Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy.
Alexander Fleming (1881-1955), the Scottish bacteriologist credited with discovering Penicillin in 1928 Fresh & crisp with tropical fruit aromas.
Gooseberry flavours with hints of lime and tropical fruit. Crisp & refreshing with well-balanced acidity & fruity aftertaste nose with green and yellow apples on the palate Gentle lime fruit flavours, grilled nuts and Chardonnay
nose. Zesty tropical fruits on the palate Brampton Unoaked Chardonnay R110
To best reveal innate citrus, pear and white peach Joyful, rich pink with red berry flavour of Pinot Noir subtleties, our winemaker chooses to leave this wine free of any oak opting rather for extended lees contact with gentle stirring to evoke depth Fresh citrus with vanilla aromas with lead on the palate. Well balanced with a crisp & Fat Bastard Wooded Chardonnay R140
A white, semi-sweet alcohol-free sparkling Lightly oaked with a citrus flavoured bouquet full of delicate fruit ,bubbles and sunshine white wine
Sauvignon Blanc
Tropical fruit & herb aromas with hints of citrus Full-bodied wine with powerful varietal flavours of bell pepper, green apple and freshly cut grass Fresh pungent flavours of tropical fruits.
Fresh, firm acidity with a bone dry finish All wines subject to availability / R50 corkage charged per bottle
Maximum 1 bottle per table
Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.
Food-friendly with big tropical fruit & citrus Intense fruit with hints of wood spice on the aromas. Hints of honey & a zesty citrus finish nose, including guava, pineapple & citrus.
Well balanced with zesty aromatic undertones with a crisp & fresh lingering finish Lightly Wooded fermented Chenin has citrus driven aromas on the nose, cool apple, pear Sauvignon / Chenin Blanc / Pinot Gris.
Fruit blossom,spices and almond flavours A classic favourite. Lively and bone dry with Chardonnay/ Pinot Noir
Rose & Blanc de Noir
Cabriere’s unique success. Popular Char-led.
Off dry but juicy apples leading to fruity intensity Off dry, candy floss and strawberry aromas on the nose, followed by red fruit on the palate As in Cap Classique production, the Chardonnay contributes crisp acidity and elegance whilst the A full-structured wine with strawberry jelly Pinot Noir brings intensity and richness and delicate Semi Sweet
Raspberry & strawberry flavours with a soft Fruity with plums & raisins with a refreshing zesty Our wine per glass has been exclusively selected by the Master Wine makers at Du Preez Estate.
Gentle, Muscat-scented semi sweet wine with a Light White
The “Every Afternoon” drinking wine. Fresh racy acidity in perfect harmony with a fresh apple flavour All wines subject to availability / R50 corkage charged per bottle
Maximum 1 bottle per table
every table more elegant, every day more civilized.
House of Mandela Thembu Shiraz R120
Soft and accessible with complex flavours of Mocha Fresh red fruit with a hint of black pepper.
Blackberries on the nose; black cherries and Described as “Shiraz Heaven”. Easy going spicy and fruity wine with gentle tannins, accessorised with the very best French oak Ripe berries with hints of vanilla and spices. Full bodied and well balanced complimented by wood Dark plum in colour with aromas of pepper and ginger with mouth-watering fruit flavours Lots of berries and sweet black currants, complemented by sweet vanilla and chocolate Perfect harmony between dark opulent fruit and red berry. Well balanced with flavours of wood Succulent and smooth with compelling dark berry and plum flavours with spicy wood tones Soft and velvety with cherry & red currant flavours Soft tannins and raspberry flavours with a slight Darling Cellars Six Tonner Merlot R125
Sweet plum flavours with slight liquorice tones.
Aromas of black berries and plums complemented Velvety tannins leads to soft and creamy on the palate by subtle oak spice. Compact tannins leading to Fragrant bouquet of berrie flavours with hints of fruitcake with a chocolaty aftertaste, complimented Medium bodied and velvety with a red currant, Structured and balanced with an intense feel.
Household name for Pinotage in SA. Smooth feel to the mouth with berries on the nose and a lively palate Black cherry and cassis fruit with cedar wood and dried spice aromas. Flavours of dark chocolate and From Bertus “Starbucks” Fourie who created the Attractive bright colour with good depth and Medium bodied with upfront sweet fruit plum intensity. Spicy aromas with a hint of earthy complexity. Well integrated oak with an elagant palate All wines subject to availability / R50 corkage charged per bottle
Maximum 1 bottle per table
Claret is the liquor for boys; port, for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy Blends are created from different malt and grain whiskies A blend of about 40 Whiskies, each aged for approximately 12 years A blend of over 15 single malts and partial grain each aged for Fresh floral flavours with notes of vanilla Superior blended Whiskey, aged minimum 20 years Glenmorangie 10 Year Old “The Original” Fresh floral flavours with notes of vanilla Blended and matured for a minimum 21 years. Full bodied sweet fruit Aged for a minimum of 15 years in French limoudine oak. A fusion of dry and nut flavour with a smooth dry smokiness Named after the town of Cognac in France,the most famous variety of brandy. Although traditionally served as a double tot the price is poured as single tot.
Castle / Black Label / Hansa / Hansa Marzen Gold
VS - Very Special
Castle Light
The youngest brandy is stored at least 2 years in a cask Courvoisier V.S
Bisquit Classique
Windhoek Lager / Windhoek Light / Amstel / Miller Draft
Hennessy V.S.
Windhoek Draft / Peroni / Heineken
Becks Non Alcoholic
VSOP - Very Special Old Pale
The youngest brandy is stored at least 4 years in a cask Stella Artois
Courvoisier V.S.O.P
Hennessy V.S.O.P
Remy Martin V.S.O.P
Jose Cuervo Silver
XO - Very Special Old Pale
Jose Cuervo Gold
The youngest brandy is stored at least 6 years in a cask but average upwards to Patron Reposado
Patron XO Coffee
Ponchos 1910 Coffee
Courvoisier X.O
Hennessy X.O.
Remy Martin X.O.
Hunters Dry / Hunters Gold
Savanna Dry / Savanna Light
KWV 10 year / Richelieu 10 year / Van Ryn 10 year
Oudemeester 12 year Potstilled
Van Ryn 12 year Potstilled
KWV XO 20 year / Van Ryn 15 year Potstilled
Brutal Fruit
Van Ryn 20 year Potstilled
Smirnoff Spin / Smirnoff Storm
“Tea based HERBAL liqueurs, TATRATEA made of natural
ingredients can be enjoyed neat, chilled over ice or as a
tantalizing tot of flavour to your tea. ‘’
Tatratea Citrus Tea Liqueur
Tatratea Peach & White Tea Liqueur
Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur
Tatratea Foresy Fruit Tea Liqueur
Tatratea Outlaw Tea Liqueur

Source: http://www.fgrill.co.za/pdf/Fahrenheit_Wine_Menu.pdf

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