My Experience with Doctor Feliciano
I just recently returned from a 2 month stay in the Philippines being treated by Dr. Feliciano which RESULTED IN A CURE. I will tell you my story and what led up to me taking the trip: I developed prostatitis about a year ago. I went from doctor to doctor around here and I just couldn't believe the lack of concern and complete ignorance they had of this disease. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and couldn't work, I lost my job, I was facing financial ruin but nothing was worst than the pain I was experiencing. I practically begged these doctors and urologists for help. In return I was screamed at there is nothing wrong with me, go to work, try yoga, try meditation, this is all in your head, see a psychiatrist, your tests show nothing, you're in perfect health, etc, etc. and than I was handed a big bill for their services when they did nothing except throw antibiotics at me indiscriminately and see what happens. These were recommended doctors connected with prestigious hospitals and teaching hospitals here. BUT THEY WERE ALL NOTHING MORE THAN FRAUDS!!!!!!! ALL JUST HAPPY TO STEAL MY MONEY AND SHOW NO CONCERN AT ALL ABOUT MY WELL-BEING!!!!!!!!!!! I even called an 800 number which advertises on TV they will find the right doctor for you. Well I told them my story and they gave me the name of a doctor they said could help me. When I called there they did not seem to know anything about prostatitis and a few days later that doctor was on the front page of the newspaper being accused of medical insurance fraud and under surveillance by the FBI. I also tried this magnetic therapy. For $100 I was sent this cheap looking plastic thing. I did what I was suppose to do with it and my prostatitis just continued getting worse. The device did nothing for me! I started contacting other places that seemed to have a interest in prostatitis. I sent a prostatitis clinic in Washington state my history and in return I was told there was nothing they could do for me, I should look in the phonebook for a doctor near me and call around to see if anyone can help me - I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT RESPONSE! Another place in Maryland never bothered replying. I got phone books from all over the USA and started calling everywhere and nobody could help me, nobody could even care! I went thru books in the bookstore. I would read one book and the next book would say something completely different. One book by a doctor connected with a well-known university said if you have chronic prostatitis you should learn to adjust yourself to a new lifestyle -WHAT GARBAGE! I came across something written on prostatitis by a doctor who heals by natural methods. I phoned him and explained my problem. He told me what to do (which didn't work) and referred me to a doctor in my area whom he claims is an expert and knows this field better than him and would put together a homeopathic remedy which will cure me. Well, I went to see this doctor and again explained my story to him. He looked completely confused and got out books on natural healing methods - the same books I've gone thru in the bookstore! He would look up prostatitis and recommend for me to try this or try that - and I would say I already tried that until he came across something I haven't tried but of course that wouldn't work either and I was handed a bill of $200 for his services! I also sent a microbiologist in the Dakotas specimens and he told me I had micrococcus and should be on Augmentin longterm. I was on Augmentin for 2 months and I got some relief but everything than become even worse. I looked at another doctor's web page and asked around about him but the response I received did not seem very promising or offer much hope. I felt he was still experimenting. I than read about Dr. Feliciano on the web page. He claims a 100% cure and I immediately was very skeptical. I corresponded with him by e-mail and telephone with my case history. He seemed to be VERY CONCERNED about me and truly wanted to help me. Everything he said seemed to make sense to me, I was totally impressed. A 22 hour plane trip would not be easy for a prostatitis patient but I decided to take a gamble and give it a try. When I arrived my treatment was began immediately. Dr. Feliciano found thru his extensive culturing techniques 5 bacterias - (spelling?) chlamydia, neisseria, coccobaccilli, staph epidermis, staph aureus in addition to fungus. He believed in his patients taking an active approach to treatment and I was allowed to see everything being done in the lab and my spec. under the microscope. I was shown slide shows, a clay model and complete explanations were given to me and as much time was taken as necessary to explain everything throughout treatment. I was never left in the dark. I was given his home number, pager, and cellular phone number so I can contact him anytime just to be sure I would be totally relaxed. This was a REALLY BIG CHANGE from the other doctors who would have me in and out as quickly as possible and not explain anything to me and when Iwould call after office hours I would receive the answering service and wouldn't be called back until days later if at all. I would often spend weekends with Dr. Feliciano at his home and on sightseeing trips. He was totally into the prostate - he would speak mostly on the prostate and he showed me all the extensive research he has done on it. He loved his work and was MOST IMPORTANT interested in his patients and truly cared about them. Whenever I would experience something that would cause me to panic he would totally explain exactly what was happening and I felt much relieved. The normal time for treatment is 16 days but my treatment took 2 months due to the long-term use of antibiotics prescribed by the other doctorswhich resulted in the bacteria becoming very resistant. In fact, 1 of the bacteria was sensitive to Augmentin. Even though I was on Augmentin by the microbiologist for 2 months the medicine NEVER REACHED the organism. Dr. Feliciano explained to me that without the drainages done every other day that even if you take the right medication it will never reach the organisms. The other bacteria I had was sensitive to minocin. I was much impressed with how well Dr. Feliciano knew his way around the prostatewith his finger. He would tell me there is a blockage here and said he was going to clear it. I could even feel him clearing it. I felt very little discomfort associated with the drainages - he knew exactly where to place his finger and the prostatic fluid would come up within a second - I hardly feltanything. The previous doctors I had would push and push on me and I felt like they were killing me and nothing would come out. I would observe patients coming in and out of Dr. Feliciano's clinic all day long with prostatitis. He was able to help all of them. He has seen over 4000 patients and has helped everyone of them. He talks about a few failures he has had but I don't consider them failures - they all reinfected themselves. It's like saying if you clean a car and than throw dirt back on it you have a failure because the car is dirty again. My stay in the Philippines was most enjoyable.His entire staff was very friendly. All that bacteria has now been eradicated from me and I am free of pain and feel like a new person. While I was there Dave Trissel called me every week to see how I was doing. When he saw things were coming along fine he decided to fly there for treatment. It was a pleasure to meet him and I am happy to say HE IS NOW ALSO CURED AND TOTALLY PAIN FREE and should be back soon. I feel that Dr. Feliciano could completely end all this prostatitis suffering. If it wasn't for the Prostatitis Foundation I would never have known about Dr. Feliciano and I hate to think where I'd be today if that happened. DR. FELICIANO SAYS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO STOP INDISCRIMINATE USE OF ANTIBIOTICS AS THIS MAKES PROSTATITIS MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO TREAT. THIS SHOULD BE EMPHASIZED TO EVERYONE! I hope my posting is of great help to somebody.



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