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21st December 2010
30th Agrahayana 1932
Health Services Department
List of Medicines/Drugs & Equipments approved
The following is the Select List, approved by by DHS to be supplied to Group Hospitals,
Government Officers in the Health Services Department, fit Garden Hospitals & Dispensaries.
for promotion to the cadre of Chief Radiographer for the year 2010 prepared by the DPC (L) at its meeting held on Deriphyllin Tablets (Etophylline & Theophylline) Cotrimazole Ointment (Steroid skin ointment) Anti Hypertensive Drugs & Diuretics Artery forceps, Mosquito, Curved, straight.
Artery forceps, Medium, straight, curved.
Artery forceps, Large, straight, curved.
Dressing, Gowns, Caps, Masks, Slippers and ]me-°mSv Pn√-bnse hnhn[ s]mXp-P\ BtcmKy ÿ m ] - \ - ß - f n ¬ 1 ˛ 4 - ˛ 2 0 1 1 a p X ¬ 3 1 - ˛ 3 - ˛ 2 0 1 2 h s c - b p ≈ Ime-L-´-Øn¬ Agp-°p-Xp-Wn-Iƒ Ae-°n-s°m-Sp-°p-∂-Xn\v a p { Z - h ® a ’ - c m - [ n - j v T n X Z ¿ L m - k p - I ƒ / I z t ´ - j - \ p - I ƒ £Wn-®p-sIm-≈p∂p. Z¿Lmkv/Izt´-j≥ AXmXv ÿm]-\- ß-fnse tae-[n-Im-cn-Iƒ°v 4˛1-˛2011 ]I¬ 3 aWn-°p-≈n¬ e`n-t°-≠-Xm-Wv. At∂-Zn-hkw ]I¬ 3.30-˛\v At∏mƒ lmP-cm-Ip-∂-h-cpsS km∂n-≤y-Øn¬ \n¿±njvS ka-b-Øn-\p- Date and time of close of sale of tender forms— ≈n¬ e`n® Z¿Lmkv/Izt´-j≥ Xpd∂v ]cn-tim-[n-°p-∂Xpw k z o I m - c y - a m b Z ¿ L m k v / I z t ´ - j ≥ k a ¿ ∏ n - ® - h ¿ ° v Date and time for receipt of tender—5-1-2011, 12 Noon.
AwKo-Im-c-Øn\v hnt[-b-ambn h¿°v Hm¿U¿ (Work Order Date and time for opening of tender—5-1-2011, 2 p.m.
Date up to which rates are to be firms—31-3-2011.
Address of Officer from whom tender forms are to be obtained and when tenders are to be sent—The DistrictTB Officer, District TB Centre, Kozhikode-16.
Installation of Vacuum system at DOTS Plus Ward with

It consists of approximate 250 metres 15mm Medical grade distribution pipe, approximate 20 mtrs. 10 mmdrop pipe, 5 nos. 15 mm Isolation valve, 5 Nos. Self Sealed tenders in the prescribed forms are invited for sealing type outlet points, 5 Nos. ward vacuum units the installation of the Central Suction with 5 HP with 600 ml receiver jar and necessary connections.
Compressor with receiver tank 1000 litre with 5 points atDOTS Plus Site Ward at Institute of Chest Diseases, 5 HP Vacuum (Suction) system with all connections
Medical College, Kozhikode. Superscription tender numbershould be specially note.
Dry vacuum pump with 5 HP motor starter Vacuumpressure switch, 0-760 pressure gauge, with all 1000 litre vacuum receiver tank with vacuum bacterial EMD—1% of quoted amount. (D/D in favour of District TB Officer, Kozhikode payable atKozhikode.) Cost of tender form + ST (Cash only)—Rs. 563.


Dose Optimization for Cholesterol Lowering Medications and Quantity Level Limits for Proton Pump Inhibitors In a continuing effort to promote quality, affordable, cost-effective health care, the pharmacy benefit plan for OSU has adopted prescription quantity and/or dosing limits for certain medications. Drug quantity limits and dosing limits (dose optimizations) are based on guidelin


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