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Microsoft word - letter to parents re swine flu 240909 headed.doc

24th September 2009 Dear Parents It appears that one of our Upper Sixth Form pupils may have contracted Swine Flu. He was in School on Monday, but went home that evening feeling unwell. Subsequently, he has developed a headache, cough and high fever. The Swine Flu Helpline has been contacted, who have suggested that he may have Swine Flu. Whether this is Swine Flu or not, I thought it would be helpful to write to parents concerning our plan should we experience an outbreak of Swine Flu within the School community: • The College will remain open and fully operational until further notice • Any weekly or flexi boarders who are taken ill will be sent home (unless this is impractical) • Any day pupils displaying any flu-like symptoms should be kept at home until these symptoms have completely disappeared and, as far as possible, not mix with others • Any of our boarding students from overseas who are taken ill will be looked after at the College if it is not possible for them to stay with their guardians. As far as sports fixtures are concerned, we will be advising all schools that are planning to visit us that we may have Swine Flu, and they will then decide if they want to send teams to Hurst. We will keep you updated on developments regarding sports fixtures, but I would also ask if you could look at the College
website: and make use of our fixtures lines:
Boys’ Match Information 01273 836969
Girls’ Match Information 01273 836967
There is no intention, at this stage, to cancel any plays, concerts, or similar, though this will constantly be
Regarding the treatment of pupils falling ill, our medical adviser has recommended that Tamiflu should not
be prescribed, as the current thinking is that the benefit for children with relatively strong immune systems
is heavily outweighed by some of the side effects. Our medical adviser has re-confirmed that there is
absolutely no point in giving Tamiflu in advance of symptoms being displayed. He also stressed that there
is no need for panic! I am, however, advised that should your child have a weakened immune system for
any reason, then you should contact your doctor or the Swine Flu Information Line (0800 1 513 513) if it
is found that they have been in close proximity to an individual who has contracted Swine Flu. At this stage, the advice which I am receiving indicates that this group is the most vulnerable. Do, please, also let the Medical Centre know if your child is in this category ( It is important to point out that most people who have swine flu make a quick recovery at home. However, you should do what you can to prevent the infection from being spread to others by ensuring your family take some simple precautions: From the Headmaster: Tim Manly BA MSc
West Sussex BN6 9JS Hurstpierpoint College is a Woodard School ƒ Covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, using a tissue when possible. ƒ Disposing of dirty tissues promptly and carefully. ƒ Washing your hands frequently with soap and water to reduce the spread of the virus from your ƒ Cleaning hard surfaces (such as door handles) frequently using a normal cleaning product. ƒ Making sure your children follow this advice. We are hoping to be able to manage our way through this situation with the minimum of disruption to your children’s lives at Hurst, and we will update you with any significant developments as and when they arise. Please do contact me, your child’s Housemaster or Housemistress (in the Senior School), Heather Beeby (Prep), Michele Finnegan (Pre-Prep), or the Medical Centre if you have any concerns about this letter or want to discuss its contents further. Yours sincerely,
PS If you would like further advice please contact either the National Pandemic Flu Service on 0800 1 513
100, NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or visit the HPA website (, which includes advice
for parents and carers of children:

Do they have a high temperature (38°C or above) and two or more of the following symptoms? Please take your child homeand contact either: The National Pandemic Flu 0800 1 513 100/Minicom: 0800 1 513 200 OR your GP if• Your child is under 12 months old • Your child has underlying health problems• Their condition is still getting worse after five days• Their condition suddenly gets much worse at any time Swine flu is generally mild and most people recover at home. For more information on swine flu visit or


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