Lithium springs press release

Lithium Springs - Press Release

For Immediate Release
Contact: Carter Lord
Ocean Entertainment Group Phone: (863) 529-6131 Fax: (863) 646-7439 PRESS RELEASE "LITHIUM SPRINGS"
The highly acclaimed, 80 minute independent feature film "Lithium Springs", fresh off a successful film festival run, has just been released and is now available at Shot in the swamps of Central Florida-with only a three man crew - Lithium Springs tells the story of an offbeat adventurer's search for the lost treasure of Ponce de Leon. "The photography was spectacular", says State Senator Paula Dockery. "I was thoroughly entertained.” So were a host of other notables, among them writer and general counsel of the Writers Guild of America's Marshall Goldberg ("There is a lot in this little movie"), US Olympic trainer Dr. Jamie Naughright ("It was a riot! I've watched it 4 times."), Director of the Center for Florida History's James Denham PhD ("First rate.not to be missed"), and Duane McConnell, former owner of 17 radio and cable TV stations here in Florida ("My friends and I are big fans of Lithium Springs. The scenery is breathtaking. It is very amusing and funny.") Though somewhat quirky and offbeat, it is suitable for viewing by the whole family, especially young children, according to Ted Baehr of Movieguide, who rates it as "wholesome" and the Dove Foundation, who gives it 4 doves and calls it "laugh-out-loud funny." But that doesn’t mean it is saccharin and only for kids. "We have 5 tugboats and over 250 films in our fleet for our sailors" says tugboat captain Latham Smith, owner of Smith Maritime of Green Cove Springs, FL. "All of them are tough, hard seamen. They watch Lithium Springs all the time, as much as any film we've got. They love it." A tough, hardened seaman in his own right, Capt Smith says, "I think it's really worthwhile. I really do." Indie filmmaking at its most basic level, Lithium Springs attempts to capture the essence of Florida at its most primitive. "The fact that we shot the film with only a three man crew made it possible for our people to slip quietly into the woods and swamps and capture a mood we feel is very unique," says producer Esther Luttrell. "And I am especially proud that people from the spiritual community, like Joe Pope of Glory to God Television in Georgia and Bishop Jesse Harris of The Lithium Springs - Press Release
Gospel News in Alabama, are embracing it also and praising it as something that is not only suitable for the whole family but that will be enjoyed by both the black and white communities alike. This is the Ocean Entertainment Group Inc of Lakeland's second feature film. It features SAG actress Rebecca Renfroe, former Oakland Raider star Henry Lawrence and newcomers Carter Lord and Nina Royal. Lord directs with Hollywood veteran Esther Luttrell as Producer. Lithium Springs is being received enthusiastically by people of all ages all across the United States. Filmed in the little-known but spectacularly-beautiful rivers, springs and swamps of Central Florida, Lithium Springs is a visual feast of natural beauty coupled with an interesting, compelling story. Over 8 years in the making, it tells the story of an offbeat adventurer and his dog Fred the Dachshund, who stumbles across the Fountain of Youth and a small treasure left by Ponce de Leon in the swamp centuries ago. Seniors, children, nature lovers, country people, city people, church people and educators alike all hail Lithium Springs as a fun and interesting experience that has brought richness to their lives and warmth to their hearts.


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