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Abdominal inflammation Abdominal pain Abscesses also use Staphylococcus aureus and see Listeriose Abscesses secondary Accellerate Healing oh injuriesand Surgeries, Accellerate the Healing & Clearing of ScarringAcidosis Hyperacidity. use a term calcium supplements magnesium long a potentially pathogenic bacteria found in mammals a bacterium normally found in the bowel and throat that can cause deep, pus filled holes in epithelial tumor of the cervix that can be either benign or malignant. Also see Cancer. a virus that can cause colds/flu and infections in the lungs, stomach, and intestines AD-36 may be linked to weight gain in some cases swelling of the ovaries or Fallopian tubes a liver damaging toxin produced by certain food molds Aflatoxin_HCAfrican trypanosomuasis Agyfla_HC AIDS 1 use 1113 for 12 min, 2128 for 16 min, 6121 for 21 min, 33 for 1 min Amyotropic lateral sclerosis, possibly caused by mycoplasma fermentans. Also use MS and see Echo virus, Coxsackie, Herpes 6, Bartonella, and Lyme freqs. Use 2900 for 30 min a fungus associated with lung ailments (asthme) a single celled, sometimes infectious microorganism liver abcess caused by amoebic infection also use Parasites enterobiasis and see Parasites general set Swelling of the ovaries or fallopian tubes General anxiety disorder. Use 1.5 for 3 min, 6.8, 7.8 for 5 min, 95 for 3 min, 10000 for 5 min Seek medical help! If micro perforation has occurred, infection must be eliminated beforedrinking any water. Even a few drops of water may be fatal hardening of the arteries; regeneration takes time. Also try chlamydia pneumonia, coxsackie,and CMV freqs Arthritis arthralgia due to gout Arthritis arthrosis and parathyroid disturbances Arthritis focal origin gastrogenic tonsiltogenic and use Strep pneumonia and Mycoplasma general if needed Cause could be bacteria like chlamydia pneumonia, mycoplasma fermentans, or dental bacteriawhich must be addressed too. Also try General antiseptic and Parasites roundworms general ifno response. mold found on corn, peanuts, and grain that produces aflatoxin blue mold occurring in some human infectious processes common mold that may produce severe and persistent infection mold occasionally associated with infection of the bronchi and lungs also see Liver support and Parasites roundworms and ascaris incoordination of muscles. Slow results in some cases also see Epidermophyton floccinum and Tinea freqs. Use all freqs for 5 min Atmenic Alb Autointoxication Babesia Bacillinum Bacillus Coli Rod Form Bacillus Coli Virus Bacillus infections if no relief from these, use kidney stimulation freqs, magnesium and B6, and drink plenty ofwater. Use 212 and 305 for 6 min and 33 for 5 min Backache 2 Backache and spasms 1 Backache chronic lower 1 use with back toward tube. Use 728 for 30min Bacteria Lactis Nosode Bacterial infections if bacterial infection is chronic and the type is accurately diagnosed and neither frequencies norantibiotics are effective long term, also use Parasites general and roundworms sets. Also seeGeneral antiseptic and specific types. a type of E. coli normally found in the intestines, water, milk, and soil that is the most frequentcause of urinary tract infections and a common cause of wound infection Bacterium coli commune combination Bacteroides fragilis Ailment in which blood vessels between the intestines and the liver become blocked, leading tocongestion of the veins, an enlarged spleen, bleeding of the stomach and intestines, cirrhosis ofthe liver, and blood cell destruction. enuresis. See also Parasite general, pinworm, and ascaris freqs an inflammatory condition in which bile flow through the liver is obstructed bile pigment that may result in jaundice in high concentrations. See also Liver support Bladder and prostate complaints Bladder TBC Blastocystis hominus Blepharisma Blood diseases Blood pressure high a bacillus that causes an often fatal form of food poisoning use specific type : Cancer, droglioma, astrocytoma, and or glioma Branhamella Moraxella catarrhalis Breast fibroid cysts Breathing deep Brights syndrome Bronchitis Bronchitis secondary Bronchopneumonia borinum undulant fever or Bang's bacillus, found in cattle form of Brucella found in goats and sheep Versenia pestis; spread primarily by rats Bubonic plague secondary infections Bunion pain Burns Bursitis May be caused by any number of organisms and viruses; experiment with arthritis frequenciesas well. BX Virus Caeliacia Calming Campylobacter bacteria causing sudden infectious diarrhea in newborns BASIC SET. Also see rotation of Cancer General sets 1, 2, and 3 or Rife Technology'scarcinoma and sarcoma banks as Basic sets. Ones listed below for specific types are to beadded to a general cancer set common tumor of brain and central nervous system Cancer breast Cancer breast 1 Cancer breast 2 Cancer breast 3 Cancer breast secondary Cancer BX virus Cancer BY virus Cancer carcinoma bronchial Cancer carcinoma colon Cancer carcinoma general Cancer carcinoma liver 1 Cancer carcinoma liver fermentative Cancer carcinoma liver secondary use Hepatitis B and Parasites, fluke, liver Cancer carcinoma original rife crane Cancer carcinoma scan Cancer carcinoma uterine fermentative Cancer carcinoma, larynx Cancer cells conidium head Cancer cervical secondary Cancer experimental additional frequencies Cancer fibrosarcoma malignancy containing connective tissue and developing rapidly from small bumps on the skin Cancer fibrous tumor secondary Cancer gastric adenocarcinoma Cancer general 1 Cancer general 2 Cancer general 3 