Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.
Ph.D. in Computer Science, expected May 2013GPR 3.8Electives: Computer Graphics, Creative Cognition, Sketch Recognition, Machine Learning M.S. in Computer Science, August 2007A Transitory Interface Component for In-Context Visualization and Adjustment of a ValueGPR 3.612Electives: Human Centered Systems and Information, Physical Interfaces, User Interfaces and Information Visualization, Recombinant Media, Physically-based Modeling B.S. in Computer Science, Cum Laude, May 2004GPR 3.603Electives: Structures of Interactive Information, Design Communication Foundations, Computer Graphics, Drawing, Photography Projects
InfoComposer is a curation tool that integrates processes of searching, browsing, collecting,
mixing, organizing, and thinking about information. A human user curates collections of rich
bookmarks. A rich bookmark is a visual, navigable link to a web document, represented by a
clipping from that document, enriched with detailed metadata that concisely captures
essential meaning - as information composition. Information composition is a holistic visual
and semantic representation of an information collection. InfoComposer was used by over
200 students per semester in The Design Process: Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
I was the lead student developer on the project. I directed four graduate students and two undergraduates in development cycles of the software. My software development work on the project is focused around interaction design.
I developed MessyOrganizer, an iterative implicit structure visualization algorithm which
gradually collects and organizes rich bookmarks, mimicking the process for which people collect physical clippings as pinned together messy piles. MessyOrganizer uses simulated annealing to find the optimal placement for new rich bookmarks, encouraging overlap between related elements. The goal of MessyOrganizer is to computationally help people find, collect, and organize ideas. Choreographic Buttons
Choreographic Buttons is a movement-based collaborative aesthetic design environment
that promotes social interaction. The design environment contains two 3x3 grids. One
physically marked out on the floor, and the other projected on a nearby wall. A participant
interacts with the design environment by jumping and crouching in the cells of the grid on the
floor. Each movement effects the imagery in the corresponding cell of the projected
visualization. Participants design collage compositions.
I served as project leader, created the visualization and its connection to the motion tracking system, and refined the motion tracking algorithm for better results. We held a user study / art exhibition / party event to evaluate the design environment. I helmed the event and analyzed the qualitative data.
Webb, A.M., Linder, R., Kerne, A., Lupfer, N., Qu, Y., Poffenberger, B., Revia, C., Promoting
Reflection and Interpretation in Education: Curating Rich Bookmarks as Information
Composition, Proc. ACM Creativity and Cognition, 2013, in press.
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Webb, A. and Kerne, A., In-Context Visualization and Authoring of Metadata for Information Collections, NSF Workshop on Media Arts, Science, and Technology, 2009.
Webb, A. and Kerne, A. The In-Context Slider: A Fluid Interface Component for Visualization and Adjustment of a Value while Authoring, Proc. ACM Advanced Visual Interfaces, 2008.
Kerne, A., Koh, E., Smith, S. M., Webb, A., Dworaczyk, B., combinFormation: Mixed-Initiative Composition of Image and Text Surrogates Promotes Information Discovery, ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), 27(1), Dec. 2008, 5:1-45, Webb, A., A Transitory Interface Component for the In-Context Visualization and Adjustment of a Value , M.S. thesis, Texas A&M University, August 2007. Koh, E., Kerne, A., Damaraju, S., Webb, A., Sturdivant, D., Generating Views of the Buzz: Browsing Popular Media and Authoring using Mixed-Initiative Composition, Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2007.
Kerne, A., Koh, E., Smith, S.M., Choi, H., Graeber, R., Webb, A., Promoting Emergence in Information Discovery by Representing Collections with Composition, ACM Creativity & Cognition 2007.
Webb, A., Kerne, A., Koh, E., Human Movement and Clear Affordances Promote Social Interaction, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 15(5-6), May 2007.
Webb, A., Kerne, A., Koh, E., Joshi, P., Park, Y., Graeber, R., Choreographic Buttons: Promoting Social Interaction through Human Movement and Clear Affordances, ACM Multimedia 2006, 451-460.
Kerne, A., Koh, E., Dworaczyk, B., Mistrot, J.M., Choi, H., Smith, S., Graeber, R., Caruso, D., Webb, A., Hill, R., Albea, J., A Mixed-Initiative System for Representing Collections as Compositions of Image and Text Surrogates, JCDL 2006, 11-20.
Research Assistant, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Texas A&M
University; College Station, TX - Fall 2008-Present
Working as a research assistant in the Interface Ecology Lab.
Research Internship, Yahoo! Research Barcelona; Summer/Fall 2011
Worked with Alejandro Jaimes on an interactive news visualization for sensemaking.
Teaching Assistant, Texas A&M University; College Station, TX - Fall 2010
Served as T.A. for Human-Centered Computing. Helped develop new curriculum focusing on
information visualization. Answered students questions, and graded assignments.
Web Designer, PageUp America; The Woodlands, TX - Fall 2004-Summer 2007
Worked as a part-time freelance web designer creating and improving web site designs.
Teaching Assistant, Texas A&M University; College Station, TX - Fall 2004
Served as T.A. for Structures of Interactive Information. Answered students questions about
assignments. Provided them with feedback on their work. Graded assignments.
Co-owner and Designer, ACW Custom Signs; Willis, TX - 2003-2005
Started a vinyl graphics business with my brother. We created automotive graphics, signs,
and banners.


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