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2008 Senior Questions Round 1
One-on-One Questions
1. (Chair 1): What were horses of the quarter type called before 1938?
Ans. “steeldust”
Evans, 26
2. (Chair 2): The domestic horse belongs to what species? Ans. Equus Caballus
3. (Chair 3): Considered by many to be the greatest harness horse of all time this Standardbred held the pacing record for 35 years. Name him. Ans: Dan Patch
Evans, 30 figure 2-13

4. (Chair 4) In what state was the Palomino Horse Breeders of America originally
5. (Chair 1): Name the two body types recognized by the American Miniature Horse Association? Ans. Arabian type and Quarter Horse type
HIH 154-1
6. (Chair 2): What type of English saddle provides no extra knee roll?
7. (Chair 3): How many stages of labor does a mare experience?
Ans. Three (or 4 in FCH 244)
HIH 940-4
8. (Chair 4): What are the advantages to gelding a stallion? Ans. Geldings are easier to care for, less prone to injury and easier to haul

Toss Up Questions

9. What is the ovulation fossa?
Ans. indentation in mare’s ovary where ovulation occurs
Evans 317

10. On which teeth is the “dental star” first evident?

Name 3 differences between temporary & permanent teeth in appearance.
Ans. Permanent teeth are larger & longer, have a broader neck area between
root & crown, have parallel grooves & ridges on the face of incisors & are larger &

11. Name two parts of the equine cardiovascular system. Ans. Blood, blood vessels, and heart
HIH 830-1
12. What is the ovarian end of the oviduct called? infundibulum
13. What is the treatment for stomachworms? Ans. To administer ivermectin twice, 3 to 6 weeks apart FCH 158

14. What is a nutrient that is an important structural component for muscle tissue?
15. What is the term used to describe a horse eating dirt due to an iron deficiency? Ans. Geophagia
EVANS, 303

Name three characteristics of moldy hay.
Ans. Musty smell, whitish in color, dusty, unpalatable, moist/damp,hot

16. Which protein supplement contains more lysine than most other vegetable proteins?

17. Who first worked out the principle of how genetic material is transmitted from one
generation to another?
Ans: Gregor Mendel
The Horse 447
18. How many years out of every 7 must a business make a profit to be considered a business by IRS & not a hobby? 19. What is the advantage of using a double-rigged cinch on a cross buck pack saddle? Ans. It helps to keep the back cinch from sliding backwards
20. What is defined as a decreased ability to sweat in response to over heating? Ans: anhidrosis (dry coat)


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