02-15-11 mins

Salem School District
Regular School Board Minutes
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 – 7:00 PM
Large Group Instruction Room
President Shane Gerber called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM A. Members present – Lisa Hinze, Sam Corbett, Shane Gerber Administration present – Dave Milz, Peter Geissal, Eileen Bruton, Ben Walshire Corbett/Hinze motion to approve agenda – Motion carried 3/0 President’s Report – Shane Gerber A. Discussion on only candidate Kirsten Ruzicki. Hinze/Corbett motion to appoint Kirsten Ruzicki to the vacant Board seat – Motion carried 3/0 Gerber/Hinze motion to appoint Barbara Ingram Board Treasurer – Motion carried 3/0 Commented on the good job of snow removal, potential of receiving money from FEMA, Bandorama, thanked everyone for helping with the100 Day Celebration, Madison issues, read letter from Governor Scott Walker, read letter from Tony Evers, DPI Superintendent Clerk’s Report – Sam Corbett - None A. Treasurer’s Report – Shane Gerber Read Treasurer’s Report A. Corbett/Hinze motion to approve consent items – Motion carried 3/0 A. Payment of Accounts Payable Bills - $506,624.30
Minutes of Regular Board Meeting 01/18/11as printed/amended Minutes of Special Board Meeting 01/18/11 as printed/amended District Administrator’s Report – Dave Milz A. Reported on the State Education Convention – Keynote speakers Yong Zhao and Ken Robinson Donation ($1,000) to Primary Library in memory of Pat Davis – long time teacher at Salem Has received minimal response on Recent Open Enrollment Survey Hinze/Corbett motion approve a Teacher Educational Leave Request for Heather Hillstrom – Motion carried 3/0 Hinze/Corbett motion to offer Peter Geissal the Business Manager position at 74% - Motion carried 3/0 Corbett/Hinze motion to approve the building use guidelines and fee form – Motion carried 3/0 Hinze/Corbett motion to issue layoff notices to Leslie Gillengerten, Tom Hoffman, Sandra Lillyroot, Mary Ellen Lisowski, Jennifer Lynch, John Meier, Rachel Schumacher, Sarah Stenroos, and John Stewart for the 2011-12 school year – Motion carried 3/0 Principals’ Report Ben Walshire reported on 4th grade participated in NAEP assessment, Folk dance program for K-5, Open Enrollment In – 14 – 5 attend Salem, 1 duplicate, 8 new applications; Open Enrollment Out – 37 – 9 current students, 2 duplicates, 26 tuition waivers. Eileen Bruton reported on cheerleaders won 4th place in a contest, Bandorama, jazz band, RTI meeting, Grade 5 DARE Graduation. Corbett/Hinze motion to seek bids on audit contract – Motion carried 3/0 Corbett/Hinze motion to remain with Tricor as current vendor for district liability insurances – Motion carried 3/0 Hinze/Corbett motion to approve revised policies as listed – Motion carried 3/0 3362 - Employee Anti-Harassment 3419.02/4419.02 - Privacy Protection of Fully Insured Health Plan 3430.01/4430.01 - Family and Medical Leave of Absence FMLA 4140 - Termination and Resignation 5136 V1 - Wireless Communication Devices 5517 - Student Anti-Harassment 5722 - School Sponsored Publications and Productions 8405 - Environmental Health and Safety Program First Reading of New Policy: 5335 - Care of Students with Chronic Health Conditions Hinze/Corbett motion to approve new Policy 3236/4236 – Receipt of Legal Documents – Motion carried 3/0 Committee Meetings Buildings and Grounds – 3/03/11 – 4:30 Education Review – 3/03/11 – 5:00 Finance – 3/03/11 – 4:00 Policy and Community Relations – 3/02/11 – 4:00 Regular Board Meeting—March 15, 2011 – 7:00 PM – LGI Hinze/Corbett motion to adjourn meeting at 8:15 – Motion carried 3/0 Submitted by Elaine Manker Approved__________________________

Source: http://www.salem.k12.wi.us/cms/lib/WI01000808/Centricity/Domain/8/02-15-11%20Mins.pdf


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