NO! Calcium fluoride is found naturally usually in “hard The fluorides used today, hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFA) and waters which help protect against the fluoride. NZ uses sodium hexafluorosilicate, are toxic waste products of the silicofluorides which have been proven to affect the body superphosphate fertiliser industry scrubbed from the smoke differently than fluoride ions (Westendorf 1975, Masters and stacks. They are not food or pharmaceutical grade. They Within 5 years, water fluoridation wil be recognised as one of the Coplan 1999) and which have never been tested for human typically contain heavy metal contaminants such as LEAD, health safety (US Environmental Protection Assn 2002). ARSENIC, MERCURY, CADMIUM, and possibly radioactive After 50 years proponents still cannot prove significant material. HFA is classified in NZ as “Corrosive, Class 8 Also, chemicals in a mixed solution do not act alone, they act benefits or safety. The York report (2000) found poor Dangerous Goods, Hazchem 2X”. They cannot be in combination or synergistically. Further, silicofluorides do methodology & unreliable results & even then only ½ tooth discharged into the air because of toxicity and are too toxic not totally break down (Crosby 1969) and recombine in the surface difference. The US National Research Council review (2006) found strong evidence of harm, and could not find a The water supply is essentially used as a toxic waste disposal safe minimum exposure—they found definite harm to some Also calcium “buffers” the effects of fluoride: in fact it is given as an antidote to acute fluoride poisoning. The Public Health Commission’s 1994 report revealed that Fluoride is now far more common in our lives than even in 1992 we were getting the Ministry of Health’s so The Treasurer, FAN(NZ) PO Box 9804 Marion Sq. called “optimal dose” without fluoridating the water. The MoH is therefore “double-dosing” us. This unnecessary Teflon non-stick cookware, plastic soft drink bottles, spiking of our drinks with fluoride puts us in the “at risk” Pesticides, 1080, rodenticides, insecticides, phosphate range of adverse health effects due to fluoride toxicity. fertilisers, industrial emissions, volcanic ash, anaesthetics & Donation of $____. Tick if receipt req’d: Water fluoridation breaches internationally accepted codes drugs (flixitide for asthma, prozac for depression), common of medical ethics – the Nuremberg Code and the European tranquilisers, all dental products, electrochemical Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the formulations, chemical warfare and nerve gas, welding flux, Human Being with Regard to the Application of Biology and high octane petrol, tea, seafood, and any food prepared with ALL District Health Boards have been instructed to Fluoride is not added to water to improve water quality Fluoride concentrates in water with boiling Fluoride is not labelled on food or drinks Fluoride is a uniquely potent enzyme poison Fluoride is more toxic than lead and just less than arsenic Group member. How many individuals does your group Fluoride accumulates – only 50% is excreted (WHO 1984) Fluoride is a neurotoxin—it affects the nervous system represent or have as members? ………. Fluoride inhibits the DNA repair enzyme system by 50% Are you interested in becoming a local co-ordinator? Y/N C/- The Treasurer, P O Box 9804 Marion Square, Wellington Note: the MoH is currently pushing for 100% fluoridation: Able to help? (a)Strong commitment____ (b) Can help____ - unproven, untested, never registered as safe by the US Needed: letter writers, speakers, canvassers, delivering Heavily promoted from America, NZ began artificial fluorida- Some people are allergic or hypersensitive to tion in Hastings in 1953. Concurrently, dental nurses were fluoride just like any other chemical or medication. 15 Nobel Prize winners including Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel instructed to reduce filling minor defects in teeth. (National Symptoms range from gastrointestinal problems, skin prize in medicine, 2000; Dr Albert Schatz, discoverer of Archives documents) The control city (Napier) had less de- eruptions, eczema, headache and weakness (Physician’s Desk Streptomycin; Dr. Hardy Limeback, Head of Preventive cay and showed the same improvement as Hastings so was Reference) to muscle spasm, chronic fatigue and in rare Dentistry, Toronto University; the late Dr John Colquhoun, withdrawn, scientifically invalidating the study. Thus the dra- cases, eventual death. Doctors are never trained in Principal Dental Officer, Auckland who promoted matic dental results were falsely reported as due to fluoride. fluoridation in NZ until he examined the research Flaws in all such research was found by the York Review. 