Pacific in vitro fertilization institute

Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute
Patient Name: ____________________________

Height: ___________________________
Have you been treated for infertility before: ____No _____Yes Physician(s): ______________________ Date:____________ Physician:______________________ Date:____________ Physician: ______________________ Have you had surgery for varicocele repair? ___No ___Yes Date:____________ Physician: ______________________ Do you have any children conceived with another partner? Do you have or have you ever had: (check all that apply) ____ Blood Transfusion (date____/____/____) ____

What DRUGS have you taken for infertility? (Check all that apply)
Other – Specify ___________________________________ What TESTING have you done for infertility: (Check all that apply) ____ Testicular Physician: ___________________________________ Physician: ___________________________________ Physician: ___________________________________ What TREATMENTS have you had for infertility? (Check all that apply) ____ Artificial Date last cycle__________ Physician:___________________________ Date last cycle__________ Physician:___________________________ SEMEN ANALYSIS Date: ____/____/____ Lab:_____________ mil/ml_____ %mot______ Act______ Date: ____/____/____ Lab:_____________ mil/ml_____ %mot______ Act______ Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute
Patient Name: ____________________________
Do you have any medical problems?
Type:______________________________ Date:____/____/____ Treatment: Type:______________________________ Date:____/____/____ Treatment: Are you allergic to any MEDICATION? ____No ____Yes – list all and describe reaction Medication ______________________ Reaction: _______________________________________________ Medication ______________________ Reaction: _______________________________________________ Are you allergic to any FOODS? ____Yes – list all and describe reaction Food ____________________________ Reaction: _______________________________________________ Food ____________________________ Reaction: _______________________________________________ Are you taking any PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS? Prescription: _____________________ For: _____________________________________________________ Prescription: _____________________ For: _____________________________________________________ Are you taking any OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATION? ____No Medication: _____________________ For: _____________________________________________________ Medication: _____________________ For: _____________________________________________________ Do you take any HERBAL MEDICATINS/VITAMINS or health food supplements? Medication: _____________________ For: _____________________________________________________
Medication: _____________________ For: _____________________________________________________
List any members of your immediate family who have a history of infertility or breast cancer:
Relationship: _______________________ Condition:___________________ Treatment:__________________
How many caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, soda) do you drink a day? _____________
How many/day:__________ How many years:_____________ started:_____________ Quitting? ______________ #Beer/week_____ #Wine per week_____ #Liquor/week_____ Do you use marijuana, cocaine or other simular drugs? ____No ____Yes - describe________________________________ Do you exercise?
PHYSICIAN NOTES:_________________________________________________________________________________



Published in May 2010 NAMED PATIENT Programs Named Patient Programs Provide Pre-Launch Access to Drugs The dire outlook facing AML patients motivated a company to provide its drug in advance of the commercial launch. Contributed by Named patient programs (NPPs) enable physi-cians and patients in Europe to access medications JACK V. TALLEY PRESIDENT AND CEO, EPICEPT Medici

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Dictionary Adjuvant therapy (AD-joo-vant) — Any additional treatment that is given after a cancer is removed surgically. Adjuvant therapy may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or hormonal therapy. Areola (a-REE-o-la) — The area of dark-colored skin on the breast that surrounds the nipple. Aromatase Inhibitor — Medication given to post menopausal estrogen receptor-po

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