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Series 3000
EPOXAL 100 HP is a high performance solvent-free, two-component, thermosetting, high-build, 100% solids epoxy coating. Designed to perform with excellent abrasion resistance, toughness and durability, EPOXAL 100 HP is ideal as a multi-purpose coating. Suitable for use with many of the NPC • 100% solids formulation means this is an odourless product formulated without solvents. Self-leveling, EPOXAL 100 HP is easily applied • May be applied to previously coated surfaces, Hard and abrasion resistant seamless coating, will stand up to industrial vehicular traffic and can Good resistance to concentrated inorganic acids. • Blush free and crystal resistant technology. Typical Performance After 7 Days Cure @ 250C (770F) • Used in conjunction with other NPC flooring systems as a primer, binder and topcoat. TENSILE STRENGTH: 6,860 PSI (ASTM 695-85) • Light to medium duty industrial floors, (i.e. warehouse or production areas subject to forklift • Sanitary environments subjected to constant cleaning, (i.e. laboratories, clean rooms, food FLEXURAL MODULUS: 383 PSI (ASTM D790-86) EPOXAL® 100 HP
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Series 3000
New Concrete Preparation:
is required to ensure maximum bond strength, we recommend Epoxal 100 Primer. If the concrete All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free substrate has recently been subjected to moisture, we of all contaminants. New concrete must be cured a recommend Epoxal 100 DCP. (Please consult your minimum of 28 days with no more than 4% moisture NPC representative for further details about Epoxal content. Any curing or hardening compounds, form oils, release agents or laitance must be removed by means of mechanical abrasion. Shot blasting or Apply all of aforementioned primers at a spread rate diamond grinding are the recommended methods. of 4-6 mils. If the spread rate is less than 4 mils, the These two means of mechanical abrasion will clean substrate may not be properly sealed. If the spread the surface and open the pores of the concrete to rate is greater than 6 mils it increases the probability allow maximum penetration of the primer. Ensure the methods of mechanical abrasion are dust-free. Ensure all loose concrete is removed, using a scarifier, diamond grinder, bush hammer or other methods. EPOXAL 100 HP is always mixed at a ratio of 2 Remove any contamination, including grease and oil Parts A to 1 Part B by volume. Always premix the using an industrial cleaner. (Consult your NPC Part A (resin) component of the mixture thoroughly. representative for recommended cleaners) Prepare the EPOXAL 100 HP is supplied in different quantities. entire floor by method of a shot blaster, or diamond 3L units can be mixed in the original container by grinder. Patch any uneven or damaged concrete using adding the Part B into the Part A. 3 Gal. units can be “NPC Epoxal 100 Patch” or consult your NPC mixed in a clean 5 Gal. container by adding the Part B representative for further instructions. into the Part A. 15 Gal. units must be mixed in smaller quantities. Ensure Part A is premixed, then Existing coated surfaces must be intact and tightly measure accurately by volume 1 Part B into 2 Parts A bonded to substrate below. If stability of existing coating is in question, test a small section and check Always mix the two components for a full 3 minutes for lifting. Hard or glossy surfaces must be abraded to improve adhesion performance. NPC will not warrant the application of Epoxal coatings over an All wood surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free of all contaminants. The wood surface must be very rigid, with no possible movement. Fill any voids, or seams with NPC “Epoxal 100 Patch” Saturate a medium nap roller and back roll the material to remove any squeegee lines EPOXAL 100 HP is a suitable primer for most applications over concrete. If a lower viscosity primer EPOXAL® 100 HP
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Series 3000
For a proper bond additional coats must be applied within 24-48 hours after the completion of the first coat, depending on temperature. If this window is This product must be applied to a substrate surpassed, mechanical abrasion must be used to prepare the coating before any further coats. NPC recommends a minimum of two coats, with the • This product will amber if it is under prime coat being 5-7 mils. The second coat should be applied at a thickness of 10-14 mils to provide a • This product is not recommended for areas that are exposed to severe thermal shock. Do not wait more than 10 minutes between applying • Working time and cure times are very mixes of material to the floor. Waiting longer between mixes may cause problems with working • Maintain a constant temperature before and during application period, and until coating This will produce a smooth pinhole free surface. If there are any pinholes, an additional coat should be To achieve a textured finish, a final coat can be Using a hopper blower, broadcast a small Alcohols (ethyl, methyl, propyl , isopropyl At a temperature of 220C (720F), EPOXAL 100 HP will be tack free within 4-5 hours. It will support light traffic at 24 hours and will reach full cure and EPOXAL® 100 HP
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Series 3000
Carbonated Drinks (Cola)
E= Excellent, G= Good (may stain but no change in film condition), S= Suitable for occasional spillage, NR= Not recommended (film destroyed) NOTE: The above data is solely based on lab testing done under strictly controlled conditions. Ambient temperature was used for all testing. No warranty can be given as to the accuracy of this information as it will depend upon conditions at actual project locations, which are beyond our control.


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