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2010 Parent Letter and Code of Conduct
The Bobcat Wrestling Club would like to thank you for joining our club. We are asking you to take the time to read about our club’s rules, guidelines and requests, and to prepare any questions you might have for our first parents meeting. 1) The Bobcat Wrestling Club is run by volunteers. We need parent volunteers in coaching, tournament help, rolling mats out, mopping and rolling up the mats after practice. If you have coaching experience and would like to help please contact Sam Geddie. We want parents on the mat! 2) Do Not Drop Your Child off and leave. This is a sport that injury can occur. If your child is misbehaving on the mat and the coaches are not able to correct the problem, you will be asked to address the conduct issue or we will ask them to leave. Occasionally we finish up early and if you are not there then someone from the club must stay and wait for you. 3) Sportsmanship. We expect all of our coaches, wrestlers and parents to represent the Bobcat Youth Wrestling Club with the utmost level of sportsmanship. We will not tolerate any coach or wrestler refusing to shake hands with his opponent, throwing headgear or using foul language. Parents are also reminded to set examples for the wrestlers. Again, any parent found displaying poor sportsmanship is subject to probation or their child could be dismissed from the club. We sincerely hope that this never occurs. 4) Never verbally or physically abuse your child or any other child while at the Bobcat Wrestling practices or any tournaments. Any parent or coach who is found abusing a child will be dropped from the team. 5) Wrestlers. There is no horseplay, talking, “goofing off” while a coach is giving instruction on the mat. These coaches give up their time to pass on their experience and should not have to deal with inappropriate behavior. 6) Cancellations/Changes. Practices or tournaments may need to be cancelled due to weather or school closures. Check the web site, If the school is closed because of weather then practice will be cancelled. 7) Personal Hygiene. Ringworm and impetigo are a major concern for all wrestlers. These conditions can wreck havoc on an individual as well as a team. Each wrestler should shower immediately after practice and tournaments. It is recommended to use Head and Shoulders Dandruff shampoo. Use it like soap. Keep their fingernails trimmed. The mats are mopped with an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal cleaner before every practice. In the event your child gets ringworm it can be treated with Lamisil anti-fungal cream. It can be found in the athlete’s foot area in most stores. Lamisil is a fungicidal (kills the fungus) the other brands are fungi stats (stops it from reproducing but doesn’t kill it). It’s a red spot that gets a crusty, itchy ring. See a coach if you think your child has it. 8) Parents who help Coach: You must purchase an USA Card, obtain a background check and accomplish at least a copper level certification to be on the mat during practices or on a mat corner side during tournaments. These items are obtained via the USA Wrestling website The Copper certification is good for life. You must bring your USA Card and Copper Card to every tournament. 9) Equipment. If you are going to compete you must have a singlet, head gear and shoes. Your child receives a singlet with their registration and shoes and head gear can be purchased at Sporting Good stores such as Academy, Sports Authority or Dick’s, online or ordered at registration. 10) Contact List: Sam Geddie – 817-320-8577; [email protected] Ron Gatlin – 405-651-0750; [email protected]; [email protected] Date: _____________ Wrestler_____________________________ Parent/Guardian_______________________


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