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V., Yıldırıma M. M., Journal of Materials Processing Technology 8. “Chromium and Manganese Sajjad Ali, Yaseen Iqbal and Rick Ubic: Manganese Deposits in KPK…… ABSTRACTS
1. The Phase transition behaviour and
dielectric properties of Ta2O5- and
ZnO-doped BaTiO3
Materials Research Laboratory, Institute of Physics & Electronics, University of change is initiated by light) and thermo- thermally initiated). In the last twenty radiation shields and in halographic work became recognized. All such applications photo-chromic processes. It is with these potential in view that a large number of the final ceramic was single-phase at low dopants onto the A- and B-site of BaTiO3, nitrobenzaldehyde derivatives of various the large difference in the ionic radii of Ta all the samples. The dielectric constant spectroscopy revealed an increase in the forward reaction is induced by light while 2. o-Nitroarylidene Aryl Hydrazides
compound in the dark (a slow process) or and Schif’s Bases as New Classes of
Photothermchromic and
much faster reversal process). Similarly a Thermochromic Materials-Kd
Foreign Professor I, Institute of Chemical decorative paints changing colour as the 3. Solvent Extraction Study of Indigenous coal A Mateen1,2, F.A. Khalid1 , T.I. Khan2, G.C. Saha2 Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Peshawar 1GIK Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, University of Calgary, 2500 University Dr was used in virgin & pretreated forms. Virgin and pretreated coal was extracted largely investigated. During this work the extraction. All these processes was done by using different organic solvents like novel duplex coated near-nano-crystalline Methanol, Toluene, Carbon-tetra-chloride, investigated. The effect of applied loads, in order to evaluate best solvent and best sliding speed and sliding distance on the technique for extraction. The %age yield wear rate is studied. It is shown that the coal and also by the extract obtained after extraction. Uv spectro-photometric study sliding distance but the slope of the curve was mostly aromatic in nature & aldehyde 4. Fracture
This property is therefore studied with the resistance of WC-Cobalt coatings
using two different techniques. The effect Rockwell indentation techniques are used 5. Plasma nitriding of aluminium in a
pulsed dc glow discharge of nitrogen
coumarin (C545T) as an assistant dopant. different ion-current densities (2.0-5.0 mA F/Al. It was found that C545T dopant did not by itself emit but did assist the energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), and plane reflection along with the emergence of new diffraction peak corresponding to saturated red color when a polar co-host (220) plane reflection, confirming the N- hardness is significantly improved which (>70%) exhibited low driving voltage and 6. Red organic light emitting diodes
high current efficiency as compared to the with high efficiency, low driving
voltage and saturated red color
realized via two step energy transfer
based on ADN and Alq3 co-host
d’Eclairage coordinates of [0.618, 0.373] and peak kmax = 620 nm at a current density of 20 mA/cm2. This is a promising way of utilizing wide band gap material as relativistic electrons, high energy ions, x- 7. Microstructural
Phase Transformation of Sintered
Kaolin Powder Compacts
processing like etching, oxiding as well as de-oxiding, nitriding, carburizing, thin film with this device. Apart from these micro electrons is also possible. The variables preionization, inductance etc. All of these device to have both the desired emission Exchange
used as the starting material, which was Chromium (III) By Amberlite.IR-120
by the die-pressing technique and fired up to 1300°C at a constant heating/cooling transformations took place as the kaolin is is first formed at a temperature as low as 1000°C. Acicular type mullite grains are temperature. The rate constant values for Chromium (III) sorption are calculated by aspect ratio of the mullite grains increase film and particle diffusion equations. The with the increase of firing temperature. 8. Role of Plasma Focus Device in
material processing
activation are calculated using the well- substituted compositions, Qu×fo increased decreased from 78 to 62. The dark cores, observed in the anterior of pellets of the substituted SrLa4Ti5-xZrxO17 compositions 10. The effect of various substitutions
SrLa4Ti4.90Zr0.1O17 sintered at 1580°C for electrical Properties of Sr5Nb4TiO17
4h. Zr substitutions for Ti in SrLa4Ti5O17 Materials Research Laboratory, Institute of Physics & Electronics, University of no significant effect on the quality factor. 11. PASTIC
