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• The splint and dressing will be removed when you come to clinic for • Do not shower until after your first post-op clinic visit o Sponge baths are allowed, but avoid letting water run directly over your dressing/splint, as this may cause contamination of o Do not submerge your incision (like taking a bath or swimming) • Do not attempt to remove the thin, yellow colored film that may be present on your skin. It is an iodine-based antibacterial solution applied during surgery that is designed to continue to protect the surgical area from infection postoperatively. It will wear off naturally.

• You should be comfortable for the first 8-12 hours after surgery • Prior to surgery, you were provided prescriptions for a strong pain medicine (Percocet), a medicine to combat nausea (Zofran), and a medicine to help prevent the constipation that sometimes occurs • Begin taking the Percocet with the onset of pain (when the numbness in the arm subsides from the block wearing off) o You make take one or two pills every 4 to 6 hours o Do not wait for the pain to become severe before taking a pain pill  It is easier to “stay ahead” of the pain rather than playing o Do not, however, take more medicine than you need to be • If possible, try to take the Percocet after eating, as it is less likely to • Take a Zofran pill at the onset of any nausea o This is a very strong anti-nausea medicine that even controls the nausea of patients undergoing chemotherapy • Take one Colace pill every 12 hours while you are using the Percocet or other narcotic medicine, to keep your bowels moving. • Remember that you must call the office during regular business o Note that Percocet may not be called into a pharmacy; a written prescription must be picked up from the office o It is quite unlikely you will need more pain pills than those PRECAUTIONS
• Notify the doctors office if you experience: o Temperature over 101.3° that is not relieved by Tylenol o Excessive bloody wound drainage o Severe pain that is not relieved with the above prescriptions o Difficulty breathing or urinating o Numbness or tingling in the operative extremity that is different or worse than that associated with the anesthetic block • Begin with clear liquids (broths, jello, water) and resume a regular • Keep the splint/sling on until you return to the clinic • You can move your hand and wrist freely • After one week, exercises will instituted by your physical therapist or o Your therapist will explain your rehab protocol, but briefly, you • Active elbow flexion bending limited to 90° or right angle • You are encouraged to walk around for 5 minutes every 2 hours during the day to maintain circulation and to prevent blood clots in FOLLOW-UP
• If you do not already have a postoperative appointment, please call our office today or tomorrow to schedule an appointment for 7 – 10
• For emergencies, you can always reach the nurse or physician on call • For non-emergencies, please call your doctor’s clinical assistant


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Alco Holdings Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) SHAREHOLDERS’ COMMUNICATION POLICY (Adopted by the Company pursuant to the Board resolution passed on 28th June 2012) PRINCIPLES The Company is committed to providing shareholders of the Company (the “Shareholders”), other stakeholders and potential investors with balanced and understandable information

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Efecto de la potencia de los implantes con zeranol o trembolona + estradiol en la respuesta productiva de ovinos de pelo en engorda intensiva en clima caluroso Effect of the potency of zeranol or trembolone + estradiol implants on performance of feedlot hair lambs under hot weather condition Briceida Ortiz1, Alejandro Camacho1, Nahúm E. Villalba2, Leopoldo R. Flores1, Javier A.

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