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PosterJet 7.5 SP2 and the Canon iPF-series
Particularities when using PosterJet 7.5 SP2 with the new Canon imagePROGRAF printers of the

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000 can print While creating a PosterJet media profile for the Canon borderless only up to 42-inch width. PosterJet 7.5 SP2 imagePROGRAF iPF5000 Proof or the iPF9000 Proof, currently allows creating a print job for borderless the starting value for black in the separation settings printing with a printing width greater than 42 inch. In should be set to 0%. This results in the usage of al gray case such the job is send to the printer, an error inks and therefore prevents a composition of gray message appears on the printer frontpanel, stating that borderless printing for this job is not supported. The job can now be canceled or printed with a border.
New parameters were introduced to the PosterJet MediaManager for profiling and printing on speciality media. They are available for al the new Canon imagePROGRAF printers of the iPF-series: With these new parameters even ‘unusual’ media can be perfectly printed on these new printers. A separate support document for profiling with PosterJet is available.
Borderless printing is available only for roll media. However, not every type of media supports borderless printing (e.g. plain paper or coated paper). This is true On the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF500, iPF600 and also for the imagePROGRAF printers of the W-series iPF5000 some media types can not be printed from the cassette sheet feeder (example: Waterresistant As the PosterJet PlugIns for the iPF-Series may be up-
SemiGloss). However, these types of media can always dated, please check regulary the Media Update for
be printed by using the manual sheet feeder. For further new PlugIns and media profiles!
information, please read the printer manual or see the notes given in the PosterJet MediaManager. Especially download the new PlugIn for the iPF9000
before downloading profiles for this printer!!!
The PosterJet printer plug-ins called »Canon image- PROGRAF iPF5000« and »Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000« make use of the maximum number of available colors for printing (11 colors simultaneously, as matte black and photo black are not used at the same time). These plug-ins are optimized for photo, banner, fine art and other applications, where a large gamut is required. The PosterJet printer plug-ins called »Canon image- PROGRAF iPF5000 Proof« and the »Canon image- PROGRAF iPF9000 Proof« do not use the red, green and blue inks (therefore they just print with eight of the eleven available inks). These plug-ins are optimized for proofing applications. The PosterJet printer plug-ins for the Canon image- PROGRAF iPF500, iPF600 and iPF700 recognize automatical y, what kind of black ink (mat e black or photo black) needs to be used for the paper loaded in


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