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This website is property of Hydropompe s.r.l., via Cima I Prà, 40/D - 32014 Ponte nelle Alpi (BL), tax code and VAT nr. 00078330255. The following terms of condition and privacy policy regulate access and use of the website. Particular regulation applies to specific content, data, material or information on the website or uploaded and published by users on the website. If specified, it prevails on this terms of condition. 1. ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS OF CONDITION AND PRIVACY POLICY
By using this website, the user accepts the terms of condition and privacy policy. If the user does not accept the terms and privacy policy, he is not authorized to access and use the website. 2. CHANGE OF THE TERMS OF CONDITION AND PRIVACY POLICY
Hydropompe s.r.l. reserves the right to change this privacy policy at its discretion, without prior notice. The continued use of the services on the website following the posting of changes to these terms means automatic acceptance of those changes. Please review the terms of condition and privacy policy on a regular basis to make sure you have read the latest version. Possibly other websites of Hydropompe s.r.l. may have a different terms and privacy policy, applied to those. In addition, Hydropompe s.r.l. reserves the right to limit, suspend or deny the access to the website by any user. 3. PRIVACY POLICY (INFORMATION ACCORDING TO THE LAW DECREE 196/2003)
The privacy of the personal information is important to Hydropompe s.r.l. Hydropompe s.r.l. collects exclusively information and personal data which are necessary to process users’ service requests. Hydropompe s.r.l. will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless the user has consented to such disclosure. For the purpose of the data protection, the data controller is Hydropompe s.r.l. Hydropompe s.r.l. will only disclose personal information internally and to third parties associated with it. The data will be handled by hardcopy or by computer system according to the law decree 196/2003. The personal information may be used for the following purposes: Respond to the users’ inquiries and fulfill his requests as to participate to contests, lotteries or promotions. In referring to cookies, to access to a personalized profile of the website; If approved, send promotional messages, advertising and other marketing communications. To access to some services or to participate to contests, lotteries or promotions (as described in point I.), the user must register. Registration is free. Additional acceptance – as for ‘cookies’, ‘web beacon’, ‘pixel tag’ and ‘click-through URL’, is for sending promotional messages, advertising and other marketing communications (as described in point II.). This acceptance is free as well. ‘Click-through URL’ system may be used to collect important information in order to send messages which may be interesting for the user. Collected cookies may be communicated to third parties for advertising and marketing purposes. The non-acceptance of the use of personal data for the purposes described in point II. does not block the possibility to access to the other services of the website. Personal data may be communicated to third parties just for the accepted purposes. Third parties may be localized outside the European Union, but must observe the privacy of personal data. The transmission of personal data will be handled according to the law. According to the law, the user has the right to: (I.) obtain access to his personal data; (II.) update, correct or adjust personal data; (III.) delete it; (IV.) refuse for legitimate reasons the use of it; (V.) refuse the use of personal data for the purpose of distributing advertising material or direct sales, for market surveys or trade communications. For above mentioned reasons or to ask further information about privacy policy please write an e-mail to [email protected] 4. COLLECTION AND USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION
We do automatically track information about IP address, type of browser, language, time and date of access, operating system and internet service provider. Hydropompe s.r.l. may use this information to individually customize 5. PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES
Personal data is requested to participate to contests, lotteries or other promotions. 6. LINKS TO EXTERNAL WEBSITES
The website may have links to other websites of Hydropompe s.r.l., of its sellers, authorized workshops, member firms or social networks. Hydropompe s.r.l. is not responsible for any use of users’ personal data provided to third party applications or websites. We recommend to review the privacy policy of any third party applications Moreover, Hydropompe s.r.l. takes no responsibility or liability for the content of third party websites linked on the website by link. 7. RESPONSIBILITY