Cancer glioblastoma Cancer glioblastoma tremor Cancer gliomas a form of malignancy characterized by enlargement of the lymph nodes, spleen, and lymphtissue and often includes weight loss, fever, night sweats, and anemia. Also calledlymphogranuloma. Also see Chlamydia pneumoniae, Pseudomonas, Penicillium, Aspergillus,and Rhizopus. typified by abnormal blood cells & shortage of others Cancer leukemia lymphatic Cancer leukemia myeloid characterized by rapid growth of incompletely formed white blood cells Cancer lymphogranuloma venereum secondary Cancer lymphosarcoma Cancer maintenance secondary Cancer melanoma 1 Cancer melanoma metastasis Cancer multiple myeloma secondary use Cancer, Kaposi's sarcoma and Herpes type 8 Cancer non Hodgkins 2 Cancer not killed by 2008 2128 Cancer pain Cancer plasmacytoma a tumor with plasma cells that occurs in the bone marrow, as in multiple myeloma, or outside of the bone marrow, as in tumors of the inner organs and lining of the nose, mouth, and throat also see Prostate adenominum and Prostate hyperplasia use all freqs for 6 min after assessing detox Cancer prostate Vega 1 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma 1 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma embryonal Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma embryonal v Cancer sarcoma general Cancer skin use Cancer, carcinoma, basal cell skin and specific forms also see Parasite general, roundworm, and ascaris if these don't work long term Candida 2 Candida carcinomas Candida secondary also use other parasite sets esp roundworm freqs if necessary a highly contagious viral disease of dogs characterized by vomiting, haemorrhagic diarrhoea,depression, and, in severe cases, death Canine parvovirus mutant strain Canine parvovirus type B Canker sores homeopathic remedy from animal bone charcoal also use eye formula antioxidant supplement for all macular degeneration problems secondary type caused by disease, degeneration, or surgery fungi that are the source of some broad spectrum antibiotics Cephalothecium Cerebral palsy Cerebrospinal troubles Cerumen can also be useful also for lung and sinus problems. All freqs for 5 min by the time pox marks appear, the illness is resolved and the toxins are being expelled throughthe skin, so must be used in the early stages of flu like symptoms after exposure. Use herpeszoster. use Perniosis - painful inflammation of small blood vessels in the skin that occur in response tosudden warming from cold temperatures Chlamydia general Chlamydia pneumoniae Chlamydia trachomatis a usually sexually transmitted bacterial infection causing trachoma, inclusion conjunctivitis,lymphogranuloma venereum, urethritis, and proctitis. long-term inflammation of the gallbladder an extremely contagious and serious bacterial infection of the small intestines benign tumor usually found in middle ear & mastoid region use with General parasite, roundworm, and parasite fluke sets if necessary. Also see EBV andFatigue general sets. If no response to these, try Cancer leukemia hairy cell plant family including black snakeroot and black cohosh Circulation disturbances Circulatory stasis stimulates blood circulation. See also Circulation disturbances an inflammatory condition in which bile flow through the liver is obstructed can cause diarrhea following treatment with antibiotics use 800 and 880 for 10 min, others for 5 min use 880 and 800 for 10 min, 728 for 5 min fall, 98. Use 8700 and 7760 for 15 min, others for 5 min Cold and flu winter 01 Cold in head chest Mutates constantly; too many strains to include complete list of frequencies. See also StrepPneumonia, Adenovirus, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Pneumonia, Chest infection, and Rhino pneumonitissets. Use lots of echinacea at onset to prevent cell damage that prolongs healing, even if correctfreqs are found. Collectotrichum Colon problems general Comedones usually venereal warts, caused by papilloma virus. Occur near intersection of mucousmembranes and skin. Use also Papilloma. also use Chlamydia trachomatis and see Bacillus subtilis also use Parasites general and roundworm sets if necessary Convulsions 1 Convulsions spasticity Coraforce Corallinus Coughing Coxsackie B1 Coxsackie B2 Coxsackie B3 Coxsackie B4 Coxsackie B5 Coxsackie B6 Coxsackie General Cramping and nausea Cramps Cramps menstrual Crinis humansis Crocus sotillus Crohns and other bowel problems v Crohns disease also use colitis, colon, and parasite freqs yeast which causes respiratory infection than can turn into meningitis. Also known as torulosis. parasitic protozoa sometimes causing diarrhea in humans Cunninghamella Curva spic Cyclospora Cyst ovarian Cyst solitary Cystic fibrosis Also called mucoviscidosis, a disorder of the exocrine glands that causes them to release verythick mucus. Use Breathing deep and General Antiseptic and see Parasites general androundworm freqs long-term inflammation of the urinary bladder and ureters CMV, known as salivary gland virus or human herpes type 5 Neglecting this can prevent recovery from any illness if infection is a problem Dental Infections v Depression anxiety trembling weakness Depression drugs or toxins Depression general Detox assist Diabetes 1 Warning; can cause large drop in blood sugar level. Use 5000 for 15 min Diabetes 2 Diabetes associated infection Diabetes secondary Diabetes tertiary Diabetic toe ulcer 1 also use Staph aureus freqs and see Staph general, General antiseptic, and Circulationstimulation as needed see also Colitis, Clostridium difficile, E. coli, and for chronic problems, giardia and IBS freqs.
