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NCL Innovations: Solutions from CSIR India Sulphoxide compounds such as modafinil/prazole compounds are currently produced by batch synthesis procedure  The process yields about 85% product over a duration of 1-4 hours under low temperatures- leading to long processing times A more efficient process is required at the industrial level  These compounds are mainly used as proton pump inhibitors  Which consumes less time and yields lower unnecessary side products continually unlike the Our process is a continuous flow synthesis of sulphoxide compounds with reaction times of ≤ 1 minute  The reaction results in over 90% conversion and over 95% selectivity towards the target sulphoxide compounds (with less than 5% formation of undesired sulphone compounds) The process can be used to make the following drugs which are mainly used as proton pump inhibitors- used to make drugs to treat the acid-related diseases of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract  Such as omeprazole, pantoprazole, lansoprazole, tenatoprazole, rabeprazole, The process can also be used to make drug molecules that can be used as modafinil compounds  Which can be used as central nervous system stimulants- wakefulness promoting agents*  In production of drugs which act as neuroprotective agents * GI disorders have been projected to affect more than a 250 million people in the 7 large pharma markets by 20121  Overall GI tract disorders treatment market is expected to reach $32.2 billion by 20142 In 2009, proton pump inhibitors were the third largest ther amounting up to $13.6 billion of sales in the US3 2  The process is continuous with the reaction time of ≤ 1 minute Results in high yield of the product with 95% of selectivity towards the sulphoxide compounds  Side product (sulphone compounds) formation- less than 5% volatile solvent that evaporates at room temperature and changes the reaction mass)  WO/ PCT application: PCT/IN2010/000456 ) )Micromixer as a Continuous Flow Reactor for the Synthesis of a Pharmaceutical Intermediate, Korean J. Chem. Eng., 20(2), 268-272 Contact Info:
Dr. Magesh N.
Scientist, NCL Innovations
National Chemical Laboratory
Pune - 411008
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Continuous flow synthesis of sulphoxide compounds for use in drug fo Technology readiness level Demonstrated at lab levelLicensing status


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