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Cyberpunk 2020 reference book v5

Armor Rules . 2.6
Armored Clothing, Layers, & Encumberance . 2.6 Interpersonal Skill Rolls . 2.7
Streetdeal & Streetwise . 2.8
Cyberware Rules . 2.9
Combat Rules . 2.4
Net Rules . 2.11
Anti-Vehicle Weapons Versus Personnel . 2.5 CONTENTS & LEGEND
Program Degradation & Upgrades . 2.12 Underwater Rules . 2.14
The Bends / Decompression Sickness . 2.16 Space Rules . 2.16
Submarine / Static Underwater Weapons . 3.9 Violating Pressure & Evacuation Time . 2.16 Cold Weather Rules . 2.17
ACPA / Full 'Borg Anti-Personnel Weapons . 3.12 Crimes And Sentencing . 2.18
ACPA / Full 'Borg Hvy Machineguns & Rifles . 3.12 AMMO & ADD-ONS
Tsunamni High Pressure 25mm Grenades . 4.11 GEAR LISTING
Referee Tables . 10.1
I1.1 to I2.2 Interface. Vol 1 # 1-4, Vol 2 # 1-2 ATLAS GAMES SUPPLEMENTS
Lisa Smedman, H Smith, John Smith, Nakajima Sonomi,Lucien Soulban, Eric Spargo, Kevin Stein, T H Stone, Andrew 5.0 - Massive update, including Interface vol 1, issue 2, some Strassmann, Anders Swensen, Nobukai Takerube, Scott Taylor, more of the Ianus adventures, a lot more additional rules, and Suzufuki Tarot, Usuki Terukai, Colin Tipton, Michael Todd, some of my own stuff in the expanded character creation William Tracy, Tateno Tsuneo, Yamamoto Tsuyoshi, John section. Also reformatted, renumbered and reordered the ref- Tynes, Ramon Valbuena, Marc Vezina, Glenn Wildemuth, Chris erence book to more closely match the original 2020 layout.
Williams, Jos Williams, Walter Jon Williams, Ross "Spyke"Winn, Charlie Wong, Spencer Worth, Benjamin Wright, Wash- 4.1 - Added some weapons, gear and vehicles from Premature ington Wright, Karl Wu, Chris W Young, Louis Zutavern, and the Burial and Interface vol 1, issue 1.
creator of the Cyberpunk universe, Mike Pondsmith.
4.0 - I think I've added everything now, so the Ref Book moves If you have any feedback about any part of the Reference Book, up a full version. Added information from Northwest Passage, please e-mail me at, or visit my web Solo Of Fortune, Playground, and 'Punk '21 issues 1 to 3.
3.1 - Includes information from The Chrome Berets, and Kingsof the Concrete Jungle.
3.0 - Added the Contents and Legend section.
Cyberpunk 2020 is a Registered Trademark of R.TalsorianGames Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used without permission. Anyuse of R.Talsorian Games copyrighted material or trademarks FEEDBACK & ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or This Reference Book is not intended to replace any of the Cyberpunk gaming books, it is intended as a referee resource Any use of Ianus Publications Inc or Atlas Games copyrighted to help referees to quickly find the information they are after, so material or trademarks should not be viewed as a challenge to Please buy the books, R. Talsorian have been reprinting many These files are meant for personal use only, as an addition to of the popular and hard to find supplements (Chromebooks, legally owned copies of R.Talsorian products. Please con- Maximum Metal, Listen Up), dig through the second hand bins tinue to support R.Talsorian and Cyberpunk 2020.
at your local game shop, check out on-line auctions, but if youfind Interface, issue 1, volume 1, I get first dibs ;).
The original game material that is the source for the ReferenceBook was written by the following: Angelina Acevedo, David Ackerman-Gray, Robin Ackerman-Gray, Annemarie Adams, Tano Akira, Matt Anacletto, MartinAnderson, Dan "Superdan" Bailey, Alex Bennett, Ian Birchenough,Tony "Rock" Birchill, Alexander Blair, Mike Blum, Edward Bolme,Barton Bolmen, Jeff Boman, Andrew M Borelli, Heath Brewer,Stéphane Brochu, Alison Brooks, Giles Bussière, AmandaChapman, Matt Channell, David Chart, Peter Christian, MarkColborn, Ryk Coleman, Ben Coombs, Christian Conkle, DavidCripps, Lester Connors, Benjamin J Cooper, Bruce Craig, E GCrittenden, Marcus Darby, Mike Davis, Kevin DeAntonio, KevinDockery, The Doctor, Paul Duncanson, Stephen Esdale, FarEast Amusement Research, Co. Ltd., Colin Fisk, Frank Frey,Dave Friedland, Etienne Gagon, Mark Galeotti, David Garvin,Steve Gill, Nick Gillott, Glenn Goddard, Sonia Groves-Porter,Hans Guévin, Adam Gutowski, Bruce Harlick, Darren Harmer,Dave Harmer, Scott Hedrick, Eric Heisserer, Jeff Hexter, TristanHeydt, Chris Hockabout, Thaddeus Howze, Tom Humphries,Jack of Shadows, Nils Jeppe, Thomas M Kane, David Kelk,Simon U Kexy, Britt Klein, Richard Knowles, "Morninman"Kuchenbacker, Michael LaBossiere, Yasmin De LaCruz, DanLongoria, Andrew Lucas, Mike MacDonald, Scott Mackay, AlexMacris, Juliet Manelli, Mike Masarati, Robert May, Florian "Flo"Merx, P Middleton, Mike Mileke, Gilbert Milner, Hiyoshi Miyako,Will Moss, Christiana Muller, Pati Nagle, Michael G Nelson,Lance Newgate, Michio Okamura, Eric Oppen, ChrisPasquarette, Geoff Pass, Richard Patterson, Lisa Pondsmith,Marcus Pregent, Rob Pruden, James Puckett, Derek Quintanar,José Ramos, Jeff Ranger, Jean-Michel Ringuet, MarianRosensriel, Mike Roter, G Row, John Rowley, Scott Ruggles,Steve Sabram, S Saunders, Justin Schmid, Mark Schumann,Steve Schutz, Stephan Michael Sechi, Janice Sellars, MagnusSeter, Anthony Sevile, Shadowjack, Craig Sheeley, Sam Shirley,


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