Mika satomi

Textilhogskolan, Bryggaregatan 17, 50190 Boras, Sweden Mika Satomi is currently a researcher at The Smart Textile Design Lab at The Swedish School of Textiles
(Textilehögskolan) in Borås, Sweden. She holds BA in graphic design from Tokyo Zokei University, and MA in media creation from IAMAS, Japan. She has been a research fellow at the Distance Lab Scotland in 2009. Since 2006 Mika has collaborated with Hannah Perner-Wilson, forming the collective KOBAKANT creating artistic projects in the field of E-Textiles and Wearable Technology Art. Training in 3D Computer Graphics, Web designing strategy at UCLA B.A. in Graphic design at Tokyo Zokei University, Japan Guest researcher at the Swedish School of Textiles Research Fellow at the Distance Lab, Scotland Researcher at ATR, IRC department, Kyoto Japan Interface designer at FUJITSU, Kyoto, Japan Freelance Graphic Designer working for various companies and university labs Motion Graphic Designer at BIYOGON PICTURES, Tokyo, Japan Ambience 11, The Textile Museum, Borås, Sweden, “Chair of Paradise” Chi-TEK, Victoria and Albert museum, London, UK, “Suicidal Tea Pot” The Soft Technology, stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway, “Eight Steps” Schintzer Prize exhibition, MIT Student center, Cambridge, USA, “Eight Steps” Designing Machines, The Design Museum, Holon, Israel, “Eight Steps” SESC ,Sao Paulo, Brazil, “Perfect Human” Smart Textile Salon, Ghent, Belgium, "How to get what you want" 3X3 BodySurf Scotland, Findhorn, Scotland, "Perfect Human" Distance Lab Open Studio 005, Social TechStyles, Forres, Scotland, "How to get V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media,Rotterdam, Netherlands, "Perfect Human" ALICE Museum Exhibition at the SOMA Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea, Campus Party Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil, "Massage me" Transgenesis, Prague, "Massage me" Post Me_New ID Forum, during the CYNETart_08 Festival in Dresden, Germany, "Perfect Human",Performance The Maker Faire in Austin, Texas, "Massage me" The Long Night of Science in Linz, Austria, "Space Tras" The Long Night of Science in Linz, Austria, "Massage me" Interface Cultures @ Ars Electronica 2008 Festival exhibition in Linz, Austria, Campus Future, Campus Party Spain, “Massage me” Campus Party Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia, “Massage me” De-Day in Beijing, China, “Massage me” LEBEN IM STRAFRAUM, Lentos, Linz, Austria, “Der zukunft vergangenheit” Stuttgarter Trickfilm Festival, “Puppeteer” as part of "Ein kleines Puppenspiel" Second Skin: Imaginative Designs in Digital & Analog Clothing, Exploratorium, HOMO LUDENS LUDENS, LABoral Centro de Art ey Creación Industrial, LEMUR, New York, U.S., Language Game Performance CynetArt, Dresden, Germany, “Puppeteer” as part of "Ein kleines MB21, Dresden, Germany, “Massage me” Electronica Campus2.0, Linz, Austria, “Massage me” Dott07, Our Cyborg Furture?, Newcastle, UK, “H+” Fruhlngserwachen, Linz, Austria, “Magic Cloth” ARS Electronica Interface Culture exhibition, Linz, Austria, “game_of_life” CeaserAward, Design Center, Linz, Austria, “Fame of Flash” IAMAS exhibition 2006, Ogaki, Japan, “life();” ARS Electronica Interface Culture exhibition, Linz, Austria, “gutsie” soma tatsu exhibition opening performance, Aichi, Japan Techno Elegance vol.6 at AOIHEYA, Tokyo, Japan Ex- exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, “Moids” SMT Sendai Art Annual, Sendai, Japan, “Moids” Workshop at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden Workshop at the Open Culture + Wearables at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey Wearable Sound Toy Orchestra workshop at SESC in Sao Paulo, Brazil Solar T-shirt workshop at Digital Brainstorming, Switzerland Lab for Engineering Foundation Course at NYU, Abu Dhabi Wearable Game Interface, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Tool Time, Smart Textile Salon, Ghent Belgium Bend, sew, touch, feel, read workshop at the Constant Association for Art and 2 days workshop as part of Test_Lab: Fashionable Technology, V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, Netherlands Presentation at the Smart Fabric Confernce Intertech Pira in Rome, Italy Wearable Technology workshop, University Lab in Sao Carlos, Brazil Electronic Textile, DIY Art and Technology Festival, Zurich, Switzerland Director’s Grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT Linnéa Nilsson, Mika Satomi, Anna Vallgårda, Linda Worbin (2011): “Understanding the complexity of designing dynamic textile patterns” In Proceedings of Ambience’11, Borås, Mika Satomi, Hannah Perner-Wilson, “Future Master Craftsmanship: Where We Want Electronic Textile Crafts To Go”, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Istanbul (2011) Hannah Perner-Wilson, Mika Satomi, “DIY Wearable Technology”, International Symposium Satomi M, Seymore S, "Designing our Extended Body", Interface Cultures: Artistic Aspects of Interaction, Sommerer C, Mignonneau L, King D (eds.) p113-120, transcript, (2008) Seymore S., Satomi M., "Designing for the extended body - Hearing aids and transitive materials",Ubicomp 2007 workshops proceedings, pp. 543-546 , Innsbruck, (2007) Satomi M.,Sommerer C.,"game_of_life”: An Interactive art installation using an eye-tracking interface", Proceedings of the international conference on Advances in computer entertainment technology, pp. 246-247, Salzburg, (2007) Itaru Kitahara, "Ryuuki Sakamoto, Megumu Tsuchikawa, Mika Satomi, Kaoru, Tanaka, Kiyoshi Kogure, "Cinematized Reality: Displaying Daily Life in Cinematographic 3D Videos", Workshop on Knowledge Sharing for Everyday Life (KSEL06) <http://www.mis.atr.jp/KSEL06/>, pp.67- Itaru Kitahara, Ryuuki Sakamoto, Mika Satomi, Kaoru Tanaka, Kiyoshi, Kogure, "Cinematized Reality: Cinematographic Camera Controlling 3D Free-Viewpoint Video", 2nd IEE European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP2005) <http://conferences.iee.org/CVMP/>, 田中郁、坂本竜基、北原格、里見美香、土川仁、小暮潔、國藤 進、“Cinematized Reality:自由視点 映像に対する映画的カメラワーク”,インタラクション2005, pp.75-76 (2005) Ryuuki Sakamoto, Itaru Kitahara, Mika Satomi, Kaoru Tanaka, Kiyoshi Kogure, "Cinematized Reality: Cinematographic Camera Control in 3D Videos", ACM Siggraph2005 , Sketch, (2005) Geo-Media: The interactive Augmented-Reality system for outdoor use with VRS-RTK-GPS: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multi Media, Massage me featured in the book "Fashionable Technology - The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Technology, and Science", Sabine Seymour, Springer Vienna New York, May 2008 Massage me in Homo Ludens Ludens catalog, Laboral, Centro de Arte y Creation Industrial, 2008 Massage my foot article in WEAVE Magazine (in print) 2009.December issue

Source: http://www.nerding.at/bio/Mika_Satomi_cv.pdf

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