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The 2009 NMRDG Meeting.
Friday 16 October 2009, Leiden
It is a pleasure to invite you to the next scientific symposium of the NMR Discussion Group, to be held at Gorlaeus Laboratories at Leiden University on Friday 16 October 2009. Kees Erkelens and Joerg Matysik will act as host. The lecture hall, lunches, coffee, tea and refreshments are offered by Leiden University in collaboration with the NMR-DG. We are grateful to Bruker Nederland, Unilever and Buchem BV for their financial contribution. Hence there will be no registration fees for the symposium. Registration We have restricted this mailing to our e-mail addressable members. We therefore urge all of you to make people at your institute aware of this NMR-DG meeting. For those of you who received the information of the coming symposium through colleagues, please, tell us your email address to ensure that you receive forthcoming mailings. To make the necessary preparations for the lunch and the poster session, the registration deadline has been set at Friday October 9, 2009, 5.00 PM. Registration is possible via our website C.J. Gorter-NMRDG Award At the meeting the third "C.J. Gorter - NMR-DG Award" will be handed out. The Award winner will present his research in a lecture. Poster session Please send us full details on the posters to be presented on behalf of your institute or company (Title, Authors, Name of the presenter and Affiliation) not later than Friday, October 9 to [email protected] The titles of the posters will be emailed in the week before the meeting. The NMR-DG will award the best poster presentation with a prize. Location Gorlaeus Laboratoria, Einsteinweg 55, 2333 CC Leiden, lecture hall 3. University site map and route description:[1]. After the last roundabout, the car park is directly on the left opposite to the Gorlaeus Laboratories We hope that this symposium will be as successful as many of the preceding ones and will attract a large audience. You can contribute to this success by ensuring that everybody that may be interested in the symposium knows of it. In this way you help to realize the aims of the NMR-DG Meetings: to be a platform for exchanging experiences between all NMR Users in the Netherlands and Belgium, whatever their specific interest, from universities, large research and technological institutes and industries. The NMR-DG does not charge membership fees. Persons interested in attending the symposium that are not members of the NMR-DG are welcome to attend the symposium, free of charge, provided they register for attending the symposium. September 2009 Pieter Magusin, John van Duynhoven and Rolf Boelens. 44d meeting of the Dutch NMR-DG at Leiden University Location: Gorlaeus Laboratoria, Einsteinweg 55, 2333 CC Leiden, lecture hall 3 University site map and route description:[1] After the last roundabout, the car park is directly on the left opposite to the Gorlaeus Laboratories
09.30 Reception with coffee
10.00 Jaap Brouwer (Leiden University), Opening and Welcome
10.05 Jörg Matysik (Leiden University), Magnetic resonance in Leiden
10.20 Subramanian Srinivasan (University of Technology, Eindhoven), Hydrogen siting and
dynamics in magnesium-based hydrogen-storage materials.
10.45 Raluca Fratila (University of Twente), Multinuclear nanoLiter NMR spectroscopy in a
microfluidic chip.

11.10 Suresh K. Vasa (Radboud University, Nijmegen), Opportunities for studying single-
crystals using µ-MAS NMR.
11.35 Qamar Bashir (Leiden University), Paramagnetic NMR combined with Monte Carlo
Simulations to study a protein ensemble.
12.00-13.30 Poster session and lunch buffet offered by Leiden University
13.30 Andrew Webb (Leiden University Medical Center), NMR of very small samples.

14.00 Jeroen A. Pikkemaat (Philips Research), Structure and function of MRI contrast agents.
14.25 Johan Hollander (Zobio), Target Immobilization and NMR Screening of Fragments in
Early Drug Discovery
14.50 Kamil Tamiola (University of Groningen), Random coil NMR chemical shift database
derived from intrinsically disordered proteins.
15.15 Laudatio for the winner of the “C.J. Gorter - NMR-DG Award 2009"
15.25 Lecture by the Award Laureate
15.55-16.10 Closure
16.10-17.30 Drinks offered by Leiden University.
Posters Dutch NMR-DG, 16 October 2009, Leiden University

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