Michelle evelyn garceau

Princeton University

PhD, History Department, Medieval European History under Professor William Chester
“God and His Saints in Medieval Catalunya: A Social History” Committee: W. C. Jordan, Peter Brown (Princeton), Ronald Surtz (Princeton), Hussein Fancy (University of Michigan) Master of Arts, History Department
Major Field: Europe in the High Middle Ages with William C. Jordan, Princeton Minor Field: Medieval Medicine, c.200-1600AD with Nancy Siraisi, SUNY Minor Field: Late Antiquity with Peter Brown, Princeton
University College, London
Master of Arts, History Department
Awarded with honors under David d‟Avray, University College, London Thesis: “Fear of a „Public Sphere‟: The Trial Records of Francis Baiuli in MS Add Nominee for the Gay Clifford Award for Outstanding Women Students at University
Washington University in St. Louis

Bachelor of Arts, History (major), Latin and Text & Tradition (minors)
Summa cum laude J. Walter Goldstein Prize for Outstanding Senior Thesis in the History Honors
Professional Experience

August 2009-present College of Charleston, Assistant Professor of the Medieval Mediterranean
Honors Western Civilization (HONS 120, Fall 2010) The Inquisition (HIST 370, Fall 2010) Responsibilities – This upper-level history course explores the development of the institutions of „the Inquisition‟ as well as exploring modern ideas and historiography of the concept. Geographically and chronological spread is large as the course begins in the eleventh century, in western Europe, and ends in nineteenth-century India. The Saint & the Heretic (HIST 470.002, Spring 2010) Responsibilities – This senior research seminar examines the historiography of inquisition and canonization proceedings before leading the students in the creation of 25-30 page research papers. References available upon request.
The Rise of European Civilization (HIST 101.016 & 101.017, Fall 2009 & HIST 101.009 Responsibilities – 2 lecture/discussions each week. I have full responsibility for the syllabus for this course (two sections) and for grading, including determining how to assess the students. Current enrollment is 35 students in each section. The Worlds of Pagans, Christians, Jews, and Muslims: The Medieval Mediterranean (HIST 270.002, Fall 2009) Responsibilities – 2 lecture/discussions each week. I have full responsibility for designing the course and for grading, including how to assess student progress. Enrollment was 23 students. Sept. 2008-Jan. 2009 Princeton University Teaching Assistant (Preceptor) Europe from Antiquity to 1700 (Lecturer A. Gleason, HIS 211) Responsibilities – Plan and lead four discussion sections, guide development of paper topics and revisions, and prepare weekly assignments. I have full responsibility for grading papers, examinations, and in class participation as well as determining final grades. Sept. 2007-Jan. 2008 Preceptor, 2 sections Europe from Antiquity to 1700 (Professor W. C. Jordan, HIS 211) July 2009-Aug. 2009 Princeton University Preparatory (PUPP) Faculty Member Responsibilities – Design and lead two classes of high school sophomores with full July 2008-Aug. 2008 Princeton University Preparatory (PUPP) Faculty Member PUPP Teaching Fellow at Trenton Central High School (TCHS) Responsibilities – lead high school students in small group discussions, focused on improving their critical reading and writing skills

Lecture series at the Low Country Senior Center, Spring 2010 Faculty advisor, Graduate Student Association, History Department, College of Charleston Member, Graduate History Association, Princeton Responsibilities – Organize events for the graduate students in the history department, sat Student Chair, Medieval Studies Program, Princeton Responsibilities – Planned and organized 1) monthly interdepartmental graduate colloquium at which Princeton students present and 2) (and initiated) monthly Professional Development workshops in which distinguished faculty members met with graduate students and offered advise about the study and practice of history (e.g. publishing an article, editing a text, offering commentaries) Organizer, Medieval Graduate Colloquium, Princeton Responsibilities – Planned and organized Princeton‟s annual Medieval Graduate Conference consisting of graduate students across disciplines Co-Organizer Medieval Graduate Colloquium, Princeton References available upon request.
Fellowships & Prizes
Heckman Stipend from Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (MN) Postdoctoral fellowship at the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis Dissertation Research Grant from Princeton University History Department for research in Spain and Italy Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, Language study
Spanish, Catalan, Latin, French, Italian, German
Papers and Conferences
“Questions and Proofs: Investigators, witnesses, and their proofs of miracles in medieval
Catalunya” at the Southern Historical Association conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, 4-7 November 2010. “Women and Healing as Seen in Catalan Miracle Stories” at the American Association for the History of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, 2 May 2010. “I call the people: Church Bells in Fourteenth-Century Catalunya” at the 2009 Kalamazoo 44th International Congress on Medieval Studies, 7 May 2009. Presider, “Rethinking Culture and Identities in the Medieval Mediterranean II” at the 2009 Kalamazoo 44th International Congress on Medieval Studies, 7 May 2009. Chair, “The Reading and Writing of Law” at “Law and Legal Culture in the Middle Ages”: 16th Graduate Conference in Medieval Studies; Princeton, 4 April 2009. “I saw him!: Visions of the Saints” at the 2008 NYC Inter-University Doctoral Consortium – Annual Medieval Studies Colloquium “Spectatorship and Visuality in the Medieval World,” 25 April 2008.
Here begin the miracles of the blessed Bernat’: Bernat Calbó, bishop of Vic, and ACV 36/1” in
I call the people: Church bells in medieval Catalunya” (under review) “I saw him!: Visions of the Saints” in Looking Beyond, Visions, Dreams and Insights in Medieval Art and History, Occasional Papers from the Index of Christian Art, Vol. XI, ed. Colum Hourihane, (Princeton, 2009). Distributed by Penn State University Press. “Chauliac, Guy (de)” in Dictionary of Medical Biography, ed. W. F. Bynum (Greenwood Press, “Saliceto, William (of)” in Dictionary of Medical Biography. “Rapid determination of trace amounts of minoxidil in hamster skin follicles with various formulations using narrow-bore LC/EC,” Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 38:3 (2005), 532-536. “Liquid chromatographic determination of residual hydrogen peroxide in pharmaceutical excipients using platinum and wired enzyme electrodes,” Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 31 (2003), 1203-1210. References available upon request.

Steve Boardman, John Reuben Davies, and Eila Williamson, ed. Saints’ Cults in the Celtic
World. (The Boydell Press: Woodbridge, Suffolk, 2009). for The Medieval Review. References available upon request.

Source: http://history.cofc.edu/documents/faculty%20CVs/garceau2010.pdf


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