The effect of Ca+2 and La+3 substitutions substitution for Ti in SrLa4Ti5O17 has been phase ceramics with the exception of the information dissemination which has been (Sr, Ca)n(Ti, Nb)nO3n+2 (n=6) phase also formed in addition to the relevant parent National level since its creation. PASTIC xTi1+xO17 compositions crystallized into delivery of S&T information catering to the xTi1+xO17 (for x=0-4) at all the sintering needs of working scientist /researchers, academicians, industrialists, engineers, volume of the unit cell decreased with the doctors, technocrats, business and trade community, policy makers and planers. It due to the smaller ionic radii of Ca+2 and La+3 than Sr+2. The dielectric constant (εr certifications. PASTIC national Centre is comprehensive collection of publications, resonant frequency’ (Qu×fo) increased from 1000 to 4000 GHz in the Ca Abstracts resources in various fields of S&T. Its Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad and Muzaffarabad. Major objective of Magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles uncoated discipliners of science and Technology. In using Scherer’s formula. It was found that service, abstracting and indexing service, science reference library service, referral scientific periodicals of Pakistan. Pakistan (Fe3O4) nano-particles, the magnetization science abstracts, Directory of scientific is reduced, while coercivity and exchange News Bulletin are compiled and published lower value consistent with size reduction. 13. Synthesis and Characterization of
Soluble Polyaniline-Doedcylbenzene-
sulfonic acid Salt
library cooperation for sharing resources, National Center of Excellence in Physical establish with different organizations and information services that are offered to organic materials has sparked the search for new materials with tailored properties responding to the diverse need of a brood for possible technological applications. 12. Effects of surfactant on magnetite
technological applications. However, its 3O4) Nano-Particles
insolubility in common organic solvents limits its range of applications. In the industrial application. In terms of oxides, SiO2 and Al2O3 constituted the major part surfactant. A mixture of chloroform and 2- such as concentration of aniline, oxidizing crystallisation of the samples occurred at montmorillonite, clinochlore, halloysite, quartz and albite. The FWHM of the major XRD peak for kaolinite (1.128) indicated polymer salt was also characterized with Tridymite and mullite formed at ~900 and 1000°C respectively. The transformation of tridymite into cristobalite and finally particles persisted up to 400°C. Mullite 14. PHASE AND MICROSTRUCTURAL
temperature, making a network of rods at ~1200-1400°C. Above 1200°C, mullite further grew in size at the cost of fusion of Materials Research Laboratory, Institute smaller mullite grains till 1400°C. TEM of of Physics & Electronics, University of flakes of kaolinite, and tabular halloysite. 1000°C with different size ranging from small square particle to long rectangular rods became long and wide but still some small square shaped primary mullite crystals could be seen in the matrix. Swat china clay, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan, (KB) was characterized using 15. The role of alumina ion-exchanger
and188W/188Re radionuclide generators
Differential thermal analysis (DTA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Transmission electron temperature (Te) and generation of active species. The selected Ar-I lines relative changes in the concentration of Inorganic ion-exchangers are generally more stable to ionizing radiations and at active species N2 (C3Πu) andN+2 (B2Σ+u) considerably more selective than organic intensities of nitrogen (0–0) bands of the only in water purification processes but increased considerably by mixing argon in hydrometallurgy, inorganic chemistry and nitriding of different metal alloys. Further it biochemistry, in food technology, and of 17. Processing and Characterization of
Diamond Based Composite Materials
GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and present study has proved that separation factor of these radionuclides on alumina applications owing to unique combination the best adsorbent material for separation characterization to employ in fabrication of engineering components. The work will 16. Spectroscopic Studies of Ar-N
highlight the new production methods that admixed plasma sustained by 13.56
MHz RF Discharge
that are suitable for thermal management applications. It is also pertinent to note infiltration process. Various attempts have been made to develop new materials and composites reinforced with different forms range. The effect on transition Power in nanotubes and pyrolitic graphite in order demonstrated that thermal conductivity in 19. Synthesis & characterization of
nanostructures and their application
as Pb sensor
is carried out. Emphasis is also placed on Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh, greater level of stability and bond strength derived porous silver nanoparticles (Ibu- matrix. The role of interface is assessed to enhance the thermal conductivity of the 18. Operation of High Density Magnetic
immobilization on glassy carbon electrode Pole Enhanced Inductively Coupled