Also see Parasite general set if no relief. bacterial infection causing sore throat, fever, rapid heartbeat, nausea, chills, headache and mayprogress to damage heart and nerves from bacterial toxins. Rare in US. see Intestines, inflammation. All freqs for 10 min characterized by tiny hernias of intestinal tissue protruding through the muscular wall of thecolon Dog and cat hostility 1 Downs syndrome palliative Droglioma Drug addiction Duodenitis Dupuytrens contracture 4th and 5th finger curling into hand, unable to straighten acute diarrhea with blood and mucus. Also use Entamoeba histolyica, Salmonella, and Shigella painful menstruation. use with pure water douche indigestion, if chronic or with bloating, also see Parasites general Escherichia coli; can cause infections in wounds and the urinary tract. If using these leads tocold symptoms, follow with Adenovirus freqs Scan up and down 9Hz on these for best effects E coli mutant strain E coli strain K12MG1655 E coli strain O157H7 Ear conditions various discharges, tinnitus, itching, hearing loss. Also see Otitis. Ebola Zaire Mayinga additional components Endometriosis Tuberylosa, can cause a type of viral meningitis Eczema Eczema 1 Eczema 2 Eczema vascular and lung disturbances Edema use with parasite, esp roundworm and nematode freqs inflammation of the tissues of the brain and spinal cord growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus that may cause pain, infertility, & abnormal uterinebleeding. Use with Parasites, flukes, general highly damaging protozoa causing dysentery and liver infection homeopathic nosode for Strep family organisms found in the digestive and urinary tracts generic term meaning small virus, includes Echo, Coxsackie, and Polio fungus that attacks skin & nails, including some athlete's foot and jock itch ringworms. Also useMicrosporum freqs and Fungal general if necessary. inflammation of testicle area, ducts. See also Orchitis. also try General parasite and roundworm freqs bacterial infection manifesting in skin inflammation caused by strep pyrogenes or otherpathogens and possibly related to the swine form of the disease human parvovirus B19, sometimes known as Fifth disease, a contagious viral infection whichcauses blotchy or raised red rash with mild illness. exp constriction. Also see General antiseptic and dental freqs blurred vision, cataracts, crossed eyes, diplopia, infections, etc. Eyes glaucoma Eyesight sharpen Facial cramps Facial paralysis Facial toning Fainting Fascia fibrous tissue under the skin. Also see Fibroid freqs a Rickettsia illness, transmitted by lice, that is debilitating and conducive to relapse non cancerous, fibrous nodules in the breasts use Fibroadenoma mamanae, Fibroma, and Parasites, flukes, pancreatic and see Parasites,flukes, intestinal Fibroma Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia 1 Fibromyalgia 2 Fibropendulum Fibrosarcoma Fibrosarcoma is a tumor of mesenchymal cell origin that is composed of malignant fibroblasts ina collagen background Fischpyrogen Fissures Fistula dentalis Fistula ulcer contagious dermatitis found in many animals that is caused by mites and in which the principleactivity is at the hair follicles some classes. Also use Salmonella typhimurium and see General antiseptic, Abdominal pain,and Abdominal inflammation. a mild viral infection found in young children but may also be a factor in ALS Fractures healing Frequency distressFrequency fatigue tiredness that is not detox from using frequency generator too long Frigidity female Frostbite Frozen shoulder Fruitfly Fungus and mold v Fungus EW range Fungus flora 1 Fungus foot and general 1 also see candida, yeast, and other specific types boils on skin. Also use Staph aureus freqs also see Herpes general and Furunkulosis infection may cause inflammation of the cornea and external ear a fungus causing inflammation of the cornea of the eye Gaetner Gall bladder dystonia with osteitis Gallstones Gangrene general see also Clostridium, Circulatory stasis, Infection general, and Bacterium coli bactérie qui peut infecter et enflammer la muqueuse vaginale Gasoden Gastritis and flatus General antiseptic General anxiety disorder General balancing General comprehensive General malady fungus found in feces and dairy products whose manifestations resemble those of candida inflammation of gums. See also Dental, Dental foci, Stomatitis. Take calcium and magnesiuminternally and brush with CoQ10 and myrrh or goldenseal Also use high dose bromelain and water cure. See also Kidney freqs Granuloma dent Gravel urine Graves disease and goiter Green Dye Gulf War Syndrome v Gum disease Haemophilia tonic hereditary bleeding disorders in which the blood does not readily clot bad breath. See also Strep pneumonia, Strep aureus, Pharyngitis, Dental, Parasite general, andGeneral antiseptic sets Hallucinations Hand foot and mouth syndrome a mild viral infection found in young children Seek immediate medical attention for head injuries! Headaches Headaches caused by vertebral misalignment Headaches due to toxicity Headaches unknown cause Headaches urogenitally caused Healing and regeneration Heart general Heart tonic lab animals only. See also Chlamydia, Staph infection, Circulatory stasis, and Kidney freq sets use calcium magnesium supplement and The Water Cure. Also see Staph and Strep generalsets and H. pylori Heliobacter pylori 1 Heliobacter pylori exp Helminthosporium the reproductive element of some parasitic worms Hemophilia Hemorrage Hemorrhoids Hepatitis A add Hepatitis general freqs if necessary add Hepatitis general freqs if necessary also try Parasites, schistosoma mansoni and Hepatitis general freqs if necessary Hepatitis C 1 Hepatitis general Hepatitis general secondary Hepatitis general v Hernia Herpes general Herpes general secondary Herpes general v