Energy Drinks
UAE.S/GSO 1926:2009
“Requirements of Handling Energy Drinks”
This document defines the Criteria for the product registration under the Emirates Conformity Assessment System (ECAS) being implemented by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). The requirements defined in this document are issued for the information, guidance and compliance of Manufacturers and Traders intending to promote and sell their products in the United Arab Emirates.

This specific requirement shall cover non-alcoholic energy drinks and do not include athletes



Recommendation of Handling Energy Drinks 3.2 REFERENCES STANDARD:
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4.1 Country – United Arab Emirates

4.2 ESMA – The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology. The UAE’s Standards

4.3 Specific Requirements - a document specifying the set of rules in order for a product to be
4.4 Approved Supplier – a manufacturer and/or trader responsible for the product covered by

4.5 ECAS Registration Certificate – a certificate of conformity issued to the product complying
to a relevant UAE Standard/s or to any ESMA recognized National/Regional and International
4.6 Approved Standard – refers to a Product Standard approved by ESMA to be used in

4.7 Recognized Conformity Assessment Body- a competent body recognized by ESMA to
carry out factory inspection and/or testing of product. 4.8 ECAS: Emirates conformity Assessment System.
4.9 Relevant Government Bodies: The government bodies in the UAE having jurisdiction
related to the implementation of this specific requirements.
4.10 The Relevant Committee: the commitee that is assembled by the National Commitee
for Food Safety to review the application for registration of energy drinks. 4.11 Energy Drinks: Soft drinks or carbonated attend mainly of water, natural carbohydrate,
caffeine and some other elements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and permit ed additives , juices or fruit pulp and natural plant extracts may added.
5.1 Compliance of Energy Drink to UAE.S GSO 1926:2009 and this Specific requirement. 5.3 Declarations of Conformity supported by Test Report that Energy Drink comply with clause 4 5.4 Compliance of the product according to the labeling requirements mentioned in Clause 6 of UAE.S GSO 1926/2009, in English and Arabic, with health warning such as : • Not allowed for women during pregnancies and lactation, children below age of sixteen, persons allergic to caffeine and who with certain diseases might affect the health conditions, especially for patient with heart /arterial diseases, and should not be allowed • Reduces ability to sleep in case of excessive consumption because it has high level of • High caffeine content (if it contains more than 150 ml caffeine/liter) • The permit ed daily intake shall not exceed ……………. ml or can (mention the allowable 5.6 The product must comply with Islamic law (such as alcohol content, free of swine/pork products, and appropriate form of packaging…etc.), and any decisions or legislation or
6.1 Application Submission:
6.1.1 Approved Suppliers shall submit a fil ed ECAS application form together with the following: Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity for Energy Drinks with UAE.S GSO 1926/2009. In this declaration, the manufacturer must declare that the product complies with UAE standard and with its related standards, and that the products are free from banned stimulants, hormones, antibiotics, alcohol, pork/swine products, harmful plant extracts, and any natural substances or chemicals with harmful ef ects to human. Manufacturer’s Declaration of Ingredients of the product which includes additives used stating the chemical name and commercial name including percentage of each Ingredient. The manufacturer must declare that he wil not change formulation, and in case the formulation is changed, ESMA shal be immediately notified and application may be fil ed to register the product again. Proof of Exclusive Distributorship from the manufacturer in case the applicant is a trader or an agent and the registration certificate from the Ministry of Economy. Health certificate, documented and approved by the competent authorities in the country of origin to prove that the product is fit for human consumption. Manufacturer’s Declaration for safe daily intake and shall contain the declaration of legal responsibility for any health damage that wil happen or arise from the declared safe daily intake. Test report for products from approved lab. This test report shall include all test results showing the compliance of the products to the relevant standard including formulation/content analyses, additives content and any other substances in the product. Halal Certificate from approved body by the country of Origin. This certificate must be authenticated from the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water. Document shows that this factory has an effective FSMS.
6.2 Sampling and Testing of Product:
6.2.1 Initial testing of the sample should be tested by an ESMA recognized third party testing 6.2.2 It is the responsibility of the applicant to pay the necessary fees for the sampling and testing of the product together with the cost of sending the samples to the laboratory where 6.2.3 Al Reports and documents related to product wil be prepared and collected by Conformity Affairs Department for reviewing and approval from relevant commit ee.
6.3 Registration of Product:

