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Summer 2009
2009 Green Cross for Safety Dinner honors
On April 29, the National Safety Council presented the 2009 Green Cross for Safety Medal to FirstGroup and its chief executive, Sir Moir Lockhead, at a dinner in New York City. More than 40 companies (.
pdf file) the event, and 350 guests
Safety dinner raised $930,000 in support of the National Safety Council's efforts to save thousands of lives and prevent millions of Sir Moir Lockhead, FirstGroup chief executive (left), accepts the 2009 Green Cross for Safety Department Medal from Janet Froetscher, National Safety Council president and CEO, and Joseph J. Ucciferro, chairman of the council's board of commitment to NSC by offering a Challenge Grant to help raise new contributions in support of our mission to save lives and prevent Network with NSC
injuries. FirstGroup will match the first $150,000 in new gifts, raising $300,000 for our safety programs. Please make your tax-deductible Letter from the President
The Green Cross for Safety Dinner featured several videos on the work of the National Safety Council. Those videos are now available on NSC's colleagues. Public education about safety risks – such as the dangers of cell phone use while driving – is a cornerstone of the council's mission and ability to create change. We look forward to the day when cell phone use behind the wheel is not socially acceptable. We are not there yet, but you can help us achieve that goal. (1 of 5)10/27/2010 2:15:59 PM At least 20 states have instituted some form of restricted cell phone use while driving, including bans on the use of handheld phones, texting or any cellular activity by teen drivers or bus drivers (see maps that illustrate these laws on our Web page). We would like to see more comprehensive laws and are working in that direction. We are energized by growing public awareness of the risks associated with this issue.
Another area where we are focusing efforts is the state adoption of graduated driver licensing laws. Most recently, West Virginia became a leader in the protection of teen drivers, their passengers and those who share the roads with them by signing one of the nation's most comprehensive GDL laws. Research confirms that states with comprehensive GDL laws have seen at least 20 percent reductions in teen driving fatalities. The council estimates West Virginia will save 18-22 teen lives every year with its GDL legislation. The National Safety Council praises West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin (D); Sen. Dan Foster (D-Kanawha), the bill's sponsor and a tireless proponent of GDL laws; and other legislators who helped strengthen the state's previous teen driving restrictions. The new law is based on the council's GDL model, which includes: ● A nighttime driving restriction that begins at 10 p.m.
● Zero passengers for the first six months of licensure ● A ban on all wireless device use while driving We are grateful for the financial support of our members, donors, customers and partners, especially during these hard economic times. We cannot achieve results without your support. We look forward to being able to report back to you with more evidence of our success as we work together to create a safer world.
Sincerely, Janet Froetscher President and CEO National Safety Council Pledge to drive safely and help NSC raise
Please support the National Safety Council by taking the Claritin® Clear to DriveSM .
The National Safety Council has teamed up with the makers of Claritin® for the "Clear to Drive"SM campaign, intended to educate the public about the importance of reading medicine labels for warnings about drowsiness before getting behind the wheel.
This is not a monetary pledge – it is a commitment that you will: (2 of 5)10/27/2010 2:15:59 PM ● Check the labels of any medications you are taking, including allergy medications, ● Get adequate sleep the night before driving.
● Avoid driving if you're feeling drowsy.
● Schedule breaks during long trips or arrange for a travel companion.
● Stop driving if you start feeling drowsy behind the wheel.
It only takes 30 seconds to sign up, it doesn't cost anything and you do not
have to give personal information.

For every pledge, the makers of Claritin® will donate $1, up to $30,000, to the National Safety Council. Please forward the pledge to your friends and family. Canadian National Railway supports Safe
Communities America
The National Safety Council gratefully acknowledges Canadian National Railway and its generous support of Safe Communities America. Canadian National Railway is committed to being the safest railroad in North America and extending its culture of safety leadership to the cities and towns along its rail lines.
June is National Safety Month
Each June, the National Safety Council invites its member companies, state and local governments, and (.pdf file) are available. The
National Safety Council invites companies to help further our mission this June during National Safety Month through sponsorships.
Why sponsor National Safety Month?
Sponsoring National Safety Month brings many benefits.
Alaska Tanker
● Listing as a corporate sponsor and supporter of safety ❍ Safety+Health magazine (circulation 86,000) ❍ National Safety Council Website (23,522 visitors per day; increased (3 of 5)10/27/2010 2:15:59 PM visibility for member companies including the Members-Only Website and select publications) ❍ Membership Advantage quarterly member newsletter (circulation 17,000) ❍ National Safety Council Members-Only Website ● An opportunity to generate positive PR through corporate social responsibility ● Visibility as a leader in safety and health ● A unique selling point over competitors ● Networking opportunities for senior management ● Enhanced relations with customers, suppliers, internal offices and regional If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Cornell in the Development office at . It's a jungle out there . How will you survive?
By attending the National Safety Council's 2009 Congress & Expo Oct. 25-30 in
Orlando, FL

Registration is open! This year's event promises to deliver more value for less than competing events. Here's a sneak peek of several new opportunities added to our already ● 120 percent increase in advanced-level Technical Sessions ● Executive Edge Track with workshops, technical tours and an off-the-job workshop ● Keynote presentation on "Successful Strategies Through Turbulence" by Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest and Braniff Airlines, and group VP marketing for United Air Lines ● Leadership keynote presentation on "Freed from the Pirates' Hands – Prepared for Crisis" by Bill Williams, vice president of health, safety & environment for Maersk Inc.
The 2009 Congress & Expo is a mix of learning, networking and professional development opportunities that add up to an exceptional value. today.
The National Safety Council invites your company to be a sponsor at the 2009 Congress & Expo. Each sponsorship package includes several incredible networking events. As a "Host City" sponsor, you will help welcome more than 13,000 safety, health and environmental professionals from around the world to metropolitan Orlando. You will set yourself apart from the competition as a supporter of the National Safety Council, while building brand awareness that will last well beyond the 2009 Congress & Expo. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Cornell in the Development office at . (4 of 5)10/27/2010 2:15:59 PM Development Department Staff
Michael Pollock

Michon Mohan
Julie Ford
Sarah Stafford
Manager, Corporate & Foundation Partnerships (5 of 5)10/27/2010 2:15:59 PM


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