Herpes progenetalis secondary. Cold sores: primarily non-genital, first try Herpes general Herpes simplex I 1 Herpes simplex I 2 Herpes simplex I 3 Herpes simplex I 4 Herpes simplex I exp Herpes simplex II Herpes simplex IU2 Herpes type 2A Herpes type 2A secondary Herpes type 5 Herpes type 6 exp Herpes type 8 exp Herpes type C Herpes zoster Herpes zoster exp Herpes zoster secondary Herpes zoster v Hiccups Hip pain a homeopathic remedy prepared from a leech used for therapeutic purposes a genus of fungi that includes human pathogens Household Insect Mix Human T lymphocyte Virus1 Human T lymphocyte Virus4 Human T lymphocyte Virus5 Human T lymphocyte Virus6 Hydrocele Hyperparathyroidism Hypertension Hypertension renin induced red high, diastolic high pressure. Also see Kidney freqs Hypertension spastic Hyperthyroid Hypochondrium upper abdomen Hypophyseal disturbances a chronic form of jaundice involving anemia also use Colitis if necssary and see Parasite general and roundworm sets many classes. Also use Circulatory stasis Infections general secondary Infections general tertiary Infertility Influencinum Berlin 55 Influencinum vesic NW Influencinum vesic SW Influencinum vesica general mutates to new strains constantly but these may be helpful. See also Influenza, Grippe andInfluenza Virus. Use all freqs for 5 min if necessary Influenza 1 99 00 Influenza 1957 A Asian Influenza 1978 Influenza 1979 Influenza 1983 Influenza 1989 Influenza 1993 Influenza 1993 secondary Influenza 1994 Influenza 1994 secondary Influenza 1997 1998 Influenza 2 99 00 Influenza aches and respiratory use 7760 and 7766 for 10 min, all others for 5 Influenza Asian grippe A Influenza autumn 1998 Influenza grippe 1986 tri Influenza grippe 1987 Influenza grippe 1988 Influenza grippe 1989 Influenza grippe 1990 Influenza grippe general Influenza grippe vapch Influenza haemophilus Influenza haemophilus type B Influenza spanish Influenza triple nosode Influenza V grippe Influenza V2 grippe Influenza V3 grippe Influenza V4 grippe Influenza V5 grippe Influenza V75 Victoria Influenza VA2 grippe Influenza VA2L grippe Influenza virus 1991 1992 Influenza virus 1991 1992 secondary Influenza virus 1992 1993 Influenza virus 1992 1993 secondary Influenza virus 1993 1994 Influenza virus 1993 1994 secondary Influenza virus A Influenza virus A 1974 Influenza virus A Port Chalmers Influenza virus B Influenza virus B Hong Kong Influenza virus British Influenza virus general Influenza virus swine Influenza with Fever v Influenza with respiratory 1 Influenzum toxicum Injection allergic reaction Insomnia Intelligence and clarity of thoughtIntercostal neuralgia symptom of the atherosclerotic disease engraves peripheral vascular system - heavy legs andfeet also see Parasite general set and General antiseptic see also Parasites general set and Colitis pruritis. Take hot bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar afterwards. If chronic and no long termrelief, use Parasite sets including Parasites general and Parasites blood flukes. see also Liver support, gallbladder, Leptospirosis, and Parasites fluke and general frequencysets small, usually benign growth on a kidney use with vitamin, mineral, and herb supplementation a type of bone inflammation marked by enlargement and pain degeneration of spinal cord leading to spastic paraplegia. See also ALS. Legionnaires' disease, caused by a gram-negative bacteria associated with condensed ortreated water that migrate to lung tissue and stimulate severe respiratory manifestations, fever,headache, abdominal pain, and may affect kidneys and liver. Leprosy Leprosy secondary infection Leptospirosis a spirochete bacterial disease that is spread to humans through animal urine that can causemeningitis, jaundice, anemia, miscarriage, and death inflammation of brain's white matter, usually in infants and children, but also found in horses as a result of forage poisoning white patches on mucous membranes, also see EBV, Papilloma, and Cancer, carcinoma freqs proliferation of tissues that form white blood cells; considered to be foundational stage ofleukemia. See also Cancer Leukemia, Parasite general, Parasite fluke sets benign, soft tumor of fatty tissue. Also use Liver support. a serious disease causing miscarriage, meningitis, and endocarditis in humans; known ascircling disease in ruminants and causes liver necrosis in animals with single stomachs. Alsosee Strep general and General infection use Listeriose, Liver support, Parasites schistosoma mansoni Liver stores bile cholesterol Liver support also try E coli, Parasites general and Parasites flukes general may be slow results. See also Schumann response localized degeneration of skin by various diseases; vulgaris is a common form of this ailmentthat is actually a rare form of tuberculosis that manifests with disfigurement and destruction ofthe skin and cartilage of the face. Also use Parasite fluke sets for any type. Use 633 for 5 min,2125 and 3612 for 4 min, 2008 and 802 for 8 min Lupus general secondary Lupus SLE secondary Luxation use 2016 and 625 for 10 min, others for 5 min Lyme and Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever v Lyme disease also known as borreliosis; relapsing fever in humans and animals caused by parasiticspirochetes from ticks. Also use Babesia if necessary. Lyme hatchlings eggs Lyme secondary Lyme tertiary Please note the use of these frequencies has produced what is known as a HerxheimerReaction. As the spirochetes die, they release a protein toxin that can produce joint pains,weakness, and general malaise for a few days following exposure. It has been suggested thatone start slow with but a minute of exposure and then gradually increase the exposure time. Oneshould not repeat an exposure until all effects and symptoms of the previous exposure havecleared.
