Interagency collaboration

Hosted by
Joseph P. Zanetti
Superintendent of Schools
Tuxedo Union Free School District
George F. Baker High School Library
May 14, 2010
In Attendance: Chris Ashman, Carol Chichester, Mary Dumas, Elizabeth Holbrook,
David Jolly, Myrna Kemnitz, Derek Miller, Susan Murray-Tetz, Carl Onken, Angela
Turk, Jayme Weis, Joseph Zanetti
Guests: Karen Finn, Dr. Lawrence Maayan

Joe Zanetti opened the meeting and welcomed all those in attendance.
Mr. Zanetti introduced our guests, Dr. Lawrence Maayan, Director of Outpatient
Research Projects at Nathan Kline Institute and Karen Finn, Results Leadership
Group, National Coordinator for Ready by 21.
• Update – Involvement with System of Care Derek Miller reported that the staff are trying to conduct youth needs
assessments earlier. The staff has been very busy coordinating with the
Angela Turk said the Mental Health Juvenile Justice Social Worker has
been working with Employment and Training on developing stipend
programs. Youth will develop a job skills component and this will be
linked to summer youth employment opportunities.

• Presentation by Dr. Lawrence Maayan, Director of Outpatient Research
Dr. Maayan gave an overview of the projects offered at Nathan Kline Institute. He showed a slide presentation that was very informative. Nathan Kline Institute will provide an assessment of children and adolescents from age 6 and up. They would provide parents with a DSM IV diagnosis in writing. The report is not as detailed as one would County Team Minutes (continued) Page Two receive in a full psychiatric evaluation obtained elsewhere. This service would be offered to families free of charge. In addition, the following research opportunities are available for youth: • Adolescents ages 12-19 with Depression. The study includes examining the use of Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil. • Adolescents ages 13-17 exposed to a traumatic event. The goal is to use functional magnetic resonance imaging to understand trauma-related changes in the brains of adolescents. • Adolescents ages 12-18 who have gained weight while taking Abilify, Clozapine, Olanzapine, Risperdal or Seroquel. The study includes free medical exam, routine blood tests, ECG, diagnostic interview and reimbursement to family for travel. • Adolescents ages 13-17 Schizophrenia and cognition research • Adolescents ages 13-17 study of adolescent brain development. The research project will study the changes and development of the adolescent brain and how teenagers’ brains grow and change. The cost for participation is free of charge. In some instances parents would receive a $20.00 reimbursement for travel and the child a $10.00 gift card. No insurance is needed for any of these services. The Nathan Kline Institute is located in Orangeburg, NY. The contact person is Alexis Moreno 845-398-2184 or Dr. Maayan at 845-398-6637, Cell phone # is 203-559-1895. • Update School District Services of Children Placed in Non-Secure Detention Terry Olivo received a copy of the manual Education Responsibilities for School-Age Children in Residential Care, formerly referred to as the Purple Book. Copies were distributed to the County Team. The book contains relevant information about the programmatic and fiscal responsibilities of the education of children in residential programs. Joe Zanetti asked if copies could be available to the Chiefs. Liz Holbrook explained the problems that occur when Family Court places a youth in a detention facility. It was noted that the process for obtaining educational materials differs from district to district. Often, the district de-enrolls the student and none of the schoolwork makes it to the youth in their placement, where tutorial services are provided. When the student returns to district he/she is academically further behind. It was reported that Terry Olivo said he would discuss this at superintendents’ meeting. County Team Minutes (continued) Page Three 3) SOCIAL/MEDICAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL
Jayme Weis reported that OPT for language assistance is available to assist NYS school districts and not-for-profit community services with language needs for speakers of limited English. The cost is nominal. A document can be translated at a rate of $55 per page for Spanish and $65 per page for other languages. Ms. Weis distributed literature showing all of the possibilities including a list of the many languages served by OPI . • STEPS – Self Assessment and Education to Promote Strength STEPS is a web-based program that promotes resilience and mental health among teenagers. Jayme Weis reported this was created under a grant initiated by New York State Senator Thomas P. Morahan. Its aim is to reduce risk of youth suicide and violence by promoting mental wellness. Currently, STEPS is refined by clinical experts at the Nathan S. Kline Institute in partnership with NYU Child Study Center. 4) COMMUNICATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS
• The Letter of Resignation from the County Team from Joe DiLorenzo was submitted for approval. Mr. DiLorenzo is retiring from the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District on June 30th Mr. DiLorenzo’s letter of resignation was formally accepted. It was explained that a small and large school district plus BOCES are represented at County Team. Joe Zanetti – Tuxedo UFSD represents the small school district and a new person will be asked to join the group as representative of the large school district. Joe DiLorenzo will be missed. • Update on Ready by 21, Master Plan for Youth Carol Chichester said they are moving along with a Master Plan for
. She introduced Karen Finn of the Results Leadership Group who
is the National Coordinator for the Ready by 21 initiative. Ms. Finn has
worked with Orange County in creating a master plan that can be used to
incorporate into other plans for youth. Ms. Finn distributes information
about the Ready by 21 Partnership.
Ms. Chichester said Ready by 21 is a few years old and the Youth Bureau
had received funding for this project. The Ready by 21 Leadership
provides an opportunity for a leader to provide coaching to improve
County Team Minutes (continued) Page Four specific skills. This project gets people ready for life and has been the result of working hard for more than three years. Colleen Monaghan and Rachel Wilson represented the Youth Bureau at the national meeting. Our work is considered to be a model and Orange County is on the map nationally. • County Executive Youth Awards Luncheon Carol Chichester said invitations to the Annual County Executive Youth Awards Luncheon would be available in the near future. Everyone will be invited. This luncheon is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of youth. Mark your calendars for June 4, 2010. • Transitional Services for Young Adults Dave Jolly reported that the Transitional Services for Young Adults program is up and running. They are focusing on aging-out youth that are over 18 and transitioning out of residential or long-term placements. The goal is to support the youth and develop independent living skills in the community. Funding is available to support this process. Mr. Jolly noted that a wonderful job is being done. • Update on Children’s Mental Health Conference Angela Turk reported that Dr. Brown spoke at the Children’s Mental Health Conference at the beginning of the month. Dr. Brown spoke on child psychiatry, gave general current information on research and medications. In the afternoon there was an update on System of Care (SOC). • Update on Orange-Ulster BOCES County-Wide Critical Incident Meeting (CISM) Susan Murray-Tetz noted that the Regional Leaders of the Orange-Ulster BOCES County-Wide team will meet on May 21, 2010 to review the year’s activities and plan for the 2010-2011 school year. Ms. Murray-Tetz thanked Chris Ashman for attending the meeting and providing supports to districts, as needed. She also, noted that this would not exist without the support of the Superintendents of Schools. Chris Ashman said that the districts provide this support throughout the year. Mr. Ashman indicated that statistics are kept and asked that they be available for the June meeting. County Team Minutes (continued) Page Five 5) FAMILY FOCUS
Mary Dumas reported that the Parent Advisory Committee met and is now being chaired by a parent. Parents are involved in the interview process for a Social Worker position. Angela Turk indicated that Justine Bauer may be resigning from County Team. This will be clarified by the next meeting If Ms. Bauer is resigning, a parent representative needs to be appointed. 6) SAMHSA Child MH Initiative

