National states geographic information council

National States Geographic Information Council
Board Meeting
Monday, January 31, 2011
Approved Minutes
Members Present: Jon Gottsegen (CO), President; Tim DeTroye (SC),
President-Elect; Will Craig (MN), Past-President; Bert Granberg (UT);
Danielle Ayan (GA); Ian Von Essen (WA); Chris Diller (WI); Kenny Miller
(MD); Andy Rowan (NJ); Mike Vanhook (AL), Secretary and Ed Arabas (OR),

Staff and Others: Tony Spicci (MO); Learon Dalby (AR); Mike Mahaffie (DE);
Leland Pierce (NM); Bruce Oswald; Bill Burgess; Amy Chetelat (KSG) and
Fred Stringfellow (KSG).

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 1:05pm. II. Changes to Agenda
III. Consent Items
Moved, seconded and carried to approve of the consent items including the: IV. Treasurer’s Report
Chetelat presented the financial statement for the period ended December 31, 2010. Chetelat reported that we finished the year ahead of budget (net revenue of $19,021 compared to budgeted net revenue of $10,745). Craig reminded the board that governments are still struggling with budget issues, which may cause challenges for NSGIC moving forward. Moved, seconded and carried to approve of the financial statement for the period ending December 31, 2010.
Stringfellow advised that the annual audit for 2010 (conducted every 3
years) will be slightly more expensive than budgeted for the year (slightly
less than $1,000 over budget); but that the plans are to move forward with
the audit for 2010.
New Business
No new business discussed.
VI. Unfinished Business
A. Strategic Plan – Gottsegen discussed the status of the Strategic Plan
tracking, with the development of metrics, tasks, etc. Committee chairs were encouraged to spend time in the coming months on developing these tasks and metrics to further populate the spreadsheet. Concern was expressed that the spreadsheet is somewhat difficult to use practically, and that we might want to create a Word document organized with the Strategic Plan. Burgess, Gottsegen and Stringfellow to work on a modified approach for the Board’s consideration. VII. Reports
A. Washington Liaison – B. Burgess has been engaged in the following
activities since the last Board Meeting that are either 1) activities that required significant time or 2) represent issues that should be reported to the Board. Board/Committee Activities
• Worked with leadership to develop and edit the comments on the
Roadmap for the Geospatial Platform. Submitted them to FGDC. • Registered on the Idea Scale site and posted NSGIC comments on the Geospatial Platform. Comments elicited a couple of phone calls which were handled. • Talked to USGS about relationship issues following the submittal of comments on the Roadmap. They decided to cancel plans to sponsor the organization due to the comments. • Met with Rebecca Harned and Peter O’Rourke at the offices of the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation (NAPSG). We discussed a relationship between the two organizations and possibly working together on contracts. The missions of the two organizations compliment each other nicely and working with NAPSG will most likely help state coordinators reach out to this community. • Develop slides for Jon Gottsegen for a presentation at the Esri Federal • Attended the Federal User Conference to 1) meet with NAPSG with Jon Gottsegen and Chris Diller, 2) meet with Clayton Bonnell of the US Post Office with Jon Gottsegen, 3) attend the sessions on the Geospatial Platform, and 4) to ask HUD Assistant Secretary Bostic to meet with NSGIC State Reps at the Midyear meeting on the Administration’s Place-Based Initiatives. All items were reported on during the last Prez Call. • Hosted and prepared notes for 3 Prez Calls.
For the Nation Activities
• Met with Shirley Hall and Kent Williams of USDA to discuss usage
metrics for the NAIP program. Burgess reported that NAIP is interested in partnering with states that have worked well with them (MN and TN); as well as states who have not to date (OH and OK). Fifty States Initiative
• Reviewed CAP applications for FGDC as part of the contract
GIS Inventory/State Summaries
• Continued spending a significant amount of time working on Version 4
of the GIS Inventory to debug problems, enhance training aids on the site and make adjustments to form and function. Version 4 was released yesterday. • Provided a presentation to the Maryland State Archives on the use of the Inventory as part of an aerial photography effort that they have underway. • Provided a presentation to the Executive Committee of the Maryland State Geographic Information Committee. They will adopt the system for use by Maryland. • Provided a presentation to the Baltimore Metropolitan Council which is considering adoption of the system by their members. • Met with Paul Reisner of DHS to demonstrate the GIS Inventory and how it might work as the registry for Virtual USA. He also demonstrated the DHS “Gen 3” system that is planned for use, so we could see their business requirements. • Alabama has also decided to use the GIS Inventory to meet their Digital Coast
• Reviewed NOAA Regional Ocean Partnership grant applications as
part of the contract obligations for the Digital Coast Partnership. The reviews were followed by a two day meeting in Washington. This effort consumed approximately 7 full days.
Homeland Security
• Attended one meeting of the Geospatial Preparedness Committee.
Other Activities
• Attended one meeting of the Outreach Committee and finished the
Briefing Sheets for the Advocacy Agenda. • Attended three meetings of the Conference Committee and followed- • Attended one meeting of the Data Sharing Work Group. • Attended two meetings of the Geospatial Maturity Assessment B. President’s Call – Gottsegen reported on the two Prez calls that had
been conducted since the last Board call. NSGIC is working on a
response to The FCC. Gottsegen has made a contact with the Dept. of
Energy while in DC for the Fed Users Conference and is following up
regarding potential interaction between NSGIC and DOE (potential
agency visit during the Midyear Conference); and might be interested
in including GIS discussions within their department moving forward. It
was suggested that we begin blogging some of the updates that come
out of the Prez calls and/or that we provide an update for members at
the Midyear.

