Abtei Frauenwörth, Chiemsee, 20.-22.5.2012 First IKP-Retreat on Fraueninsel, Chiemsee
From Sunday, 20th to Tuesday, 22nd of May 2012 we came together at the “Abtei Frauenwörth im Chiemsee” to held the first IKP-Retreat. In total 44 scientists and students currently working at IKP or RBK and five IKP “alumni”, who had spent part of their scientific life or education at the IKP, participated to experience the quietness of the beautiful The starting session on Sunday evening was dedicated to our five alumni, now in either academic or industrial positions, who vividly presented their professional and personal experiences since they left the IKP. On the following two days a quite tightly structured brainstorming event took place where we presented and discussed new ideas, both about current projects and entirely new projects. In breaks between the sessions we enjoyed meals at the Klosterwirt, discussions with coffee, or walks around the little island. After the sessions we gathered in the awesome “Catacombs” to party and to elucidate our champion (Stefan Winter) in a great quiz. As a memory of our retreat, this booklet contains all abstracts presented, as well as a collection of photos taken during the event. Finally I would like to thank all persons who made this event come true: Matthias Schwab, for suggesting the venue and for taking financial responsibility; Christina Justenhoven for her enthusiastic support throughout the entire preparation phase; Susi Verhagen and Ursula Hengemühle for secretarial support; Bernd Borstel for graphics and computer support; the session chairs for their passionate engagement in preparing and organizing the sessions; our five alumni Alexandra Eckhoff, Elke Kleideiter, Christoph Ritter, and Monica Istrate and Matjaz Rokavec for sharing their “life after IKP” experiences; last not least all participants, who contributed with their abstracts, ideas and discussions - and finally our two quizmasters Benny and Marcus for the grandiose quiz on Monday evening. I sincerely hope that this first IKP-Retreat marks the start of a long series of similarly successful and enjoyable events, and that they may become an integral part of the scientific SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM
Monday morning, session 1: 9:00 – 10:20 am
Metabolism – from fundamentals to clinic and back
Kathrin Klein - PGRMC – helping hand or what else?
Pilar Saladores – The potential role of CYP3A5 in combined endocrine and
chemotherapy drug treatment outcome of premenopausal breast cancer patients  Maria Thomas – Humanized mouse models: suitable tool to study regulation of drug
Werner Schroth – The role of fatty acid synthase FAS and PPARa on breast cancer
Mirjam Kasel – Neuropsychiatric side effects of mefloquine – enantiomer related or
caused by the inactive believed metabolite?  Jana Precht – Effects of long-term estrogen suppression by AI therapy
Satoko Hirobe-Jahn – Is chocolate only a sin for Germans?
Monday morning, session 2: 10:40 – 11:50 am
Fulfilling Margarete’s desire: Identifying therapeutic strategies
Chairs: Wing-Yee Lo and Björn Schröder  Matthias Gutekunst – Elevating NOXA protein levels to sensitize tumor cells
Björn Schröder - A Tale of a Tail: The Carboxy-Terminus of hBD-1 as a Novel
Robert Küchler – Characterization of the antimicrobial activity of HMBG2
Benjamin Kandel - From plant to pill: Developing a stable, non-inducing TRPC6
Monday evening, session 3: 3:30 – 4:30 pm
Biomarker studies - discovery strategies & advances in data generation

Chairs: Werner Schroth and Thomas Mürdter  Christina Justenhoven - Expression of Known Breast Cancer Genes May Be
Impacts Subtypes of Breast Tumors Jörg Latus - Fibroblast-like-cells in encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis
Tarek Mohamed - Pharmacogenomics of 5-Fluorouracil
Annette Staiger - Gene expression profiling using the NanoString nCounter-
Kim Gruber - Analysis of copy number variations by using the nCounter Custom CNV
Monday evening, session 4: 4:50 – 5:45 pm
Novel methods: From molecule to animal
Joanna Achinger - Identification of suitable endogenous control is a critical step for
microRNA expression analyses in human breast cancer tissues.  Rudolf Arlanov - Functional Characterization of Human Promoter Regions by a
Kristin Steuer - Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis: Using a novel in vitro model for
Lioba Courth - Organoids: mini-gut in cell culture
Anne Nies - Novel imaging techniques in drug transporter research
Tuesday morning, session 5. 8:50 – 10:15 am
Gene regulation – from nuclear actions to inter-organ communication
Chairs: Oliver Burk and Christina Justenhoven  Pascale Fisel - Overcoming the obstacles of DNA methylation analysis of laser-
Ofure Obazee - The role of HSD17B1 in hormone-therapy related breast cancer: An
Roman Tremmel - Is DNA-methylation a dosage-compensation mechanism in case
Barbara van Eijck - Histone modifications at bile salt transporter genes
Jessica Rieger - RNAi in combination with over expression as a tool to knock-down
Oliver Burk - Profiling of ligand-dependent interactions of xenosensors PXR and
Marcus Klein - Linking the inflammatory IL-6 signalling pathway to drug response:
Janus kinases (Jaks) and Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs), anything else?  Andreas Bitter - The link between intestinal microbiota, hepatic PXR and NAFLD
Tuesday morning, session 6: 10:35 – 11:50 am

Omics and beyond

Ute Hofmann - Transportomics – Speeding up transporter substrate screening by a
Thomas Lang - Synonymous SNPs in ABC-drug transporters: Should We Care
Reiner Hoppe - miRNA profiles of triple negative breast cancer: Scopes of Mission
Target ID Library to screen for miRNA targets on a genome-wide level Wing-Yee Lo - What is iCOGS?
Thomas Mürdter - Estrogenomics of Breast Cancer
Stefan Winter – Establishing & sharing knowledge of public available software tools
Uli Zanger - Next-Generation-Pharmacogenomics: how to stay on top of the next

Source: http://www.ikp-stuttgart.de/content/language1/downloads/Topic_1.pdf


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