lymphatic vessel inflammation of humans and horses most commonly caused by strep but alsoby other bacteria, yeast fungus, and cancer. See also Strep General Lymphs and detox Macular degeneration and visual acuity an infectious disease, originating in tropical areas, that is transmitted by a mosquito bite andcharacterized by fever, anemia, and spleen enlargement Malaria 1 Malaria 2 Malaria Falciparum 1 Malassezia furfur causes tinea versicolor. See also Fungus general Polysaccharides consisting of mannose units.
an inflamed breast usually caused by bacterial infection inflammation of the bony structure of the head in the region of the ears below the eyes Measles rubella secondary Measles rubella vaccine Measles rubeola homeopathic nosode for urethral discharge. See also Vaginosis. auditory vertigo associated with deafness and tinnitus. Use 5000 for 16 min, 782 for 26 min,others for 7 min. Also use General antiseptic a benign, slow-growing tumor of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord inflammation of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord. Bacterial: also useStreptococcus pneumoniae, Influenza haemophilus type B and see Listeriose and Leptospirosis.
Viral: also use Echo, Coxsackie, and Polio Meningitis secondary Meningitis tertiary Menstrual problems general aid. especially if toxins are the cause. Also use mineral supplement Mercury toxicity v Methotrexate toxicity drug which is used to cure many life-threatening diseases like cancer, severe psoriasis,rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
a fungus which commonly causes ringworm of the scalp and other areas a fungus causing ringworm in cats, dogs, and children also use Parasites strongyloides and general sets Nosode of measles, prepared with oropharyngeal secretions of measles causes rot in fruit and baked goods & sometimes found on feet and skin grows on decaying vegetation and bread and can cause ear infection Mucor racemosis secondary Mucous membrane inflammation general Multiple sclerosis 1 Multiple sclerosis 2 Multiple sclerosis 3 Multiple sclerosis 4 Multiple sclerosis 5 Multiple sclerosis secondary Multiple sclerosis stiff legs Multiple sclerosis tremor or twitch Multiple sclerosis v aspertame, mercury, benzene, lead, and toluene can cause same symptoms. Also useChlamydia General and Herpes type 6 and see ALS sets, Herpes general, Blastocystis hominus,Parasites flukes, Shigella, Nocardia, and Herpes zoster acute viral inflammation of the saliva glands. See also Coxsackie Mumps secondary Mumps tertiary Mumps vaccine Muscle tonic Muscles to relax Muscular dystrophy disorder characterized by weakness and progressive wasting of skeletal muscles despite no concommitant wasting of nerve tissue. Aspartame, mercury, benzene, lead, and toluene can cause same symptoms. Also use Parasites flukes and see Parasites general, ALS, MS sets This disease touches the people reached of the AIDS whose immune system is seriouslyreached and who do not take any medicine anti ‑ VIH, nor agents of prevention of MAC Mycogone fungoides Mycogone fungoides secondary Mycogone spp homeopathic allergenic preparation based on fungus exp. May be a factor in ALS, chronic fatigue, alzheimer's, parkinson's, and MS can be useful for lung, sinus, and other problems which do not respond to other frequencies Myocarditis is an inflammation of the myocardium, the middle layer of the heart wall. A variety ofsigns and symptoms, including chest pain, heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms, can becaused by myocarditis.
homeopathic remedy from heart cells that died as a result of inadequate blood flow to them. Seealso Circulatory stasis also see Parasites, enterobiasis, roundworms, and Parasites, general kidney inflammatory disease. Also treat for stones and crystals supplementally, or nephrosis noninflammatory kidney disease Nerve disorders and neuropathy Nervousness Prozac agitation a painful disorder of the nervous system Neuralgia intercostal Neuralgia trigeminal Neurosis Neurospora sitophila Nigrospora spp Nocardia asteroides the microorganism causing Nocardiosis, an infectious pulmonary disease characterized byabscesses in the lungs Normalize Adrenal FunctionNormalize Blood PressureNormalize Endocrine System FunctionNormalize Estrogen Production LevelsNormalize Hemoglobin ProductionNormalize Pituitary FunctionNormalize Progesterone Levels Normalize Red Blood Cell ProductionNormalize Testosterone Production Levels (Female)Normalize Testosterone Production Levels (Male)Normalize White Blood Cell ProductionNose infection congestion chronic cases will always return until metal dental work is replaced with uranium free porcelain.
