Prayer before drinking wine on Purim – Say before every cup!
I hereby connect myself through drinking this wine, on this Purim day to all the true Tzaddikimin our generation, and to all the true Tzaddikim of previous generations, and to Mordechai andEsther, and in particular to our holy Rebbe, Tzaddik, a flowing brook of wisdom, Rebbe Nach-man ben Faige of Breslev, he should be a merit for us and all of Israel, Amen.
For the purpose of the unification of The Holy One Blessed be His Name and The Divine Pres-ence, Behold, I am hereby ready and prepared to do the will of Hashem, Blessed be His Name, tohear the words of the Sages, who commanded us to drink wine on Purim. Master of the World, it is revealed and known before You that drinking wine has within it theconcept of “with merit and without merit.” I know that I still am “without merit.” Therefore,please have mercy on me, because you are the Master of Mercy, and it should be Your willHashem my G-d and G-d of my forefathers, that I should merit through drinking this wine that Ishould “merit to do in the head” and I should always merit to be connected to the head of theJewish People and I should merit to make a rectification of my consciousness, to wisdom, to ex-panded consciousness, humility, forgiveness for my sins, and personal holiness. I should meritthrough drinking this wine to increase my memory, and to remember the actions of Amalek. Togo up to the place where everything is good, and save me from “actions without merit,” from re-stricted consciousness, from fake humility, laziness, arrogance, and from the impurity of Haman-Amalek. Let me merit through drinking this wine to “merit true joy,” and I should merit the wine ofMoshiach, and merit through this wine of Purim to feel inside tremendous joy and happiness, andthrough the joy of Purim I should merit to be happy in my entire heart, and to be happy with oth-ers. Please save me from “without merit” type of drinking and save me from complete intoxica-tion. Let me merit through drinking this wine to clarify my imagination and rectify my imagina-tion, so that my imagination becomes completely holy, and it should quickly be completelyturned over to the good. Let me merit complete emuna, and to completely believe only in YouHashem, and that there is none other, and that everything is for the good, and to know YouHashem, and to recognize Your greatness. Save me from a confused mind and imagination, andfrom the devastation of the thought process that drunkenness causes. May I merit more awe ofYour Holy Name, and to remember that everything is Your will Hashem, and I should merit joy-ous wine. I should merit through drinking this wine to awaken from my slumber both physicallyand spiritually, and guard me that I should not fall asleep physically or spiritually.
Have mercy on us that we should not be damaged by drinking this wine in our bodies or oursouls. Let us merit to subjugate, banish and nullify completely from within us the impurity ofHaman-Amalek and its terrible filth, and to erase his name and his memory from the world.
Please continue upon us the holiness of Mordechai and Esther. Let us merit to continue the joy ofPurim throughout the year, that all the time we should be happy with Hashem, Blessed be HisName, with tremendous and true joy, happiness and gladness. Let us merit the holiness and puri-ty of the Red Heifer, and purify us from the impurity of death, that we should not falter all of ourdays with any improper thoughts and we should merit complete personal holiness. Let us merittrue Passover holiness and we should not have anything to do with chametz all of Passover.
My the pleasantness of Hashem our G-d be upon us and the work of our hands should be strengthened, and the work of our hands should be strengthened.
Copyright 2012 Chut Shel Chesed Institutions, all rights reserved.
Courtesy of Breslev Israel,
and Lazer Beams,


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