MPhil Dissertations 
Name of Scholar, year of study 
Women’s employment and well-being 10  Gender and displacement in India with special Antara Sanyal, 2006-08
emphasis on the women displaced by Ganga Priyanka Dutta, 2006-08
Inequality in health status across population 11  The intrinsic value of education and its social sub-groups: A study of West Bengal Aparajita Dasgupta, 2006-08
Sudarsana Sarkar, 2006-08
Decentralization and health care: A case study 12  Feminist utopia and human Development Sukla Chatterjee, 2006-08
Arpita Lahiri, 2006-08
Trade and Development in India since 1990:A 13  Measurement and correlates of women’s study with reference to manufacturing empowerment in West Bengal Suparna Pal , 2006-08
Debaleena Bhattacharya, 2006-08
Panchayat in local print media: A case study 14  Life after partition: Refugee women’s struggle Dipanwita Mallick, 2006-08
Suranjana Ganguly, 2006-08
Muslim women and unequal Citizenship 15  Export trends in fruits and vegetables in India Esita Sur, 2006-08
Ushree Sengupta, 2006-08
# Uttam Bhattacharya
Experience of violence of adolescent boys in 16  Use of drugs: An exploration through Kolkata : its implications for health prescription analysis in Malda district Jaydeep Sengupta, 2006-08
Ashis Kumar Mandal , 2007-09
Women’s right to health: Some explorations in 17  Emergent changes in leisure activities of urban youth as a fallout of internet use Parama Ukil , 2006-08
Barnali Ray, 2007-09
Intra-household resource allocation bias in 18  Economic growth and environmental responsiveness: A cross country investigation Poulomi Lahiri, 2006-08
Chandan Naskar, 2007-09
19  Understanding social-psychological condition: 28  h¢qÑSN−a Bp¡ h¡P¡¢m j¤pmj¡e j¢qm¡−cl i¨¢jL¡ Some reflections on elderly in a municipal area Khadija Khatun, 2008-10
Enakshi Dasgupta, 2007-09
20  Performance of the oil companies and 29  An analysis of foreign direct investment and economic growth in India in contrast to the Haimanti Banerjee, 2007-09
experience of some East-Asian countries Koeli Sarkar, 2008-10
21  Rights and capabilities in the context of scheduled tribes and other traditional forest 2008-09 : A study with reference to selected dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights Act Kumkum Mandal, 2008-10
Jayati Mal, 2007-09
22  Micro-finance and women: A comparative 31  Understanding the consequences of land study of SHG-bank linkage model and MFI- acquisition on occupation and education bank linkage model in a select region of West among neighbouring families: A case study Panchali Bhattacharya, 2007-09
Nabanita Guha, 2008-10
23  Barriers to elementary education faced by 32  Role of ICDS in urban slums of Kolkata children of unorganized sector’s workers in Tanusree Das, 2008-10
Rukmini Thapa, 2007-09
24  Child under-nutrition in India: Its 33  Handloom Industry of West Bengal : A study Simantini Halder, 2007-09
Abhik Sinha Roy, 2009-11
25  A study of Saadat Hasan Manto’s creativity 34  Parents and Pubescent Sons and Daughters : Aditi Guha Thakurta, 2008-10
Moumita Ghosh, 2009-11
26  Joint forest management in Sunderban 1970- 35  Tourism as Development : A Study with reference to Bishnupur, West Bengal Barun Mondal, 2008-10
Pranab Maji, 2009-11
27  Agricultural Insurance in West Bengal: A 36  The Educational Condition of Muslim Girl Child study with reference to selected villages under Elementary Facility of Primary and Upper Debisree Banerjee, 2008-10
Primary Education in Rural West Bengal : A Case Sabina Yasmin, 2009-11
# Md. Zakaria Siddiqui
Prasanta Ray 
37  UNI as News Agency in the 21st Century : An 44  Imaging Development Communication: Analysis Samrat Banerjee, 2009-11
Indrani Chakrabarti, 2010-12
38  Bio-social Consequences of Arsenic Toxicity: 45  Labour Market Dynamics and Social Security – Subhajit Das Sharma, 2009-11
Joyita Roy Chowdhury, 2010-12
39  Effects of the Trade Policy Change on Capital 46  Economic Development and Migration in West Structure : An Analysis of the Indian Textile Bengal : Characteristics and Pattern (1991- Abhinab Ghosh, 2010-12
Manasi Bera, 2010-12
40  Constraints on Elementary Education of Girls 47  Child Immunization in West Bengal: from Disadvantaged Groups: A Case Study of Understanding the Effects of Demographic and Kumrakhali Village -South 24 Parganas Anima Mali, 2010-12
Sarajit Ankura, 2010-12
41  Exploring the Lives of Working Children 48  Exploring the Dynamics in Community Based Living on Streets: A Study of Kolkata City Water Resource Management : A Study of Anwesha Paul (Das), 2010-12
Mathurapur I & II Blocks of West Bengal Satabdi Datta, 2010-12
42  Does Trade Affect Environmental Emission : 49  Gender Based Wage Difference in Indian An Econometric study with Special Reference Shiney Chakraborty, 2010-12
Devleena Majumdar, 2010-12
43  Contract Farming: A Study with Reference to West Bengal Agriculture
Himanshu Narayan Prasad, 2010-12
# Gorky Chakraborty
Clinical Trials and Regulatory Systems in Consumer Expenditure Pattern in West Bengal: Some Distinctive Aspects of Consumers Ankita Chakravarty, 2011-13
Dyuti Sinha, 2011-13
“The Nowhere Children” - Exploring the Exploring Rapid Urbanizing Trends in Kolkata: Impact of Child Trafficking on Children Dipparna Jana, 2011-13
Joy Karmakar, 2011-13
Understanding Right To Food Through An Inquiry into the Standard of Living: Role of Public Expenditure Versus Private Income Madhuparna Srivastava , 2011-13
Supriya Dutta, 2011-13
Presenting "Self" on the Virtual Realm Knowledge Economy: A Study of Standard Shreya Bhattacharya, 2011-13
Work, Non-standard Jobs and Flexible Work Swarita De, 2011-13
# Debdas Banerjee
Global Financial Crisis and Indian Economy: An Empirical Investigation with Textiles and
IT-enabled Services
Sucheta Sardar, 2011-13
# Debdas Banerjee 


Nl 4th and 5th-09

Newsletter No 4 and 5/2009 (July and September 2009) 1. The pathophysiology of endometriosis and adenomyosis: tissue injury and repair. The influence of peritoneal endometriotic lesions on the generation of endometriosis-related pain and pain reduction after surgical excision. Persistence of dysmenorrhea and nonmenstrual pain after optimal endometriosis surgery may indicate adenomyosis Diagnos

Scottish Paediatric & Adult Haemoglobinopathy Managed Clinical Network Information about Hydroxycarbamide (Hydroxyurea) in Sickle Cell Disease What is hydroxycarbamide? Hydroxycarbamide is a drug which we use to treat a variety of blood and bone marrow diseases, including sickle cell disease. Hydroxycarbamide comes either as a capsule or a tablet which you swallow. You usually

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