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d`Ik;k fuEufyf[kr enksa ds fy;s viuh fuosfnr njsa izLrqr djus dh d`ik djsaA Please arrange to submit your tender/quotation for the undermentioned items. % eq[; fpfdRlk funs’kd dk;kZy; iwoksZRrj jsyos ]xksj[kiqj&273012 Tender opening Place : CMD office,N.E.Railway,Gorakhpur-273012.
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Containing : Estradiol oint in conctraion of .01% (Offer only branded drug available in local market - Lucknow, Izatnagar, Varanasi, Gonda and Gorakhpur)
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Note: Please see the terms & conditions and Format for sending tender.

mi eq[; fpfdRlk funs’kd¼fp-ls-½@lgk;d QkesZlh-vf/kdkjh Dy Chief Medical Director (Med. Ser.)/Asstt. Pharmacy Officer D~rs eq[; fpfdRlk funs’kd]iwoksZRrj jsyos ]xksj[kiqj For Chief Medical Director,N.E.Railwy,Gorakhpur

Terms & Conditions:

The rates should be typed of written in ink both in words and figures. Correction, if any should be initialed. The Drugs/Medicines quoted must have of 9 month, 18 month and 2 years at the time of receipt by consignee if the expiry period is 1 year, 2 years and more than 2 years respectively. Containers will have endorsement “Indian Railway’s – Not for sale”. The rates quoted must remain, valid for the period of one year from the date of issue of tender enquiry. Provision of free delivery to Medical Director, L.N.M. Railway Hospital, Gorakhpur, Chief Medical Superintendents/Varanasi, Badshahnagar, Lucknow, Izzatnagar, Gonda and Director(C.R.I.)/Varanasi. Quantities of the items likely to be purchased during the above mentioned period is of bulk nature and indicated against each item. No guarantee is given that all the items mentioned will be purchased at all and no claim shall be entertained in this respect. All rejected articles must be removed b y the suppliers at their own risk and cost within 7 days of the rejection notice. If the rejected material is not removed within the specified period, the Railway shall at liberty to return the material is on ‘freight to pay’ basis to the firm without any further reference. If in the opinion of the inspecting Officers, the material is not worth returning the same shall be thrown away or destroyed. No claim of cost and compensation will be entertained against these items. Sales Tax & other Taxes where leviable as per extent law and indicated to be claimed from the purchaser in addition to the rates quoted should be shown separately and should not be included in the rate, falling which the quotation is liable for rejection. In case of Sales Tax, where this is not done on claim for such taxes will be admitted at the later stage on any ground. In case the principal firm desire to effect the supply through is authorized dealer/supplier and request this office to send the purchase order to the authorized dealer/supplier, all legal and financial liabilities will remain binding on the principal firm quoting rates. Drug analysis report for each batch should be sent with the supply for acceptance and verification of bills. The Railway Administration reserves the right to take samples of any item supplied for analysis. Cost of the analysis will be born by the supplier in case of unsatisfactory reports. Whenever drug samples on analysis are found to be not conforming to standard, the suppliers are required to replace the whole quantity. Reason for not quoted rate for any item should be specified. Penalty of L.D./Risk purchase as per rules will be imposed if not supplied within delivery period. Bill for 100% payment will be entertained after receipt and acceptance of the medicines, items in good and sound conditions. I.R.S. conditions of contract is applicable to this contract. Price variation clause will be not acceptable. The Railway Administration reserves the rights to accept of reject any or all tenders without, as signing any reason thereto and no claim shall be entertained in this respect. In case of any claim/matter raised by the contractor, the decision of Chief Medical Director, NE Railway, Gorakhpur shall be binding on the both parties. Medicine should be manufactured by the firm themselves which must be mentioned in labeling/packing. If the principal firm is marketing the medicine manufactured by other firm then name of principal firm must be indorsed in the packing of the product. Otherwise offer is not acceptable. Packing offered should be such as to withstand rought handling, transportation and exposure to extreme temperature and climatic conditions. Products which have paper packing, are not acceptable. Sample of items can be asked before finalisation of tender. The supplier should indication Bank A/C. No. along with name of branch of the bank of the bill and unstamped self addressed envelop of 9”x6” size of good quality paper, so that cheque may be dispatched on correct and complete address. Drugs/Products of human origin should also have a certification stating “Free from HIV”, “Hepatitis ‘B’” and “Hepatitis ‘C’”, E, Anti haemolytic factors immunoglobulin, Human Albumin etc. Note : All fully sealed quotations/tenders should be invariably marked as under otherwise the quotation/tenders will not be entertained. “TENDER FOR SUPPLY OF MEDICAL STORES TO CHIEF MEDICAL DIRECTOR/ NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY, GORAKHPUR’S Tender No.

Dy Chief Medical Director (Med. Ser.)/Asstt. Pharmacy Officer
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur
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No Description Quantity manufacturer which
1.Validity of offer : ………………
2.Delivery will be made within 60 days of issuance of Purchase Order to hospitals of
N.E.Railway located at Gorakhpur,Lucknow,Varanasi,Gonda and Izzatnagar.
3.We shall abide with terms and conditions of the tender and I.R.S.Condition of contract.
Date :


A Brief Biodata of Prof. Mosaad Attia Abdel-Wahhab Employment: 1985-1989 : Assistant Researcher, Department of Food Technology, Food Technology and Nutrition Division, NRC. 1989-1990 : Researcher Assistant Present Department of Food Technology, Food Technology and Nutrition Division, NRC. 1990-1994 : Visiting Scientist, VAPH, Collage of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M Univer

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