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Central UK
To be held at 17:00 on Wednesday 16 November 2005 at the offices of:
KPMG, 2 Cornwall Street, Birmingham B3 2DL (See website for map)

A New Approach to the audit of ‘Outsourcing’
Guest speaker: Chris Spackman, Head of Audit 3rd Parties, Barclays Internal Audit (BIA)
Barclays Bank plc, like many organisations, is extending its use of outsourcing in the delivery of key capabilities. This
is driven by increasing industry pressures on costs in the provision of retail financial services and the advantages of
using organisations specialising in non-core processes. With over half of its operational costs spent on 3rd parties, it is
almost inevitable that an IT or operations auditor in Barclays will come across a boundary with a 3rd party in the course
of auditing an end-to-end process. BIA were faced with the following challenges in providing assurance in this complex
How can we provide assurance over end-to-end processes where there are one or more suppliers involved in the supply chain? How do we provide efficient and effective assurance over the activities of suppliers where they provide different services to several parts of the business? How do we provide assurance over new deals to top management given that it is pointless commenting on the contract after the deal is done? How do we address Sarbanes-Oxley for 3rd parties?
Chris will talk about the approaches implemented within Barclays and how they have addressed these challenges. He
will also give practical information about the scope of work covered.

Chris is Head of Audit for all 3rd party arrangements for Barclays Bank globally. Chris has over 20 years of experience
of dealing with 3rd parties. Prior to joining Barclays Internal Audit in April 2004, Chris held a leading role in PwC’s
cross-industry IT outsourcing practice, specialising in advising clients on sourcing, establishing and managing
outsourcing arrangements and alliances. Chris has extensive experience of supplier and service management in both IT
and business operations. He has advised on business process and IT outsourcing; improving the performance of IT
organisations; IT strategy, planning and management; project management and the establishment of operations and joint
venture organisations. While working for American Express Bank, he managed a $450m international outsourcing
relationship with EDS. This included IT infrastructure and software development and maintenance. He also has over
eight years of internal audit experience with American Express Bank at a senior level. This was preceded by seven
years of software development, business analysis and project management.

The CISA/CISM CPE credit for this meeting will be 1 hour.
Meeting Agenda
17.00 Coffee
17.30 Guest Speaker.
18:45 Refreshments and informal networking.

Chapter meetings are free to ISACA members. ICAEW IT Faculty members may attend for a charge of £10.00. Non
members may attend these meetings for a charge of £25.00. Cheques should be made payable to ‘ISACA Central
UK Chapter’.
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