F-85143 flanged proportioners

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flow direction arrow, and the type and per- nozzle shall terminate in the foam concen- Ansul proportioners are specifically designed to accurately proportion and control the mix- ing of pressurized Ansul foam concentrates into a water stream with minimum pressure rounded inlet and a smooth machined finish The foam concentrate metering orifice shall loss. Ansul proportioners are UL Listed and to ensure minimum stream constriction and be machined to the proper diameter for the maximum velocity. It shall beretained by an agent. It shall rest on a machined surface to centrates and are used in conjunction with internally concealed retaining ring that pre- prevent leakage and shall be secured by a vents removal after installation. The inlet removable stainless steel retaining ring.
skids. Typical applications include flammableliquid storage tanks, loading racks, aircraft PROPORTIONER DIMENSION TABLE
hangars, heliports, and anywhere flammableliquids are used, stored, processed, or trans- DESCRIPTION
Each Ansul proportioner consists of a body, inlet nozzle, and metering orifice, all of which The proportioner body is designed with flat-faced flanges to match ANSI 150 lb. flanges of the same nominal size. Clearly marked on the proportioner body are the flow directionarrow, as well as the type and percentage ofconcentrate for which the proportioner wasdesigned.
The inlet nozzle is secured by a stainless steel retaining ring that is internally con-cealed to prevent removal after installation.
The metering orifice is sized according to thetype and percentage of concentrate usedand is also secured with a stainless steelretaining ring.
foam orifice shall be of low zinc (less than retaining rings shall be of stainless steel.
The proportioner body shall be designed to connect to ANSI 150 lb. flat-faced flanges; removal shall be possible without disassem- bly of additional pipe sections. The twoproportioner flange mating faces shall be Shipping Weight
machined with 64 grooves per inch (2.5 cm) to capture and seal against the flange gas-kets. The body shall be clearly marked with a ** UL Listed and FM Approved with Bladder Tanks NOMINAL FLOW RANGES
The following table lists the nominal flowrange for each proportioner size. For flow ranges using specific concentrates, consult NOTICE: Listed nominal flow ranges do not
apply for Alcohol ResistantConcentrate.
NOTICE: Consult Ansul Incorporated to determine proportioner size and maximum pipe run between
foam tank and proportioner when using Alcohol Resistant Concentrate AFFF.
ANSUL INCORPORATED, MARINETTE, WI 54143-2542 715-735-7411 2002 Ansul Incorporated Litho in U.S.A.

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