ALL INFORMATION (AS TEXT, IMAGES, GRAPHIC ELEMENTS, LINKS AND OTHER MATERIAL), ON THIS WEBSITE IS “AS AVAILABLE”. HYDROPOMPE S.R.L. AND ASSOCIATED COMPANIES, PARTNERS AND SERVICE PROVIDERS EXCLUDE EVERY DECLARATION OR WARRANTY IN RELATION TO THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE WEBSITE AND ITS CONTENT. They are even not responsible that: (i) the website meets the needs of the user, (ii) it runs correctly, fast and without errors or (iii) that the obtained results (as information and material) are correct, complete, accurate and meet the users’ needs. This is a public website: uploaded user-contents are not confidential. The user is asked not to send reserved information. Hydropompe s.r.l. and associated companies, partners and service providers take no responsibility for disconnected or omitted internet, web or hosting services and cannot guarantee that sent communications are free of viruses or other dangerous elements. The user takes responsibility for the download and other operations on the website, and for possible damages on his operating system or loss of data. 8. REGISTRATION
To obtain specific services or to visit portions of the website, the user is asked to register as a contributor. On the registration screen, the user is asked to provide nickname, password and a valid e-mail address. Already used nicknames or e-mail addresses are not allowed. Hydropompe s.r.l. will send a confermation-e-mail with the registration data. If not received, the access and use of reserved areas may be denied or suspended. The user must update his registration to be always actual. The user takes full responsibility to guarantee the reservation of his password. Hydropompe s.r.l. has the right to modify one users’ nickname, to cancel uploaded user-contents from the website or to decline or cancel the registration of obscene, indecent or vulgar nicknames. The user must limit the access to his computer or computers and takes full responsibility for activities from his account. Hydropompe s.r.l. must be immediately informed by e-mail if the user suspects non-authorized behaviors from his account. Hydropompe s.r.l. is authorized to block the registration of one user to specific e-mail services or internet service providers. 9. UPLOAD OF USER-CONTENTS
The user guarantees for uploaded user-contents to be appropriate, constructive, relevant and not against the law. The user-contents cannot (1) have illegal or libelous elements or be offensive for other persons or things, (2) be damaging or libelous for persons or organizations, (3) abuse any persons’ right (inclusive privacy and advertising policy), (4) be pornographic, obscene, offensive, vulgar, indecent or intimidating, (5) have disputable cultural and ethnic character or (6) encourage or inspire any illegal activity. The user will not upload user-content containing viruses or other damaging elements. The user is not authorized to send chain letters, pyramid-graphs, polls or requests through the website, to falsify headings or manipulate identification elements or data to hide the origin of uploaded user-contents and to hide his presence on the website. In addition, the user keeps from interfere or sabotage the websites, servers and networks of Hydropompe s.r.l. and from undertake initiatives which may damage the firm. The user asserts, declares and guarantees that the uploaded user-contents do not violate any rights concerning property (included third party ones), copyright, registered trademarks or patents or privacy. The user accepts that his ideas, contributions, discussions or other uploaded user-contents, which are not protected by intellectual property rights, may be used by any other user without recognition or reward. The user allows Hydropompe s.r.l. and its partners an irrevocable, royalty-free, not-exclusive, sub-patentable, transferable global license to use, reproduce, create derived works, share, use or expose publicly, send and publish uploaded user-contents on any other Hydropompe s.r.l. website, in marketing material or for public relations of the firm through any instrument. The user takes exclusive responsibility of uploaded user-contents and the possible consequences determined from their upload, transmission or publication. Hydropompe s.r.l. reserves the right to, without any obligation regarding it, examine and control user-contents before and after their transmission. Nevertheless, the user must acknowledge the impossibility for Hydropompe s.r.l. to verify and control all user-contents. Hydropompe s.r.l. and partners take no responsibility in regards to accuracy, completeness, quality or validity of user-contents uploaded by third parties on the websites. Hydropompe s.r.l. does not support any user-content or opinion, advice or recommendation contained in it and does not take responsibility for it. Hydropompe s.r.l. reserves the exclusive right and discretion to modify or remove, for any reason and in any moment, without notice or authorization need and at his own discretion, messages or any other questionable or improper user-content adverse to the privacy policy. Users are invited to contact immediately Hydropompe s.r.l. by e-mail ([email protected]) if they see questionable or improper user-contents. In case of communications concerning questionable or improper user-contents, Hydropompe s.r.l. will take the necessary actions as soon as possible; this process is not automatic, therefore the immediate elimination or modification of this user-contents is not possible. 10. RESPONSIBILITY LIMIT