• Pathways to Care and the meaning of SOC
Angela Turk said there are deliberate efforts to get in touch with all the referral sources to keep them informed of the status of the referral. Angela said there would be a federal site visit from June 14 to17. A project officer is coming to Orange County as part of the System of Care Planning. On May 2, 2010 SOC had a Children’s Mental Health Day. It was a great day for children and families with 350-400 in attendance. Many visited Sally’s Dream and had the opportunity to visit the SOC house. 7) ECONOMIC SECURITY
• Dave Jolly reported that the Fuel Fund would be open for another three weeks. Nine hundred families benefited from HEAP. 8) AGENDA ITEMS FOR NEXT MONTH’S MEETING
Review of the presentation by Dr. Mayaan from the Nathan Kline Institute

Court Project – Judge Currier Woods. Dave Jolly will contact us
Introduction of Large School Representative, Mr. Timothy Rehm from
Cornwall Central Schools
Statistical Update for activation of OUBOCES County-Wide Team
County Team Minutes (continued) Page Six • Myrna Kemnitz – SOFY is coming to Monroe soon. There will be a Meet and Greet the new YMCA on May 27, 2010 between the hours of 4:30 and 7:00 p.m. A flyer was distributed. • Carol Chichester said a grant in the amount of $1,000,000 has been applied for by three school districts. If the grant is received, best practices programs can go into the districts. One of the goals is to translate the Youth Bureau Directory into Spanish. Funding summer school leadership would be addressed. In addition seventh and eighth grade leadership academies would be established. • Joe Zanetti reminded everyone to vote on their school budgets next Tuesday and stated everyone is trying to work hard to be responsible but keep programs in place. • Don’t FORGET Website Access – o to Links; click on Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team for updates. MISSION STATEMENT

“The Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team is a forum for
family representatives, program leaders, and policy level administrators
from local schools, courts, and government to work together, maintain
communication and linkages, and promote a creative, effective and
efficient community services system which supports children and their

The next meeting is June 11, 2010
and is hosted by:
Derek Miller, Director
Orange County Probation Department
Orange County Legislative Conference Room 301
Located on the third floor next to
Legislative Chambers


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