6.3.1 Product shall be registered after a full confirmation that the product is complying with the
requirements of the UAE.S GSO 1926/2009, this Specific Requirement, and approval of the 6.3.2 Where the results of test showed that product is not complying with the requirements, the client needs to rectify the observed non-compliances at an agreed period and can reapply once 6.3.3 An ECAS Certificate of Conformity shall be issued to the product upon the fulfillment of all the requirements and decision from the relevant commit ee. 6.3.4 The registration/certificate number which is provided by ESMA shal be declared at the product label in a visible manner on the primary packaging.

Energy drinks wil be inspected and monitored in the market by relevant government bodies
in coordination with ESMA. Inspection wil be done according to the government body’s regulation and rules including violation rules.
7.2 Energy Drinks are being inspected at Port of Entry by Customs authorities. Only
consignments having valid ECAS Certificate of Conformity are allowed to enter the country. 7.3 ESMA will coordinate with Customs Authorities/relevant government bodies in case of shipment which does not have ECAS certificate to take proper action and issue violations. 7.4 ESMA in coordination with relevant government bodies, have the right to inspect energy drinks in the market. ESMA shall take samples either at the retail shops, or the manufacturer’s warehouse for independent testing. The result of test shall be the basis whether to continue or 7.5 ESMA and relevant government bodies also reserve the right to conduct at any time factory inspection for local factories to ensure full compliance of the product. The factory inspection shall be conducted unannounced and shall include process and product verification and the manner in which the product are carefully inspected and handled. 7.6 Relevant Government bodies wil inspect the product in the market to ensure: 7.6.1 That energy drinks shall not be sold for specific groups of consumers which are stated in 7.6.2 There is no energy drinks in places unsuitable for the sale of these products, such as 7.6.3 The product shall be displayed on special separated shelves/area with a sign board containing the health warning (in Arabic and English) stated in clause 5.4 of this regulation. 7.7 Any action taken by relevant government bodies must be communicated to ESMA, with regards to cancellation and suspension of registration. ESMA will communicate with government bodies on the actions related to any product. 7.8 Al fees related to market sampling and testing shall be paid by the manufacturer / supplier.


8.1 After obtaining the Certificate of Conformity, the approved supplier can use the certificate in clearing the registered products at the Ports and Customs Authorities and related government 8.2 The supplier may also use the Certificate in trading their product as a proof that the product 8.3 The ECAS Certificate of Conformity shall be used only on the registered product. Care should be taken so as not to misuse the certificate or to use it in such a manner that ESMA may 8.4 ECAS Certificate of Conformity shall be valid for one year. Renewal of registration shall be required two months before the expiration of the Certificate of Conformity.
9.1 Approved supplier is required that only complying products are distributed in the market 9.2 It is the responsibility of the approved supplier to continue the registration of the product with 9.3 Approved Suppliers shal allow ESMA authorized representative to conduct factory inspection if necessary and conduct sampling of the products related to the implementation of this
10.1 ESMA shall not be held responsible for any actions (legal or otherwise) raise by any party against the approved supplier on matters resulting from the implementation of ECAS for 10.2 The approved supplier is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the product meets the requirements of other applicable regulations that were not assessed during the process. This includes quality, safety, health and environmental regulations that are not necessarily covered by the relevant Standards and/ or the Specific Requirements.
11. FEES 11.1 Application for Registration
11.2 Technical Document Review
11.3 Issuance of Certificate


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