Journal of Case Reports in Practice (JCRP) 2013; 1: 22
Baclofen induced psychosis in a patient with bipolar disorder
ARA HOSSEINPOOR , SEYYED MOHAMMAD MAHDY MIRHOSSEINI , REZA BIDAKI 1Medical student, Isfahan University of medical sciences, Isfahan, Iran,2Medical student, Isfahan university of medical sciences, Isfahan, Iran,3Psychiatrist, RafsanjanUniversity of medical sciences, Rafsanjan, Iran. Many drugs can cause psychiatric symptoms.
Psychiatric symptoms may ensue after treatment, The patient is a known case of bipolar disorder, this following underlying illness, or unrecognized mental time considered as mania phase. He was also a heavy disorder. Dosage escalation, drug overdoses or even smoker for 600pack/year along with 20 years history withdrawal of some drugs may also cause symptoms of opium dependency and four year history of oral such as anxiety, psychosis, delirium, agitation or drug intake. He was also on medical drugs at the depression. In this article we briefly report a moment with poor medical adherence. His past baclofen-induced psychological problem . This case medical psychiatric therapy includes trihexyphenidyl 2mg daily, lorazepam 1m/Hs, sodium valporate neuropsychiatric adverse drug reactions after starting 400mg daily, risperidone 2mg every night. Within the baclofen use in patients with a current or past history last two months, his therapy has been irregular, and of mental disorder. In rare cases, baclofen induced since the last 20 days, he only took lorazepam and mania is reported (1,2). In another series baclofen lrihexyphenidyl. He has no history of any other withdrawal led to manic manifestation (3).8 organic problem except for hypercholesterolemia.
Mania may occur during treatment, particularly in His medication at the time of admission was patients susceptible to bipolar spectrum. Drugs such halopridol 10mg IM, bipridene 5mg IM, oral as levodopa, corticosteroids and anabolic-androgenic methadone 14cc daily, cholodiazpoxide 10mg three times daily, sodium valproate 200mg twice daily. His antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors imaging including brain computerized tomography, can induce mania in patients with pre-existing bipolar EEG, and all his laboratory tests was normal. Due to disorders. Management involves discontinuation or disease flare up, seven sessions of Electroconvulsive dose reduction of the culprit drug when possible, Therapy (ECT) performed. Psychotic and mood otherwise antipsychotic drugs or lithium may be symptoms recovered completely after ECT therapy.
A 47 year old man presented with psychiatric assessment, a drug-induced mood disorder after using symptoms and mood disorder following ingestion of baclofen is proposed. It seems that psychosis and eight pills of baclofen. He was admitted with mood disorder secondary to drug effects are and insomnia, delirium, visual and auditory hallucination, more severe and potentially refractory to treatment.
persecutory delusion, spontaneous tearing, and astrong suicidal ideation. Also opposite sided REFERENCES
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Moradi hospital, Psychiatry department, Rafsanjan, Iran.
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