Adult evangelism

1 Wants & Needs List Baja – Updated December, 2013 Beauty Shop
Counseling Department
Ink for printer (HP92black) (HP93 tri color) Dental Supplies
Bible Institute
5 Uninterruptible Power supplies for computer I.V.Supplies
Laboratory Supplies
Books for Bible Institute Library
Medical Supplies
Bike Shop
Clinic (continued)
Medications Non Expired - Please
2 Wants & Needs List Baja – Updated December, 2013 Urban Rescue
2 very powerful handheld rechargeable searchlights Contraction equipment to support broken limbs Safety glasses to fit over regular glasses Clothing Room
Miscel aneous
Diapers (all sizes, for babies and adults) Construction
Optometry (eye doctor)
Portable Retinoscope & Ophthalmoscope (manual) Capenter Shop
Glasses cases, cleaner, and glasses cleaning clothes Computers
Motherboards, Processors (Pentium 4 or higher) Emergency Team
Disabled Children’s
Learning Center
Fire Department
Equipment for grass fires (backpacks with nozzles) 3 Wants & Needs List Baja – Updated December, 2013 Nut House
Gift Shop
Point of Sale Computer System (including software) Plastic Shopping Bags - new or clean used White round tablecloths for special events Guest Relations
Black & color ink for printer CL-211XL Zip-lock heavy duty one gallon freezer bags Stainless steel shelving and countertops Macadamia Production
Landscape Maintenance
Mechanic Shop
Envolv 101 pc. mechanics tool set - Model #10025 Corona HS3930 26" extendable handle hedge shear Gas 10 in. bar power pruner - Model #PPF-225: 4 Wants & Needs List Baja – Updated December, 2013 Orphanage
Digital Camera – 16 magapixle or higher, Soccer Shinguards – Youth and Adult size 20 Worship Flags – with swivel and ball on end Bright color paint (to paint the playground) 5 Tents (for summer camp, large 8-10 person) Camping - dishes, utensils, and cookware 10 Swim suits - One pieces or tankinis (ages 8-12) 40 Pairs of flip flops for both girls and boys. Gift Room
Dictionaries in Spanish (Océano Uno or Laurrouse) 650 cups, 650 forks, 350 bowls, 350 spoons, Nursery (Cuna)
Powdered milk (Similac) for babies under a year Plastic containers for food, all sizes of diapers Outreach
Adult Evangelism
Child Evangelism
Markers (Sharpie permanent; Crayola color) Paper (white copy and colored construction) Socks, underwear (boys and girls size 3-5) Diapers (sizes 5, and adult – med & large) 5 Wants & Needs List Baja – Updated December, 2013 Day Care (continued)
Tissue paper and crepe paper different colors School (Oasis Elementary)
Colored plastic tape, colored chalk for outdoors Wide magic markers, duct tape, plastic tubs (Human body poster, season stations, animals, Sewing Room
Large pieces curtain fabric for long windows domestic & industrial sewing machines Outreach (continued)
Stretch thread (white, black, blue), Yarn (all colors) Discipleship / Literacy
18 meters thick fabric for the nursery room Sports Spectator Netting (20ft high x 50ft wide) Print Shop
Toner cartridges for HP Color LaserJet CP4025 Warehouse
Ink cartridges for a Canon i9900 (all colors) Electric start propane stoves with ovens Refrigerators / freezers (energy efficient) (Medium & small) (Apt or trailer size) Rehab Center
(Rancho de Cristo)
General purpose Masking Tape (1/2", 1", & 2") Large & medium Stock Pots, Baking Pans 6 Wants & Needs List Baja – Updated December, 2013 Warehouse (continued)
Furniture: Used, in Good Condition
Chairs: office, kitchen, dining, living room VEHICLES
Upholstry Shop
Tile or linoleum flooring (or floor paint) Foam for chairs (1",2",3" thick - firm & extra firm) Thread - all colors, for regular sewing machine Kitchen Wares
Glue sticks for glue gun (Arrow-model#TR550) Wheelchair Ministry
Diapers: youth-size 5, adult - S, M, & L Painting Supplies
Paint thinner, lacquer thinner, & acetone Rim tapes 20", 24" & 26" (1" - 3" sash, trim, and general purpose) (Standard, Textured, and Epoxy/Adhesive) Foam sanding blocks, Sand paper (med/fine grit)


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Mmf 035 - influenza vaccination questionnaire and consent

Influenza Vaccination Questionnaire and Consent Address: Postcode: Date of Birth: Contact Phone Number: Do you identify yourself as being Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander Organisation / Employer: (If Applicable) Background Influenza viruses can cause major epidemics of respiratory disease. The illness can vary in severity and secondary complications can be sign

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