See also herpes simplex I and use Stomatitis inflammation of testes due to TB, mumps, gonorrhea, cancer, bacteria, etc. See also causative or Psittacosis or Parrot Fever; an infectious pneumonia transmitted by certain birds Osteitis deformans is a type of chronic bone disorder causing an increase in the breakdown andregrowth of bone tissue marrow replacement by bone in response to low-grade infection Osteosinusitis max Ostitis Otitis externa outer ear infection. Also see Pseudomonas aeruginosa middle ear swelling and or infection and fever. Use also strep pneumonia if no immediatebenefits. Use 880, 720, and 1550 for 10 min, others for 5 min disease of the hereditary internal ear/disease Ovarian cyst Ovarian disorders general Ovarian elimination stimulation Ovum Ox bile affection of the nose/exhalation by the nostrils of a stinking odor Also look under name of condition causing pain Pain of cancer Pain of infection Pain relief Palsy general Pancreas Pancreatic insufficiency Papilloma kidney small, usually benign growth on a kidney causes warts and benign tumors having a branch or stalk and in some cases white patchesknown as leukoplakia Paralysis nonspastic Paralysis spastic Paramecium caudatum Parasites ascaris Parasites enterobiasis oxyurose - it is about a benign digestive parasitosis due to a worm entérobius vermicularis worms in blood and organs of mammals, larvae passed from biting insects Parasites flukes blood Parasites flukes general Parasites flukes general short set Parasites flukes intestinal exp Parasites flukes liver Parasites flukes lymph Parasites flukes pancreatic exp Parasites flukes sheep liver Parasites follicular mange an infectious disorder mainly affecting domestic animals, characterized by itching, formation ofpapules and vesicles, and loss of hair: caused by parasitic mites Parasites general 1 Parasites general 2 Parasites general alternative v Parasites general comprehensive Parasites general short set Parasites giardia protozoaire flagellé/parasitose intestinale humaine Parasites heartworms Parasites helminthsporium Parasites hookworm Parasites leishmania braziliensis Parasites leishmania donovan Parasites leishmania tropica Parasites pinworm Parasites roundworms general Parasites roundworms general short set Parasites scabies follicular mange which is contagious dermatitis found in many animals that is caused by mitesand in which the principle activity is at the hair follicles. Use 90, 94, 98, 102, 106, 110, 253, 693for 10 min. Scan 90 to 110 on lesser frequency intervals if needed blood fluke which can cause symptoms identical to hepatitis C Parasites strongyloides secondary Parasites taenia do not use for known tapeworms unless familiar with tapeworm protocol tapeworms found in dogs, wolves, cats, & rodents that can infect man Parasites tapeworms secondary Parasites threadworms Parasites introduced in the form of encysted larvae of a nematode present into the parasitizedmeat driving deficit defined by a loss partial of the driving capacities of the body Paresthesia Parkinson tremor temporary relief a slowly progressive, degenerative, neurologic disorder, also use Chlamydia pneumoniae andsee Nocardia asteroides freqs. Use 33 for 30 min use Ornithosis - infectious disease carried by some birds and which can be transmitted tohumans (causes pneumonia, high fever, weakness, and fatigue) The canine parvovirose is an infectious disease of the dog Parvovirus canine mutant strain Parvovirus canine type B Parvovirus new strain Pasteurella combination bacterial diseases spread by animal bites Pelvic inflammatory disease Pemniciosis Pemphigus rare, autoimmune skin disorders characterized by blisters in the outer layer of skin and mucousmembranes Penicillium chyrosogenium Penicillium chyrosogenium secondary Penicillium notatum Penicillium notatum secondary Penicillium rubrum Pennyroyal épaississement ou dégéneréscence de la conjonctive NOTE, Cardiac conditions are inherently unstable. Therefore,we cannot recommend the use offrequencies on humans, even outside U.S. jurisdiction. These frequencies are for animalresearch only. see also osteo and dental infection freqs A disorder of the blood vessels caused by prolonged exposure to cold and characterized by skin lesions on the lower legs, hands, toes, feet, ears and face see also Liver and Kidney support, Circulatory and Lymph stasis freqs inflammation of pharynx, can cause chronic sore throat,halitosis, and pharyngeal ulcers. Alsosee Sore throat, Halitosis ignition of the membrane of the lung and the abdominal wall fungus which causes pneumonia usually developing in the immune suppressed or in infants Pneumonocystis carnii, Streptococcus pneumoniae. If no or slow results, try MycoplasmaGeneral set. Pneumonia general v Pneumonia mycoplasma a contagious pneumonia of children and young adults. See also Mycoplasma General causes bronchiolitis and pneumonia in infants, use Respiratory syncitial virus Polio secondary complications Polyarthritis Polyp general Polyp nasal Polyp uterine Porphyria several rare disorders of the nervous system and skin also use saunas and electrolyte replacement Promote regenerationProstate adenominum Prostate enlarged see Prostatitis and other prostate sets and Strep general see also Strep sets and practice metals avoidance bacterium causing of the infections of the blue pus found in wounds, burns and urinary tracts also called glanders bacillus. Causes glanders, a blue pus infection of the respiratory systemand mouth, and transmitted occasionally to man by