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An internet ride through the issues raised in HIC Module 1.
Occasionally featuring the second best medicine – laughter…
Your Californian Homeopath

What Obama has in store for The Sickness Business. (Article).
Michael Moore’s tongue in cheek interview with a poor UK doctor struggling to
survive in a socialised medicine system. Sicko tended to gloss over the fact that
an astronomical rise in costs means that the National Health Service in the UK
and other socialised medicine systems around the world are also struggling.
(Video). US healthcare costs as a proportion of
GDP.(Article). The Sickness Business.

The elephant in the room. A comprehensive look at Big Pharma profits, how
much they spend on marketing and how little they spend on research. It also
looks at how drug companies disingenuously recycle old drugs under new
names. (Article).
Confession of a prescription drug pusher (Video)
and another one! A new movie based on the real life experiences of another
drug rep. (Movie trailer)
Drug companies invent new diseases all the time – now you can, too, in the
comfort of your own home! (Game)☺
but people may be starting to notice something is up! ☺ ***** (Video - colorful
language alert)
an attempt to add up all the deaths caused by medical treatments and
interventions. (Article) more on iatrogenic deaths. (Article)
Why the War on Cancer is a failure. (Book review)
A different perspective on Cancer (Audio of a radio show)
My favourite novel on the subject of Cancer, majoring in the interconnectedness
of all things. (Book review)
THE INTERNET – NOW THE PUBLIC GETS TO COMPARE NOTES internet sites, such as this one, provide
centralised points for people to share stories about vaccine damage and a whole
host of other adverse reactions to pharmaceutical products.
The stories are often remarkably similar as you will see if you visit others, for
significance-for-families.htm A mother discovers homeopathy for autistic son
X=HPV4 An attempt to stress to the public and their doctors the importance of
sharing info on adverse vaccine reactions Meanwhile
drug companies are often “economical with the truth”! (Article)
Neither the government or the pharmaceutical companies can afford to
acknowledge widespread vaccine related conditions such as autism. The policy
is denial.

If the current medical system was highly effective and popular would it need to be
enforced, occasionally at gun point?
One of the most disturbing things about the US is that only a handful of States
have health freedom (Minnesota, Rhode Island, California and Massachusetts),
making it hard in some instances to refuse to have your child vaccinated. this and other issues
prompted me to write this article “Big brother is bad for your health”. (Article)
Codex Alimentarius is a huge threat to health freedom – it only got a very brief
mention from me, but it is very important, so here is much more about what it
means for all of us in the documentary “We become
silent”: (Video)

Some activists are trying to put forward a complete rethink of the whole
healthcare system. I mentioned this particular idea during the lecture. All
catastrophic incidents are covered and you receive $350 per person per month
credit to spend on healthcare. If you like this approach there is a petition that
goes with it, currently getting a lot of attention: (Plan and petition) is a free e-book that shows how to lower your
healthcare insurance costs now and use the money you save to take a more
holistic approach to your own health. (Free e-book)

CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH – A LOTTERY? nobody really knows how and
why the world’s oldest and most used drug works, but it’s not by getting to the
root of the problem. (Article),2933,340888,00.html Pfizer’s biggest money
spinner came about by accident. (Article)
The motto is “If at first you don’t succeed…”.Drug companies are always happy
to repackage a drug that fails to help a particular condition effectively by
marketing one of its other unanticipated effects. As with Duloxetine an
antidepressant that dries up tear ducts (one way to stop all that weeping!) and
bladders and others such as… (Article)

Whilst the sceptics continue to attack homeopathy because of the absence of
molecules the public remain keen, having experienced the benefits. Empirical
evidence … (Article)
Anyone feeling a bit 19th century who wants to get up to speed with quantum
realities and their many implications might enjoy:
(Book review)
We are also happy to let you have this great Inner Health lecture as a bonus:
“How Homeopathy Works” with Dr.James Oschman. Dr.James Oschman, Ph.D., is the author of a ground-breaking series of articles
on "healing energy" published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement
Therapies. These articles have subsequently been developed into a book,
“Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” which provides the most skeptical
academic scientists with a theoretical basis for exploring the physiology and
biophysics of energy medicines. Dr.Oschman's latest book, “Energy Medicine in
Therapeutics and Human Performance”, continues this research and exploration.
Supporting his work, Dr.Oschman has degrees in Biophysics and Biology from
the University of Pittsburgh. He has worked in major research labs around the
world. These include Cambridge University in England, Case-Western Reserve
University in Cleveland, Ohio, the University of Copenhagen, Northwestern
University in Evanston, Illinois, where he was on the faculty, and the Marine
Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, where he served as a staff scientist.
Dr. Oschman is also one of the founding board members of the Scientific
Advisory Board for the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine in
Washington, DC.
Dr. Oschman will share his views and research on energy medicine and
All of the stories below are examples of “outside in” medicine. Symptoms are not
seen as a healthy attempt by the body to expel internal dis-ease, but rather
symptoms (or groups of symptoms) are given Latin labels and are mistakenly
treated as if they were the disease.
For example, Lumbago: lumb = lumbar region / ago = ache
Idiopathic thrombocytopaenia pupura: Idiopathic = unknown suffering where the
thrombocytes are lacking causing the skin to discolor (purple)
This faulty thinking leads to the idea that symptoms (not the underlying cause of
them) need to be eradicated at any price. The symptoms are then eradicated by
stopping the expression of them and pushing them back in, leading to deeper
and deeper levels of sickness.

(Prozac, Paxil etc)
Insulin blindness (Article)

Anti inflammatories the treatment was a success but the
patients died…(Article)
Acne,2933,500685,00.html (Articles)
HPV vaccine (video report) (video of victim)


For those of you who don’t know the Direction of Cure thoroughly please be sure
to visit this very detailed link. (Article)
Here is Melissa’s client Lilian talking about her illness in a radio interview ( you
will need to scroll down to reach the link). Lilian has a very clear sense of when
she is getting better and worse. Listen to this with the Direction of Cure in mind: (Audio of radio interview)
Here is Melissa’s Sea anemone proving. It is the first proving to highlight Sensation and Source information in rubric form. MUCH MORE FREE READING
The internet is a wonderfully rich resource and homeopaths as a profession share stuff very freely – be sure to give your favorite finds a mention on the forum so we can all enjoy them. Here is a generous source of completely free books. SO MUCH TO LEARN, SO LITTLE TIME?
One of the questions Melissa and I are often asked is which bits of the course are optional and which bits “have to be done”. Since you are all motivated adults we don’t see the need for any kind of enforcement. Generally speaking the Surfing guide is for your pleasure and interest. You can follow up on as much or as little as you want to, but do look out for areas where you feel you have a gap in your knowledge and look into those now, whilst you have access to the forum and the live call and can ask us questions. If something is very important, we will usually stress that during our lecture and it will come under the heading HOMEPLAY. Have a great week. Mary Mary Aspinwall,


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Research Lacking on Drugs for Older Children With Autism, Study Finds Majority seem to be 'taking medications we have very little evidence for,' doctor says By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Sept. 24 (HealthDay News) -- More and more children are growing up with autism, and although many treatments and interventions are now available, clinical studies on the use of me

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