Thank you for attending the informational session, “Pharmacy and Prescription” on
UnitedHealthcare’s member site Please take a moment to complete the following steps as a take away from the session to familiarize with the site and its capabilities while it is still fresh from the session. 1. Log into From the home page, where do you click to see your prescription ________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 2. What is the name of the menu option to view your prescriptions filled? __________________________________________________________________ 3. Your doctor prescribed you a new medication. How can you find out more information __________________________________________________________________ 4. Is the pricing tool available for medications only used for mail order? 5. You would like to refill your mail order prescription online. Where on the site would you __________________________________________________________________ 6. Your physician prescribed a new medication, called Tenoretic 50. Log into the site and price this medication comparing mail order and retail. Are there less expensive options? __________________________________________________________________ 7. What is a prior authorization and how do you have this requested for your medication? __________________________________________________________________ 8. How do you grant other household members or care givers access to your prescription __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
1. Pharmacies & Prescriptions tab across blue menu bar or direct link labeled Manage 2. After clicking on Manage My Prescriptions link, hover over My Prescriptions on the blue menu bar. My Medicine Cabinet can be selected and wil list your current 3. To find out more information about a medication, click on Manage My Prescriptions from home page of You will see the welcome message. On the right side of this page, click on drug look up with the magnifying glass. Type in your 4. No, the pricing tool al ows you to compare the pricing of the medication between Optum Rx mail order service for a 90 supply or the retail pharmacy you select. If you don’t designate a pharmacy, a general estimate will be used. 5. After you log in and click on Manage My Prescriptions, you can view the calendar on the left side of the page to verify if your medication is ready for a refill. Click on the REFILL drop down arrow in the center of the page to select your medication. 6. Tenoretic is a brand name medication for a beta blocker. This is a tier 3 medication. A lower cost alternative is atenolol/chlorthalidone TAB 50 – 25 mg which is tier 1. 7. Click on Pharmacies & Prescriptions, See View Your Account and click on the access now link. OR from the home page, click on Manage My Prescriptions. Look under the Health Tools tab in the blue menu bar at the top of the page. Click When your doctor or health care provider prescribes a certain medicine, your health plan or pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) may require something called prior authorization before they will cover (pay for all or part of) your medicine. Prior authorization is a formal process that your doctor goes through. He or she must give a medical reason why they are prescribing that medication, rather than a less 8. While in the Manage My Prescriptions page, click on My Account across the top in the blue menu bar. The sub menu at the far right has Household/care giver Access. Click on that for complete instructions or watch the video.


Highlights of prescribing information

HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION (NSAID) or colchicine upon initiation of treatment) may be beneficial These HIGHLIGHTS do not include all the information needed to use ULORIC safely and effectively. See full prescribing • Cardiovascular Events: A higher rate of cardiovascular information for ULORIC. thromboembolic events was observed in patients treated with ULORIC tha

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1. BEFORE YOUR TRAVEL CONSULTATION with us you must complete as much of SECTION A of this form as you can. Section B is for our use and will be completed by your travel nurse. Please print out all three pages. 2. PLEASE BRING any vaccination history you may have to any vaccination appointments you arrange. e.g. from your GP. 3. DO NOT eat or drink for 1 hour before vaccination

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