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Unique Topical
for the Relief of
Skin Conditions
Southeast Virginia
Technology Partnership Forum
June 15, 2010
43% of al reported skin
Any scratch, rash, bug bite, cut, abrasion, skin break
 Contact with an infected person or any surface
Surgery / hospital; elderly, nursing homes, diabetics, gyms www.dalosbio.com
Molluscum Contagiosum
 Contact with an infected person or any surface
 Day care centers, gyms, other child-friendly locations  Extreme problem for pediatricians and dermatologists www.dalosbio.com
MersaDermTM – for MRSA and other
skin infections
 90% increase in 10 years; over 200 M reported cases  More US deaths from MRSA than from AIDS  Average cost - $60 K / patient and $5 M / hospital  Drug resistance –> Bactroban / oral antibiotics  MersaDerm meets the growing unmet need
PoxiDermTM – for
Molluscum Contagiosum
 200 M cases worldwide and rising rapidly  Normal treatment is to scrape, cut, burn, freeze,  Pox (smal pox) family – benign but persistent  Dermatologists and Pediatricians at a loss  No effective antiviral available until PoxiDerm
Dalos Business Description
 BIO Award as “most innovative and commercializable”  Direct to Market, evidence-based products  75% increase in sales from Year 1 to Year 2 www.dalosbio.com
 Bactroban – drug resistance; same with oral Neosporin – no MRSA activity  No active topical products (or oral) Abhorrent in-office procedures Internet “remedies” with no basis www.dalosbio.com
Dalos Marketing Strategies
 Great responses at American Academy of Dermatology and  Drive consumers to internet store – www.dalosbio.com
 Traditional Distribution Channels (Chain stores)  Social Networking (Facebook, WebMD, internet sites) www.dalosbio.com
Dalos Partnering Strategies
 Like-focused companies in US and world  Military (many military applications) www.dalosbio.com
Other Dalos Products
 Shampoo, body wash, hand soap Now being purchased with MersaDerm and PoxiDerm www.dalosbio.com
Management Team
 Dr. Gary Pekoe – President & CEO  28 years pharma / biotech product development Scientific Advisory Committee
 James Leyden, MD, U of Pennsylvania Judith Wil iams, MD, Eastern Virginia Medical School Dennis West, PhD, Northwestern University Arnold Oppenheim, MD, VA Beach Dermatology Knox Van Dyke, PhD, West Virginia U www.dalosbio.com
U.S. Projections
MersaDerm Skin infections $ 1.2 BPoxiDerm  Al other products in pipeline add to upside  Figures based on achieving investment goals www.dalosbio.com
 We solve the problem with MRSA, Mol uscum Gary Pekoe, PhD
888 321-MRSA (6772)
[email protected]

Source: http://www.flcmidatlantic.org/pdf/BiomedtechForum-06152010/DalosBioPharma.pdf


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