Obstructive sleep apnoea information sheet

There are many simple changes in your day to day life, which may improve your sleep apnoea, reduce your snoring andmake you feel less sleepy and more active during the day.
Lose weight
We recognise that this is not easy and you have probably tried many different diets. Try following the simple rules below:• Write out a list of the foods that you are going to avoid – remember to be realistic. If you set your goals too high, failure is more likely. If going to the football and having a meat pie is an essential part of your life, then don’t tryto stop that.
• Stick to three good meals each day. Try not to snack between meals. • Drink plenty of water• Avoid anything that has been cooked in oil or butter• Avoid processed foods such as salami and takeaway fast foods such as Macdonald’s.
• Substitute margarine or butter in sandwiches for low fat cottage cheese.
• Have your main meal in the middle of the day, with a smaller meal in the evening.
Exercise should be brisk walking, at least 5 times each week and for at least 30 minutes each time.
Sleep on your side
Studies have shown that sleep apnoea events are improved by sleeping on your side. Try to sleep on your sidewhenever you are asleep. Reduce alcohol intake
Alcohol is known to make sleep apnoea worse. Therefore avoid any alcohol for at least 4 hours before going to bed.
Get enough sleep
Everyone needs at least 8 hours sleep every night. You may think that you are performing well with less, but you willperform better during the day if you have the amount of sleep that your body really needs.
Establish a sleep routine
Let your body know when it is time to start “switching off” and getting ready for sleep. Have a calm routine for thehalf hour before you go to bed that you follow every night. For example, sit quietly and read for 15 minutes, brushteeth, check on the children, change into nightclothes, go to bed. Do not watch television in bed, your body shouldbecome accustomed to using bed only for sleeping.
You cannot expect to be partying one minute and be asleep the next.
Sleeping tablets
Try not to take any sleeping tablets or other sedatives, if you can possibly avoid them.
Nose Blockage
If your nose is blocked and you find it difficult to breathe through both sides, see your doctor for treatment advice.
Nicotine is a stimulant, therefore you should avoid smoking for at least ½ hour before going to bed.
Caffeine is a stimulant, therefore you should avoid all caffeine-containing drinks and foods for 1 hour prior to going tobed. This includes tea, coffee and cola drinks.
Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Sleep Disorders Unit
Austin Health
Phone contact: 9496 3508
9496 3688

Source: http://www.ibas.org.au/html/pdf/Lifestyle%20and%20OSA%20Information%20Sheet.pdf

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