Dr ann low - publications

Dr Ann Low - Publications
Behrens, R. H., Taylor, R. B., Low, A. S., Warburton, B. & Pryce, D. (1994). Traveller's diarrhoea:
a controlled study of its effect on chloroquine and proguanil absorption. Transactions of the Royal
Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
88, 86-88.
Behrens, R. H., Taylor, R. B., Pryce, D. I. & Low, A. S. (1998). Chemoprophylaxis compliance in
travellers with malaria. Journal of Travel Medicine 5, 92-94.
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of slow inhibitory synaptic transmission in submucous neurones of guinea-pig caecum. Experimental
79, 261-264.
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inhibitory synaptic potential in submucous neurones of guinea-pig caecum. British Journal
113, 883-888.
Law, S. P., Melvin, M. A. L. & Lamb, A. J. (2001). Visualisation of the establishment of a
heterotrophic biofilm within the schmutzdecke of a slow sand filter using scanning electron
microscopy. Biofilm 6.
Low, A. S. & Taylor, R. B. (1995). Analysis of common opiates and heroin metabolites in urine by
HPLC. Journal of Chromatography B 663, 225-233.
Low, A. S., Taylor, R. B. & Gould, I. M. (1989). Determination of clavulanic acid by a sensitive
HPLC method. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 24, 83-86.
Low, A. S. & Wangboonskul, J. (1999). An HPLC assay for the determination of ketoconazole in
common pharmaceutical preparations. The Analyst 124, 1589-1593.
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spermidine from cells following transfer to serum-depleted medium. experimental Cell Research 111,
Robertson, R. F., Al-Haj, A. J., Clarke, A., Peck, L. S. & Taylor, E. W. (2001). The effects of
temperature on metabolic rate and protein synthesis following a meal in the isopod Glyponotus
eights (1852). Polar Biology 24, 677-686.
Rouzaud, G., Duncan, A. J., Rabot, S., Ratcliffe, B., Durao, J., Garrido, S. & Young, S. (2000).
Factors influencing the release of cancer-protective isothiocyanates in the digestive tract of rats
following consumption of glucosinolate-rich brassica vegetables. In Dietary Anticarcinogens and
Antimutagens: Chemical and Biological Aspects
, pp. 92-95. Edited by I. T. Johnson & G. R. Fenwick.
Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry.
Rouzaud, G., Duncan, A. J., Young, S. & Ratcliffe, B. (2001). Bioavailability of cancer-protective
isothiocyanates following ingestion of cooked cabbage, coleslaw and mustard by healthy human
subjects. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 60, 34A.
Taylor, R. B., Low, A. S. & Reid, R. G. (1996). Determination of opiates in urine by CE. Journal of
Chromatography B
675, 213-223.
Taylor, R. B., Low, A. S. & Reid, R. G. (2000). Separation of selected opiates by HPLC and CE. In
Encyclopedia of Separation Science, pp. 3010-3017: Academic Press Limited.
Taylor, R. B., Moody, R. R., Ochekpe, N. A., Low, A. S. & Harper, M. I. A. (1990). A chemical
stability study of proguanil hydrochloride. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 60, 185-190.
Taylor, R. B., Reid, R. G. & Low, A. S. (2001). Analysis of proguanil and its metabolites by
application of the sweeping technique in micellar electrokinetic chromatography. Journal of
Chromatography A 916, 201-206.
Taylor, R. B., Richards, R. M. E., Low, A. S. & Hardie, L. (1994). Chemical stability of polymixin
B in aqueous solution. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 102, 201-206.
Taylor, R. B., Shakoor, O., Behrens, R. H., Everard, M., Low, A. S., Wangboonskul, J., Reid, R.
G. & Kolawole, J. A. (2001).
Pharmacopeial quality of drugs supplied by Nigerian pharmacies. The
357, 1933-1936.
Taylor, R. B., Smith, G. M. & Low, A. S. (1985). Ion-pairing chromatography of leukotrienes, LTB4,
LTC4 and LTD4. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 37, 131-136.
Yordanov, R. V., Lamb, A. J., Melvin, M. A. L. & Littlejohn, J. W. (1996). Biomass characteristics
of slow sand filters receiving ozonated water. In Advances in Slow Sand and Alternative Biological
, pp. 107-118. Edited by N. Graham & R. Collins: John Wiley and Sons.
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filters. In Scottish Microbiology Club Symposium. Aberdeen.
Yordanov, R. V., Lamb, A. L., Melvin, M. A. L. & Littlejohn, J. W. (1996). Biomass characteristics
of slow sand filters receiving ozonated water. In Advances in Slow Sand and Alternative Biological
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Yordanov, R. V., Littlejohn, J. W., Lamb, A. J. & Melvin, M. A. L. (1995). Biodegradable organic
carbon (BDOC) removal from ozonated water during slow sand filtration. Proceedings of the Society of
General Microbiology Meeting, Aberdeen
, 91.

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[Publicado en El Periódico de Aragón, 22-VIII-1999] PP, PSOE, GIL La temperatura política del país suele bajar en agosto, pero parece que también aquí llega el cambio climático a tenor de sucesos como los de Ceuta, Melilla y el GIL. Pero ¿qué pasa con los partidos democráticos y el GIL? Los hechos tienen su lógica, oculta por el juego de mensajes y contramensajes ante los medi

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Parte I: Lista dos objetos proibidos e aceitos sob condição para a importação (ou em trânsito) Seção I – Animais vivos e produtos animais Capítulo 1 Animais Vivos Posição Código SH  Objetos proibidos  Objetos aceitos sob condição Abelhas, bicho da seda e sanguessugas acompanhados de certificados zoossanitário. Ver Parte II, §§ 2 e 2.2.

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