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Personal Care
Skin Care
□ Anti-perspirant & Deodorant Roll-on □ Anti-perspirant & Deodorant Spray □ Natural exfolient & fine line reduction Healthy Snacks & Drinks
Health & Nutrition
Household Cleaning
T O P 5 0 D e s c r i p t i o n
Personal Care
LOC Plus Bathroom Cleaner (202600)
Satinique Gentle Daily Cleanser (202388)
Spray Bottle (4665)
500ml LOC equivalent of 4 x 500ml Pine O Daily 60 (123) Similar to ‘normal’ multi
penetrates the hair and restores essential nutri- -vitamins but with the addition of plant ents as it helps to repair, strengthen and pro- Dish Drops Concentrated Liquid (2249)
Fruit & Vegetables (102992) contains
Squeeze Bottle (62)
the nutrients from ten fruits and vegeta- Satinique Moisturising Detangler (202394)
bles grown in healthy ‘living’ soil. Rec- Dish Magic Conc. (1393) Powder
Body Series Deodorant and Anti-perspirant
Dish Drops Tablets (6188)
Roll-on (4632)
Nutriway Pack (209809) Contains
Scrub Buds (35)
Double X 31 Day, Fruit & Vegetables & Body Series Deodorant and Anti-perspirant
Lasts longer than steel wool. Won’t rust. Spray (4631)
Omega-3 Complex (2127)
Body Series G & H Lotion (186)
Skin Care
Glister Toothpaste (184)
Moisture Rich Cleanser (30535)
Very concentrated. Use about 1/3 normal. Put across the brush. New Zealand Dental Asso- Clarifying Cleanser (30659)
Siberian Ginseng & Gingko Biloba
ciation rate this the best polishing toothpaste. Blend (93)
Moisture Rich Toner (30657)
Glister Mouth Refresher Spray (211)
Calcium Magnesium (121)
Clarifying Toner (30660)
Glister Mint Mouth Wash (99)
Milk Thistle & Dandelion (100352)
Moisture Rich Moisturiser (30658)
Dandelion root, tumeric and milk thistle Tolsom Shave Gel (100917)
Clarifying Moisturiser (30661)
Saw Palmetto & Nettle Root (202493)
Polishing Scrub (100196)
Bilberry & Lutein (202491)
Replenishing Eye Crème (100227)
Bilberry is rich in vision supporting nu- SA8 Laundry Conc 3kg (116)
trients. Lutein reduces oxidative damage SA8 Laundry Conc 750gm (115)
Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (202508)
Natural exfoliant & fine line reduction Skin Refinishing Lotion (100240)
Glucosamine HCI with Boswellia
SA8 Liquid (103277)
Healthy Snacks & Drinks
Prewash Laundry Spray (26)
Carb Blocker Plus (100193)
Tropical (708588); Citrus (634740); Lemon
Fabric Softener (103408)
(736390); Grape Berry (634741);
Cola (740238)
Trizyme (74)
Energise your mind & body without storing fat. No carbs or sugars. Fortified with B vitamins BIO-C Plus - 100 tabs (6120)
All Fabric Bleach (77)
C-500 – 175 tabs (130)
Household Cleaning
Caramel Fudge (736356): Almond Nougat
LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner (202599)
A satisfying, nutritious, and delicious snack Dispenser plunger (63)
Vitamin B Complex (101326)
Pursue Toilet Bowl Cleaner (29)
Chocolate (736913); Coffee Latte (736914)
A source of protein and essential nutrients for Triple Shield Ecinacea (111)
Pursue Household/Commercial Grade Dis-
infectant (27)
Health & Nutrition
LOC Plus Window Cleaner (10)
Double X 31 Day (6133); Double X 62 Day
Positrim Protein Bar variety Pack
Refill (6134).
Helps control the metabolism of fat, glucose, LOC Kitchen Cleaner (202601)
carbohydrate and protein converting it to en- Spray Bottle (4665)
ergy & builds stronger bones. Supports vital 500ml LOC is equivalent of 4 x 500ml Pine O energy production and nerve function, fortifies Chocolate Drink Mix (6148) Vanilla
immune system and maintains healthy eyes, blood, thyroid and heart. Clinical trials show it For people who do not have time for a nutritionally balanced meal.


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