The Board discussed USGS’ recent announcement that they will not
be sponsoring NSGIC; and whether that might negatively impact their
attendance/participation at future meetings. Stringfellow reported that
NSGIC has not yet received USGS’ $5,000 dues for 2010-2011 and
asked how strict we should be about whether to charge non-member
registration fees for the Midyear if dues have not been received. It was
agreed to take a strong approach on dues payment/meeting
C. Conference – Spicci reported on the status of the Midyear Conference
planning and shared a copy of the most current agenda for the meeting. Spicci encouraged the Board to participate in the speed-networking session with Sponsors. Census Bureau, FCC, NTIA and the Geospatial Platform will be featured in afternoon Federal Breakout sessions. Spicci advised that pick-up at the hotel is down considerably, as is attendance for the meeting. We are looking at our meeting space needs to determine whether we can give back some of the space we’re not using in exchange for attrition-easement. D. Sponsorship – DeTroye reported on the status of sponsorships for
2011. Dalby reported that Mapquest/OSM has expressed interest and
should be contacting Diane Schafer. DeTroye has been in discussions
with Aerometric (Diller to follow up). Gottsegen reported that HP has
signed on as a new Gold Package sponsor. It was agreed that we
should be communicating the fact that we’re making contacts with new
agencies, etc. Diller suggested that we encourage NAVTEQ to bump
up to Platinum from Gold, given recent partnership with NGA – Diller
and Gottsegen to follow up with Skip Parker.
E. Communications – Mahaffie presented the Communications
Committee’s proposal to refresh and renew NSGIC’s web presence, moving toward a multi-part web presence from the existing Potomac Digitek (PODI)-supported site. The presence would include a combination of internal NSGIC pages (hosted through AVECTRA by KSG); State inventory information through the GIS inventory; static NSGIC items hosted by a vendor (PODI?); and active committee-centered pages hosted in the cloud (such as through that are managed directly by NSGIC volunteers/leaders. Action: Mahaffie to organize a session during the Midyear conference to begin introducing this to the membership in a 5-7 minute ignite-type session. F. Geospatial Preparedness – Diller reported that there will not be a GP
meeting at the Midyear but, rather, an Addressing Accuracy Guidelines discussion, led by Bill Johnson, following State Caucus. The HIFLD WG meeting is being held this week in Santa Fe, NM. Phil Worrall is attending on NSGIC’s behalf. NAPSIG will be presenting during the next GP call on Feb. 11. G. Technical Issues – Granberg reported, in Brotzman’s absence, that
the Broadband WG has been discussing data validation. The rate of valid data submission from most states was poor. M. Byrne has thoughts on how to improve this moving forward. Regular calls are being held on the third Thursdays of each month at 3pm EST. Ayan reported that the GMA WG is close to finishing Version 1 of the GMA, and will be shared with the Board prior to the Midyear conference. The State Summary will be sent out this week. Trobia reported that the Transportation WG is working on finalizing the strategic plan and providing an update at the Midyear, to include case studies for best practices. NSGIC will send a couple representatives to GIS-T in the Spring. H. Outreach – Craig reported that the policy papers have been drafted,
but there are no significant bills relating to our issues. This lack of activity makes it a difficult case for Wednesday Hill visits during the Midyear. Gottsegen is pursuing the Dept of Energy as a venue for Wednesday afternoon’s agency visits. Craig stressed the importance of promoting the Wednesday schedule very soon so that attendees can plan their travel accordingly. Craig and Burgess to work on a draft schedule early this week, to send out to all State Representatives. FCC was suggested as a potential visit for Wednesday. Burgess to follow up with Byrne to determine the feasibility of scheduling this. COGO – nothing to report. NGAC – nothing to report. I. Membership – Pierce reported that the Committee is making outreach
calls to state coordinators to encourage their attendance at the
Midyear. The Committee will hold a breakfast meeting during the
Midyear in Annapolis.

VIII. Adjournment
Gottsegen adjourned the meeting at 3:00pm.


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