equine. also use Hypothyroid set and see General Parasite, ascaris, and other roundworm freqs Psoriasis ankylosing spondylitis Psorinum Pullularia pullulans use also Parasite, roundworm frequencies and see General Antiseptic homeopathic nosode for Pseudomonas pyocyanea or Pyoderma Gangrenosum; a rare skin disorder of unknown cause. Small pustules develop into large ulcers at various sites on the body. Also see Parasites general and General antiseptic Infection of periodontium causing inflammation of gums and bone loss. Although pyorrhea maybe controlled or eliminated with treatment, infection will always return whenever subjectexperiences stress or poor diet, until mercury inlays aka 'silver' fillings and nickel alloy which isstainless steel, dental appliances are replaced with porcelain that does not contain uranium andinfected root canals and sockets are treated. See also Dental, Dental foci, Stomatitis, Gingivitis,Toothache Pyrogenium ex ovo Pyrogenium fish Pyrogenium mayo Pyrogenium suis Q Fever an infectious disease caused by contact with animals with the parasitic Rickettsia bacteria andCoxiella burnetii whose symptoms may include headache, fever, chills, and sweats. See alsoTyphoid fever and Rickettsia Ragweed AllergyRaynauds disease Reduce affects of Diabetic NeuropathyReduce Chemical Sensitivity Reduce Electrical SensitivityReduce Excess Fluid Retention in Joints &TissuesReduce General Back Pain(Fibromyalgia)Reduce Swelling of Herneated DiscRefractory an Regeneration and healing Regeneration and healing 1 Relaxation to produce Renal calculi Renal excretory insufficiency diastolic hypertensive Reproductive Respiratory syncitial virus Retrovirus variants Rhesus gravidatum Rheuma lengthened ovoid yeast causes septicaemia/meningitis/keratitis bacteria that are transmitted to man by lice, fleas, ticks, and mites. Can cause typhoid fever andQ fever. see Microsporum audouini, Microsporum canis, Trichophyton, and/or Epidermophyton. Use allfreqs for 6 min Rocky Mountain spotted fever Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever and Lyme v Rosacea use Heliobacter pylori and take enzyme supplement Rotifer Rubella (German or 3-day measles)Rubella vaccineRubeola (9-day measles) human herpes type 5. Use Cytomegalovirus can cause intestinal inflammation and infection, and contribute to flu in children Sciatica 1 Sciaticor schias Scleroderma v Sclerosis lateral degeneration of spinal cord resulting in spastic paraplegia Sedation and pain relief Sedative effect Reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, sinusitis Semperillium Serum schweinepest Sexual dysfunction men can cause acute dysentery and diarrhea as well as infect nerves, brain, and spinal cordchronically sinus and lung infections can be caused by a large number of pathogens including viruses like RSV, adenovirus, parainfluenza, influenza A, influenza B, rhino virus, et al. Common bacteria like strep pneum. are always suspect when condition is chronic, as are fungi. Sinusitis 2 Sinusitis 3 Sinusitis 4 Sinusitis frontalis Sinusitis maxillaris Sleep apneaSleeping sickness Slipped discs also known as variola, an extremely contagious viral disease marked by fever, prostration, and arash of small blisters Smallpox secondary Smegma Sneezing Sore throat also see Pharyngitis, Strep general, Strep pyrogenes, and Actinomyces israelii Spasms muscle Spastic paresis Spleen enlarged Spleen secondary Sporobolomyces Sporotrichum pruinosum Stammering Staph and Strep v Staph infection 1 Staphylococci infection can cause boils, carbuncles, abscesses, tooth infection, heart disease, and infect tumors Staphylococcus coagulae positive Staphylococcus general Stemphylium Stiff muscles Stiff muscles secondary Stiff neck Stiff shoulder Stimulate Clarity of Thought/Mental FunctionStimulate cravings)Stimulate Increased /Normalized HGH ProductionStimulate Increased Blood Flow/CirculationStimulate Increased Lymph System CirculationStimulate Inocinc Production(stroke recovery)Stimulate Normal Colon FunctionStimulate Normal Heart FunctionStimulate Normal Kidney FunctionStimulate Normal Liver FunctionStimulate Normal Lymph System FunctionStimulate Normal Nervous System FunctionStimulate Normal Pancreas FunctionStimulate Normal Pineal FunctionStimulate Normal Thyroid FunctionStimulate Normalized Blood CirculationStimulate Normalized Hypothalamus FunctionStimulate Repair / Healing of Nerves damageStimulate the Balancing Of Spiritual Well-Being Stimulate the clearing of Emotional Trauma/EnergyBlockesStimulate the Healing of BonesStimulate the Healing of CapillariesStimulate the Healing of LigamentsStimulate the Healing of MusclesStimulate the Healing of NervesStimulate the Normalization of Calcium MetabolismStimulate the Reinforcement of DNA IntegrityStimulate the Reinforcement of RNA IntegrityStimulate the Stabilization Of Emotional StatesStimulate/Normalize Immune System FunctionStomach disorders see also E. Coli and Parasites general if no lasting relief Inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth. See also Candida, Herpes simplex I,Stomatitis aphthous, Pyorrhea, and Gingivitis ulcers on mucous membrane of mouth. Also called canker sores Stomatitis aphthous v Strep and Staph v Strep virus Streptococcus enterococcinum can cause infection in the digestive and urinary tracts streptococcus family. Also see General antiseptic and other Strep sets Streptococcus mutant strain Streptococcus mutant strain secondary Streptococcus pepto can cause pneumonia, empyema, middle ear