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Compounded meds meet
patients’ unique needs
medicine needs, a pharmacy that offers when Brayden will be able to be off the compounding can be invaluable and special prescription.” play a major role in their overall health.
Luckily, local residents don’t have to found Perry Pharmacy for them. “It had go far to find this service. Compounding to be a compounding pharmacy,” said is offered at Perry Pharmacy, which is Brandy. In talking about Brayden, she owned by pharmacists Steve and Tracy said at first it was like a roller coaster, The pharmacy art of compounding is they make every day count. Last year she the method of preparing medications home schooled Brayden, but this year to meet each prescriber’s and patient’s he is going to a Home School Academy. unique needs. Compounding can be “This way he has some interaction with critical in the health of people who are a few children, but not a whole lot of allergic to commonly used fillers, dyes kids,” said Brandy. The medication compounded at Perry Pharmacy has made a difference in Brayden Fisher’s life since his liver Another customer, Rana McCoy, a transplant two years ago. He is pictured with Perry produced medications or who need vocal music teacher and musician, tried Pharmacy’s co-owner, pharmacist Tracy Anderson, who medications in different strengths or lots of things before discovering that compounds the anti-rejection drug. Tracy Anderson, D. Ph, has been specific needs. “A lot of stuff on the market,” McCoy a time, compounding was not widely said, is ‘one size fits all,’ but each body used, but there has been a resurgence is different.” McCoy said dosage for of the practice and it is becoming more an individual is a trial and error method Tracy has practiced the art of com- and her physician to make sure that she pounding for several years. She attends gets the dosage that is best for her. pounding yearly to be familiar with the personalized” and says that her whole “Compounding,” Tracy said, “is a said “Tracy is a great asset who is always special interest of mine and adds some up on current medications and how they excitement to my job.” As a compound- affect the body.” cians to provide solutions to solve medi- pounded specifically for a person’s cation needs of her customers. She says needs, including capsules, creams, she enjoys seeing how compounding ointments, lotions, dental preparations, makes a difference in the lives of cus- dermatological specialties, discontin- tomers and she particularly enjoys using ued combination medications, topical In compounding, Tracy formerly nausea, pediatric, podiatric, preserva- crushed the medications by hand but tive free, sugar-free, physical therapy now uses an electric mortar and pestle. and transdermal formulations, combi- She hand fills each capsule, pulling them nation dosages, lip balms, nasal sprays apart and then rejoining the two pieces and solutions, oral suspensions, otic insufflations, solutions and suspensions, Compounding has made a differ- rectal enemas and suppositories, throat ence in the life of one Perry Pharamcy sprays, topical powders and sprays, customer, 6-year-old Brayden Fisher. urethral inserts and vaginal creams and Brayden underwent a liver transplant suppositories. medicine, Imuran, that is beneficial in are medicated lollipops. Medications keeping his body from rejecting his new can even be placed in hard, sugar-free liver. His mother, Brandy, said she really candies to make it easier for children to enjoys coming to Perry to get his medi- take.
employees are so personable. “They discuss compounding with anyone who make us feel like family,” said Brandy. believes the art can help them. She will “It takes time to make Brayden’s medi- also work with physicians in regard to cine. When I call and come over to get it preparing medications specifically for a from Lahoma, they always have it ready person’s needs.

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