50% of ingested fluoride is retained in the bones. himself…and countless doctors dentists, researchers and This and misrepresentation of data (as in Hastings) has Fluoride affects bone pathology causing skeletal fluorosis, arthritis and increased hip fracture, often fatal in the elderly. plagued the fluoridation issue for 60 years. No public monitoring has ever been done. Early skeletal The New Zealand Academy of Oral Medicine and Only 5% of the world drink artificially fluoridated water. fluorosis, expected after 20 years of fluoridation, will be Toxicology and its International parent body. misdiagnosed as arthritis - rampant since fluoridation. Typically, 2 out of every 3 ordinary people who vote on the Fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland, a key issue when given the opportunity in a referendum. The US Centre for Disease Control 2001 admitted the benefit of regulatory gland (22,000 ppm: Luke 2001), reducing fluoride is topical (eg toothpaste) not systemic (ie water). production of the critical hormone melatonin. In 1990 the US National Institute of Dental Research study, the Fluoride combined with aluminium causes G-Protein biggest in history, showed a difference of only 0.6 of a tooth sur- malfunctioning (Strunecka 2002), one such protein being face (there are 128 tooth surfaces in the mouth). Armfield & They claim to be but: 1) they conduct no research of their present in 50% of cancers. It also causes changes in the brain Spencer, 2004 showed zero benefit to permanent teeth. own; 2) the studies they rely on in turn rely primarily on typically associated with Alzheimer’s dementia (Varner 1998). other reviews; 3) they have commissioned only one study on In 1930 international dental researcher Dr Weston Price studied Fluoride reduces thyroid activity. Fluoride was originally original research (ESR 2000) which failed to meet its terms pre European settlement Maori skul s and found almost perfect prescribed to treat over active thyroid (hyperthyroidism). of reference, ignored many leading studies, and examined teeth (only 1 decayed tooth per 2000), proving we do not need The NRC review 2006 found the fluoridated water can only 14 out of the hundreds available. It also only searched 1ppm fluoride in the water for perfect teeth. definitely affect the thyroid in children with borderline iodine databases known to not list negative fluoride research. WHO figures for western countries show the same 30 year Moreover the Ministry deliberately ignores and turns dental improvement between al countries whether low fluoride, a blind eye to any research adverse to fluoride which Babies beware. Infant formula must never be made with natural y 1ppm fluoride, or artificial y fluoridated. contradicts its predetermined policy. (Shown by fluoridated water, due to overdosing during the critical first Official Information Act responses and public year if life: American Dental Assn, Nov. 2006; NHMRC 1999. N Z’s steady 60 year improvement regardless of fluoridation: Fluoride tablets were banned for pregnant women by the US statements) In fact the Ministry simply repeats the unsubstantiated claims of US promoters. It is documented that the US Public Health Neurotoxicity. Fluoride is a potent enzyme inhibitor. Service and the American Dental Association pushed Central Nervous System damage was demonstrated by fluoridation before they had completed any research to Westendorf,1975, Mullinex et al 1995 and Guan et al 2004. Osteosarcoma: (bone cancer) has been linked to fluoride They refuse to defend their position in public debate – a (American Medical Assn, 1993) and since proven by Bassin tactic decided on in 1951 (US) and 1958 (NZ). (2006) in males drinking fluoridated water at ages 6 to 10. “There is more evidence against fluoridation than Dental fluorosis. - The first outward sign of fluoride there was against DDT when it was banned!” poisoning An estimated 56% of fluoridated children will have - The US Environment Working Group 2005. some form of fluorosis, some classified “severe”. (York The US National Research Council could find no safe Review 2000, Melbourne Review 1999). The NZ Ministry of Health claims there is “no evidence” for all the above.


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Evaluation of Current Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies Alicia Gilsenan, Elizabeth Andrews, Brian Calingaert, Debra Crozier, Abenah Vanderpuije RTI Health Solutions, RTP, NC, United States BACKGROUND OBJECTIVE CONCLUSIONS The role of the United States (US) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with regard to To review characteristics of active REMS in the US for drugs with s

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