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These are our entries for the competition Secondary school transfer, is all a bit of a blur There is a school just up the road, so close to my abode I’d have to leave my bike at home, and walk past a shop where the wild things room. Six choices seem a lot, my brain is wound up in a knot. All the schools have their attractions, GCSE results dipper by fractions. Lots of open nights and days, Crowds shuffling around a maze Pupils being tutored, spending hours at computers Hundreds of girls sitting tests, hunched over rows of desks SATS, bond, “Open places’, academies with histories, co- ed, grammar, all a mystery. Comprehensive, i.e. State, detention if you’re late What would be better, learning to write Latin in a letter Or being home, while the sun still shines. My mum fancies an adventure in Jaipur, the pink city of palaces and allures. There is a ‘family orientated’ school, though to get there it would take a lot of fuel We would all ride horses, to save our resources. Broad in the countryside, ‘what fun’ but there is a downside - I’d miss my mum! But for now I can fly, because Brandlehow is close by my teachers and friends- I love them all, helping me stand so tall. Voted ‘best’ by Ofsted and I, I wish there was a Brandlehow High A Death- Eater’s plea to Lord Voldemort, on his return to power. I’ve always had a longing for a longboat I’ve always had a longing for a helmet To sail to show that I’m the only captain The stars and the sun shine bright in the sky, The stars and the sun shine light in the sky. The stars and the sun are close to the moon, The stars and the sun are coming out soon!!! The stars and the sun live in the sky!!! The stars and the sun are shaped like fun!!!!!!!!! When I was 16 years old I was taught how to fight. When I was 26 years, I was the master of it. When landing in England I didn’t get killed So I was the strongest Viking that ever lived There is crispy red blood all over his face, His blood shot eyes will scar you for life, It’s like someone staring at you with sharp tongs. You should always be aware in case he will come, And if he does your rack near will be numb. If he bites you, you’ll lean into him, Daffodils are so pretty and yellow and so sweets Blue bells are blue and look like cute little bells, Roses are red and they come in other colours, Tulips are pretty and they are fun to look at. Lavenders are purple and beautiful and smell gorgeous. There are so many flowers that the world is so wonderful You can go to sleep in a sleeping bag day Peas and cheese and pickled onions school dinner FABTASTIC, If you eat enough of them you will turn in to elastic. Elastic Elastic it’s great to be !!!!!!!!!! Springing and binging as the door bells ringing. Flipping get to the door I wonder who it is, She’s come round to apologize for putting rubber in my Spaghetti That explains why I’ve turned in to a stretchy elastic band. The dinner lady said “The only thing I can do to forgive my-self is to So I am going home to make a big pot of FABTASTIC bolognaise. You look through the trees and what do you see, The cows were mooing and the ducks were quaking. When I walked to school and eagle carried me


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