includes, kind of electrode, concentration deposition potential, stirring rate, nitrogen purging time, initial potential and pH. The fabricated sensor is very simple, easy to a linear range of 0.1–1500 ppb with lower pM) and correlation coefficient of 0.999 for Pb(II) ions. Relative standard deviation of 1.5% was observed for 20 replicates of density (ne≈ 1012 cm-3) can be produced 1000 ppb Pb(II) solution which signifies excellent reproducibility and repeatability commonly found in various types of water applications such as piezoinjector, ink jet 20. Transport Exhaust reduction over
performance of these devices is governed Monometallic/Bimetallic
by the electric-field-induced strain. Lead- catalysts
much higher electric-field-induced strain piezoelectric ceramics. However, they are patented technology (i) TiO2-S-K and (ii) strains, and environmental issues that call competitive performance. In this scenario parameter for industrial reactions). These technique. The effect of iso-valent B-site (Zr) substitution on the crystal structure investigated. XRD patterns indicated the coefficient (d*33 = 614 pm/V) for unipolar loadings. This value of strain is higher controlled band gap results in the control obtained for lead-zirconate-titanate (PZT) Zirconium
Substitution on Piezoelectric and
Ferroelectric Properties of Lead free
Bi0.5(Na0.78K0.22)0.5(Ti1-xZrx)O3 ceramics Bi0.5(Na0.78K0.22)0.5TiO3 Ceramics
system is simple, easy to fabricate, and possess promising properties for actuator 22. Dental Materials: Current status
Fazal Ghani Department of Prosthodontics, Khyber College of Dentistry, University Campus, Peshawar, Pakistan. 24. Interferences in Photo detachment
of non linear tri atomic anion.
occurred in the dental materials that are used for both restoring the diseased tooth structure and missing teeth. This has only section of nonlinear tri atomic anion is calculated. The laser is polarized along and evaluation. Our understanding of the bonding of dental restorative materials to system. The electron flux is calculated on the screen placed at very large distance considerably enlarged. Esthetic properties from the system. The electron flux shows interferences in the photo detachment of dental restorations. This presentation is non linear tri atomic negative ion. These 23. Do our Institutes Prepare their
25. Cadmium sorption characteristics
Students for Life and for their Higher
of mixed oxide of iron and silicon
children in Pakistan can't afford to go to school, the vast majority of those who do, drop out before enrolling in a university. patterns confirm the amorphous nature of enough of our university graduates could the coated oxide. The uptake of Cd2+ ions is found to increase with the increase in concentration, pH and the temperature of In this talk I intend to discuss my persoanl interpret sorption of cadmium ions on the solid surface. The values of both ∆Ho and ∆So are found to be positive, which order of 100-200 µm. Also, the two-step pore growth in the form of 2D HCP lattice. the cation exchange process. Further, the negative values of ∆Go also showed the dissolved from the surface of solid plays a key role in the replacement of interlocked also been performed. Structure factor (the nitrate anions, which is confirmed by the spectroscopic evidence for the retaining being multiples of 2 π /d, where d is the 26. Structural Characterization of Nano-
Porous Anodic Alumina by Small
Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS)
scattering object) has not been depicted 1National Centre for Nanotechnology,
superimpose on SAXS intensity profile. A performed with various geometries of the 3Institute of Biophysics and Nanosystems sample’s normal. A deviation from this angle which is limited to about ± 2° has been due to variation of the pore axis with analysis and methodology adopted in this electrochemical route at ordering voltages orientation of high-aspect ratio objects in uniform through-thickness structure. The be useful to obtain qualitative information quantitative information such as interpore properties were measured in detailed with distance from a larger area of the sample Magnetic
27. Fabrication of Alumina Wares by
Semiconductors to Spintronic
Slip Casting Technique
used for alumina ceramic casting. In the used to minimize the material wastage as processing routes. Fine grade of alumina functionalities to semiconductor devices. powder (1µ, 0.3µ and 0.05µ) was used. In the first part of my talk, I will present my recent theoretical calculations based and poured in to a hami-hydrated plaster characteristics were studied by controlling impurities.† In the second part, I will fraction of open channels. After drying the focus on artificial structures of materials and their half-metallic ferromagnetism for spintronics. Special attention will be given sintering was employed to the green stuff heating/cooling rate. Sintering was carried out at 1650oC. The sintering densities and


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