGS JAR - MJZ - Steadicam Operator DURACELL APOCALYPSE - MJZ - Steadicam Operator GUNNY & GLOCK - Rogin Entertainment - Steadicam US MARINE CORPS - One@Opt1mus - Steadicam HEFTY ZOOPALS - Jawbreaker - Steadicam Operator WALGREENS WEB PICKUP - Poptent Inc - Steadicam CHEVY VOLT ZOMBIE RIDE - Houseblend Media FORD FEATURES - Film Realite - Steadicam Operator DECENTE - Bounce Films - Steadicam Operator CHEVY BOXER - Houseblend Media - Steadicam Operator VH1 HONDA CCMA - Steadicam Operator UFC LESNER V OVREEM - Steadicam Operator ORBITZ BLEEPING CLEAN - Orbitz LLC - Steadicam MICHAEL CONNELLY’S THE DROP - Big Door - Steadicam US GOLF ASSOCIATION - Ad Digital - Steadicam NINTENDO Wii DRAW - Steadicam Operator DOLBY - Entertainment Technology Consultants - Steadicam Selected Television List Director Cinematographer
FACE OFF SEASON 3 - SyFY - Steadicam Operator FACE OFF SEASON 4 - SyFY - Steadicam Operator BETTY WHITE’S OFF THEIR ROCKERS SEASON 1-NBC BETTY WHITE’S OFF THEIR ROCKERS SEASON 2-NBC FUNNIEST COMMERCIALS OF THE YEAR- TruTV HOT SET SEASON 1 - SyFy. Steadicam Operator BALL UP - Fox Sports-Steadicam Operator IS THERE LIFE ON MIKE - Discovery - Steadicam FAKED MY OWN DEATH - Discovery - Steadicam DECPETION WITH KEITH BARRY - Discovery - Steadicam Selected Music Videos Director Cinematographer
TIMATI - Factory Films - Steadicam Operator A$AP LONG LIVE A$AP - Steadicam Operator KEYSHIA COLE TRUST AND BELIEVE - Steadicam EVA SIMMONS I DON’T LIKE YOU - Steadicam Operator CAMERON V DARWIN - Comedy Central - Steadicam VIENNIE ALL NIGHT LONG- Steadicam Operator MARCELO D2 - Steadicam Operator WALLPAPER BUTT2BUTT - Steadicam Operator NA PALM 2 STRAIGHT DAYS - Steadicam Operator VIENNIE THINKING OF YOU - Steadicam Operator YELLE SAFARI DISCO CLUB - Steadicam Operator JUMP JUMP DANCE DANCE 2.0 - Steadicam Operator. ANDY GRAMMER BIGGEST MAN IN LA - Steadicam CROMWELL DANIELA - Steadicam Operator. MORE CREDITS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST


[.] In the last years the introduction of UVB fototherapy, PUVA therapy, usage of biological products and, in nations of Germanic area, usage of fumaric acid derivatives led to a concept of long term biological modulation in psoriasis. ( PRODUCT NAME: PSOCAPS PRODUCT CATEGORY Food supplement based on salts of fumaric acid LIST OF INGREDIENTS ACCORDING TO TYPE AND

Consorzio per lo sviluppo industriale della

CONVENZIONE PER LA GESTIONE DELLA RETE FOGNARIA DI ACQUE NERE DELLA ZONA INDUSTRIALE DELL’AUSSACORNO Premesso che: Dall’ottobre 2000 e sino all’ottobre 2010 è rimasta in vigore ed ha esplicato effetti una convenzione tra il Consorzio per lo Sviluppo industriale della Zona del1’Aussa - Corno (ZIAC) ed il Consorzio Depurazione Acque Bassa Friulana poi Consorzi

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