infections, endocarditis, peritonitis, arthitis,bacteremia, and meningitis Streptococcus pneumoniae mixed flora Streptococcus pyrogenes pus forming infections. Can cause sore throat, skin inflammation, scarlet fever, pharyngitis,scarlet fever, impetigo, erysipelas, cellulitis, septicemia, toxic shock syndrome, and acuteglomerulonephritis See also General antiseptic Streptococcus viridans Streptomyces griseus includes Nocardia and Actinomyces israeli family of organisms that can infect the thyroid causing goiter. Use kelp internally. Use Strumacystica, nodosa, and parenchyme freqs. Struma cystica Struma nodosa Struma parenchyme Stye staph infection of sebaceous gland of eyelash. Also use Staphylococci infection set Subluxation induced disorders Sudor pedis Examine prescription drugs, such as Psoralen, for photo sensitization properties. see also General antiseptic, Staph, and Strep sets edema. See also Kidney insufficiency and Lymph stasis freqs also see Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Otitis externa rapid heart beat. For lab animals only. See also Heart tonic, Relaxation sets. Taste lack of Tendomyopathy TenniselbowTetanus - Lockjaw infectious disease of the central nervous system caused by clostridium tetani Tetanus secondary Tetragenus Thalamus stimulant Thermi bacteria Throat tickle chronic see also Streptococcus and Strep pneumonia sets inflammation of vein walls from clotting. Use on lab animals only. See also Circulatory stasis not to be used with arrhythmia or in U.S. see also Circulatory stasis, Dental, Dental foci, General antiseptic, and Otitis freqs The tonsils are thought to prevent infections of the breathing passages but often becomeinfected themselves inflammation of the palatine tonsils, causing enlargement, occasionally to the extent that theynearly touch one another to neglect this can prevent recovery from any illness. Should also be treated professionally. Seealso Dental, Dental foci, Gingivitis, Pyorrhea. a serious, infectious disease that can be either acquired or present at birth and that is commonlycontracted by handling contaminated cat litter A disease caused by eating undercooked meat, usually pork, that contains trichinae, whichdevelop as adults in the intestines and as larvae in the muscles, causing intestinal disorders,fever, nausea, muscular pain, and edema of the face.
Trichoderma is a genus of fungi that is present in all soils, where they are the most prevalent
culturable fungi. Many species in this genus can be characterized as opportunistic avirulent plant
a microorganism causing vaginal irritation with discharge and itching Term indicating the affections due to the development on the skin of a mushroom parasitizestrichophyton kind. It can reach the scalp (mowing tinea), the beard (kérion), the zones withouthair (circiné herpes) or the nails (onychomycose).
Trichophytie nagel Trichophytie nagel secondary Trichophyton mentagrophyte A zoophilic small-spored fungal parasite that causes infection of hair, skin, and nails.
Diseases due to a variety of parasitic mushrooms, dermatophytes (épidermophyton,trichophyton, microsporum…) such as the tinea Trichophyton tonsuraus Trigeminal neuralgia A protozoan that is the causative agent of Gambian trypanosomiasis.
Tuberculosis aviare Tuberculosis bovine Tuberculosis klebsiella Tuberculosis rod E coli infections Tuberculosis rod form Tuberculosis secondary complications Tuberculosis virus Tularemia a serious infectious disease also called deerfly fever or rabbit fever use Cancer, astrocytoma, glioma, glioblastoma a genus of small slender nematode worms (family Cephalobidae) including the vinegar eel typhus infection related symptoms causing high fever, headache, and rash. Also use Salmonellatyphi and Rickettsia and see Q fever. Ulcer duodenal Ulcer gastric Ulcer ventric Ulcer ventricular Ulcers general Urea plasma A genus of nonmotile gram-negative bacteria that require urea and cholesterol for growth andare associated with nongonococcal urethritis and prostatitis in males and with genitourinary tractinfections and reproductive failure in females.
also known as uremic poisoning; excessive amounts of nitrogenous waste products in the blood,as seen in kidney failure. Also use Kidney and Lymph stasis freqs. also see Vaginosis and use Chlamydia trachomatis non-specific infection. Also see Gardinerella, Candida, and Trichomonas also use Otitis and see General antiseptic freqs loss of pigmentation in areas of skin. Use with B complex with extra PABA internally and PABA cream topically. Also see E. coli, Parasite General, Liver support, and Fungus freqs if necessary venereal warts caused by infectious papilloma virus also see Papilloma and Parasites roundworms and Parasites, flukes general a rough surfaced, supposedly harmless, viral caused skin wart Wellness Werlhof West Nile 1 West Nile virus exp Wheat smut dental affection in which the enamel disappears, causing a cavity in the tooth a Rickettsia illness, transmitted by lice, that is debilitating and conducive to relapse. Also seeRickettsia also see Candida. Use Parasites general, roundworm, and ascaris if no lasting relief a severe, viral infection which can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, and entiregastrointestinal tract also called mucormycosis; a serious fungal infection usually associated with uncontrolleddiabetes mellitus or immunosuppressive drugs Traitement homéopatique - Homeophatic treatment Traitement phytothérapie - herbal treatment


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