Hydropompe s.r.l. does not take any responsibility in regards to contents of any third party website connected to the website by hyperlink, independently if this hyperlink has been given by the website or by a third party in accordance with the privacy policy. The possible appearance on the website of Hydropompe s.r.l of links to other websites does not entail the endorsement of them, nor a judgment or guarantee regarding precision, rapidity or suitability of the content of this websites. Any downloadable software from the website is licensed upon the license agreement conditions. Except license agreement conditions, the use of the software is exclusively allowed to final users and any duplication, reproduction or redistribution are expressively prohibited. Possible guarantees of the software are valid exclusively in the limits of the license agreement. Hydropompe s.r.l. denies expressly any further declaration and guarantee, included saleability and suitability guarantee to a particular aim. 12. COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARKS
Copyright and all other property rights regarding the contents supplied by Hydropompe s.r.l. and its affiliates, partner companies, the used software for the management and publication of the website, the compilation of data on the website and the order, sequence and schedule of the website, are property of Hydropompe s.r.l. and its partners. All rights on the contents not expressively accorded by the terms of condition, are reserved. Hydropompe s.r.l. and all other registered trademarks of Hydropompe s.r.l. and its partners represent important resources. The correct use of this trademarks is important and the user must comply with the guidelines of Hydropompe s.r.l. when referred to company products or services. See further information on this terms of condition. The use and registration of the name Hydropompe s.r.l. are reserved. The user is not authorized to register or use of business names, commercial names, domains or other names, indications or descriptions which include the name Hydropompe s.r.l. or similar or any other name which consist in part of the name of Hydropompe s.r.l. or other registered trademarks of the Hydropompe s.r.l. 13. RIGHT TO PROPERTY OF THE WEBSITE
This website is public and any uploaded or sent information will not be considered reserved. The user acknowledges that the presentation of any invention included in the uploaded user-contents corresponds to the publication of it, according to the patent law. Moreover, the user acknowledges that the uploaded user-contents may be patented or matter of copyright, trademark or property right of Hydropompe s.r.l. and partners. If the user wants to take advantage of any idea, submission, suggestion, solution or other user-contents on the website, he must first obtain the authorization in compliance with the property right. 14. ALLOWANCE AND EXCLUSION OF RESPONSIBILITY
The user agrees to keep Hydropompe s.r.l. and its partners, license givers, sellers and their executives, chief officers, employee, stockholders, legal representatives, agents, successors and assignees unscratched and to relieve of all responsibility for damages, charges and costs (included legal costs and fees) derived from publication, content, transmission of any message, information, material or other uploaded user-content on the For complaints or legal actions regarding messages or uploaded user-contents, Hydropompe s.r.l. reserves the right to disclose the identity of the user and any other information about him in possession. In case of controversies with other users, the user relieves Hydropompe s.r.l. and its partners, license givers, sellers and their executives, chief officers, employees, stockholders, legal representatives, agents, successors and assignees from every responsibility of complaints, assertions or damages associated or connected to those controversies. 15. CLOSURE OF THE WEBSITE
Hydropompe s.r.l. reserves the exclusive right to close totally or partially the website, in every moment, for every reason and without any notice or necessity of authorization. Hydropompe s.r.l. takes no responsibility for the storage or elimination of any content or uploaded user-content on the website. 16. HYDROPOMPE S.R.L. PRODUCTS
The website may content references to specific Hydropompe s.r.l. products and services which may not be immediately available in some states. This references do not imply or guarantee the availability in any moment of these products or services in some states. Further information at local Hydropompe s.r.l. organizations. 17. RETRACTION
The non-exertion of any right included in this terms of condition does not imply a retraction of any right of Hydropompe s.r.l. Nor the receiving of payments from the Hydropompe s.r.l., nor the trusting from any person on the actions of Hydropompe s.r.l. imply retraction from any clause of the present terms of condition. Only a specific written retraction, signed by an authorized representative of Hydropompe s.r.l., will have legal validity.


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