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Monthly Meetings held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM - Barstow Airport (3BS) Volume XV Issue 3 Officers
Class II Directors
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SPECIAL EVENTS – 2009

Robert Shafer featured Speaker at Chapter Meeting March 5, 2009

Ditching, Water Survival, and Why You Need a New ELT! -- Or How to plan not to ditch, but
how to stay alive and get rescued if you do.

Robert T. (Bob) Shafer, U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, is a commercial pilot and Certified
Flight Instructor with instrument, single and multi-engine ratings, and
helicopter pilot. He is a United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Officer,
an Aircraft Commander, a former Flight Safety Officer, and is on the
National Staff of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary as Deputy Chief of the
Operations (Response) Department.
Topics will include things to do to prevent trouble, what to do if things go very wrong (ditching
technique), how to stay alive until help comes, and more. He will also discuss why you need a new
ELT - making the Switch to 406 mHz. Bob and his wife, Susan, also a pilot, are the proud owners
of a Grumman Tiger, an Enstrom Helicopter and a Cessna O-2A (the military version of the
Skymaster). Don’t miss this informative and very lively talk by an expert in water survival. Social
time begins at 6:30 pm and the meeting and program at 7:00 pm.

From the Flight Surgeon – Dr. Greg Pinnell, MD
Although you wouldn’t think so from the weather the springtime allergy season is around the corner and most of us suffer at least occasional problems. If you use antihistamines remember that CFR (FAR) 91.17 does not allow "any drug that affects the persons faculties in any way contrary to safety." A smart choice would be to use non-sedating medications such as Allegra, Clarinex or Claritin. Nasal spray steroids are effective also and allowed by the FAA. Nasal decongestants like Afrin are effective but should be only used in certain situations. Confused? Call or write through and we will be happy to guide you through the array of available medications.
Fly safe!
Gregory Pinnell, MD
Senior AME/Senior Flight Surgeon USAFR,
Safety Corner by Dr. James Rieke – Scud Running

A recent article in “Aviation Safety” reminded me of the advice a long time friend and WWII pilot gave me when I started to fly. He said: “Jim, in bad weather the best maneuver you will ever learn is the 180 degree turn.” When talking to many long time pilots, scud running was kind of a badge of honor especially when accompanied with a few scary moments along the way. More than a few also died! Before joining the ranks of scud running pilots consider a few facts. 1. Can you trim the airplane and hold altitude to plus or minus 100 feet when visibility is 1 or 2
miles? All at a few hundred feet AGL.
2. Have you considered the number (and the height) of towers that frequent the country side and
follow most expressways every few miles? Relatively new are the wind turbine farms which now
begin to dot the countryside. The blade tips reach as high as 450 feet.
3. While the Midwest is relatively flat, there are still hills and valleys where the elevation changes
by several hundred feet and some high spots have 1000 foot towers
4. And now the FARS. A crowded expressway or even a cluster of several houses may be
considered a congested area. Clearance becomes 1000 feet.
Hence, the best safety advice is: when the weather turns bad, make the 180 degree turn and leave
the scud running to those who flew in a bygone era.

Young Eagles to be held Saturday, March 14, 2008

The Young Eagles Program scheduled for Saturday,
February 14 had to be cancelled due to the weather. But
we will be ready to try again on March 14. If you are a pilot,
check with me and I'll let you know how to get started in
the program.
Join us on Saturday, March 14 from 9 am – 12 noon.
Youngsters ages 8 to 17 are invited to experience the joy
of flight. We fly kids on the second Saturday of each
month, weather permitting and with their parent’s written
Dave Schmelzer,
Young Eagles Coordinator,
Comedy Sensation Jeff Dunham Returning to EAA Airventure
Top-drawing star is longtime EAA member and helicopter builder; 2009 performance again
presented by RotorWay International. In 2008, Jeff Dunham and his wild cast of characters had a
record-setting performance at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Because of the overwhelming success of
that appearance, RotorWay International is bringing Dunham - an EAA member, aircraft builder
and pilot - back to Oshkosh in 2009! Dunham will be appearing at the event on Saturday evening,
August 1. The 57th annual edition of EAA AirVenture, "The World's Greatest Aviation
Celebration," takes place at Wittman Regional Airport on July 27-August 2.

EAA 1093 Aviation Scholarship Committee Seeking Nominations
The Scholarship Committee invites any chapter member to nominate a deserving candidate for a
scholarship to be used towards flight training. The nominee should have shown a commitment to
aviation and a desire to continue their flight or ground training towards a pilot certificate or rating.
Submit your nomination to Dot Hornsby, Jack Hallett or Linda Langrill by April 1, 2009.
Hornsby Aviation Scholarship Available

Besides our EAA 1093 Aviation Scholarship there is another aviation scholarship at the Midland
Area Community Foundation and it is targeted for young people ages 15 – 22 who are interested
in attending ground school, taking flying lesson, or attending college with an aviation major. To get
an application for this Hornsby Aviation Scholarship, you can pick up an application form at their
office at 76 Ashman Circle, or call 839-9661 for more information. You can also go to our web site to download the application form. The deadline for applications will be early March.

Airport Advisory Commission Meeting for March

The next Jack Barstow Airport Advisory Commission meeting will be held on March 24 at 5:00 pm
at the Midland City Hall Council Chambers. Members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Tri-Motor DVD Available
The program on the Tri-Motor that has been running on Midland Community Television recently
was produced by Roger Briggs, who did a wonderful job with it. If anyone has an interest in buying
a copy (probably around $10), please let Dot Hornsby know ([email protected]).
Note from the President
Time for the "Almost Spring Pep Talk"!
It is easy to get in a rut…. like thinking that the snow and cold will
never end. "I feel just fine in my easy chair, sipping hot cocoa and
watching Oprah.” "What, me work on my plane!? Why? It's too cold to
fly!" But remember this: Spring is coming! Set down the cocoa, close
your eyes, tilt your head back, and visualize blue skies, balmy air,
soft warm breezes, and watching the ground fall away below and the earth
stretch out ahead to the horizon. Then open your eyes, get up, and go
get busy on that airplane project!!
Let's make a point to all be at the chapter meetings, 1st Thursday of
every month. Bring a friend. I hope as many members as possible will
make the effort to be involved in Young Eagles every 2nd Saturday. You
may make a difference in a young person's life. If you don't have a
plane, you can still help with paperwork, and by greeting and
encouraging young people and parents.
Thanks. See you March 5th!
JT Rairigh, President, EAA Chapter 1093


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