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NextSpace San Francisco
Community Norms
Heya! We're thril ed that you're a member of NextSpace, the coolest coworking
community EVER. What makes NextSpace so great? You do.
The simple fact that we're a community sets NextSpace apart from other shared
offices/workspaces. As such, we respect each other and we look out for each
other. Just as important, we respect and take care of our space. Here's the big
thing: as a member of NextSpace, we (and your fellow members) encourage
and expect you to take pride
and ownership in your community. Here's how:
1. The single biggest benefit of NextSpace membership is access to your fel ow
members. We absolutely encourage NextSpace members to make connections,
col aborate on projects, share ideas, provide advice, and general y make cool
stuff happen. We encourage NextSpace members to buy/sel goods and
services from each other (except where prohibited under the Terms of Use). But
members may NOT spend their days directly soliciting other members. It’s just
annoying and wil probably result in cancel ation of your membership.
2. NextSpace is, first and foremost, a place to work. While we want our
community to be: a) open, fun, energizing, and col aborative, we also want it to
be b) professional. Members are responsible for properly balancing a) and b).
3. Every person using NextSpace must be a paid member. Exceptions: non-
members can use NextSpace if they are meeting NextSpace members for
business-related meetings or if the non-members have purchased a Day
Pass. Members are absolutely accountable for the conduct of their guests.
4. NextSpace key cards are NOT transferable. Please do not give you key card
to anyone else for any reason.
5. We expect members to keep the kitchen area clean. Please wash, dry, and put
your dishes away. Please do your guests' dishes. The friendly staff at NextSpace
(and your fel ow members) wil get real y, real y grumpy if you leave your dirty
dishes lying around.
6. Please label and date the food you put in the refrigerator. The friendly
NextSpace staff reserves the right to throw anything in the refrigerator away,
including breakthrough science experiments.
7. Caffeine is the lifeblood of NextSpace. If you drink the last cup of coffee,
please make a new pot. Yes, the Karma Fairy wil reward you! The easiest way
to rankle your fel ow caffeine-addicted members is to leave 0.42% of a cup at the
bottom of the pot. Do NOT be that guy and/or gal.
8. Access to conference rooms is one of the great benefits of NextSpace membership. Here’s some stuff regarding conference rooms: a. If you want to use a conference room, you must reserve it. Please, no conference room squatting. b. Conference rooms are for meetings with customers, teammates, and clients ONLY. If you want to hold an event at NextSpace, please talk to the friendly NextSpace staff to discuss scheduling, guest policy, insurance requirements, and fees. c. You may not re-sel or donate your conference room time to non-members or to outside groups. d. Please clean up after using a conference room. If you re-arrange the furniture in the conference room, we expect that you wil return it to the original set-up when you’re finished. Please erase the white/orange boards, too! 9. The Café and other common areas are shared workspaces. Here’s how we can al happily and productively share these spaces together: a. The main Café space is for more open, col aborative work while the The Nook is for quieter, more focused work. b. Please make phone cal s in the main Café space. Speaker phones are never al owed at in NextSpace common areas. c. Please occupy only one spot at a time in the common area. Taking up multiple spots limits the space available to your fel ow members. Don’t be that guy and/or gal. d. “The One Hour Rule”: Feel free to leave your stuff in the Café. Yes, it’s safe. But if you’l be gone for longer than an hour, please pack your stuff up so your spot is available to for another member.
10. NextSpace is a 24/7 facility for members. You don’t have to go home, but you
can’t live here. We expect members to be mindful of security at al times.
11. Final y, we have a great staff at NextSpace, if we don’t say so ourselves.
Our job is to manage this fantastical y innovative community. Got questions,
ideas, or suggestions? Or just want to chat about your latest scheme to save the
universe? Interacting with our members is the best part of our job. And thanks to
you, it’s a pretty damn cool job, indeed!
I agree to these NextSpace Community Norms. Most important, I agree to
take pride
and ownership in the NextSpace Community!
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