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DBS. Living, Breathing Asia
This promotion is organised by DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”). By participating in this Contest, you agree that: A. Eligibility
1. Only Qualifying Participants are eligible for this Contest. To be a “Qualifying Participant”, you must: (a) be a Singapore citizen or person ordinarily residing in Singapore (including foreigners, holding a valid employment pass or work permit) aged 18 years and above; (b) be a holder of a valid Instagram account; and (c) post an “eye-popping photo”(photo taken at Spend & Redeem booth with props provided at Ngee Ann City Atrium Level B2) with the “hashtag” (#dbseyepoppingdeals) between 22 November 2013 to 8 December 2013, dates inclusive (“the Qualifying Period”).
2. The fol owing persons are not entitled to participate and are disqualified from the Contest: (a) Employees of DBS and their immediate family members (i.e. spouse and children); and (b) Employees or staff of advertising agencies of DBS and any other parties who are directly involved in organising, promoting and/or conducting the Contest, as determined by DBS.
3. Participation in the Contest is open to individuals only. Corporations or other entities are not eligible to participate.
B. Participation
1. Qualifying Participants are to take only one (1) photograph each at the Spend & Redeem booth between 22 November 2013 to 8 December 2013 (dates inclusive) at Ngee Ann City Atrium Level B2.
2. Qualifying Participants should set their profile as “Public”, upload the photo, and add the hashtag 3. Only ten (10) winners will be selected in the Contest (the “Winners”) who will be determined based on 50% number of “LIKES” on the photograph and 50% creativity. Creativity will be judged by a panel of 6 judges selected by DBS by 12 December 2013. C. Prizes
1. The top ten (10) Winners who are selected based on number of likes and creativity will receive a S$100 Takashimaya Voucher (“Prize”) each.
2. The Winners will be notified via an Instagram comment on the winning photos by 13 December 2013, and are required to provide their email address via comment on the winning photos, tagging the DBS representative who commented on the photo.
3. Winners must present his / her photo corresponding to the winning photo for the col ection of his / her Prize at DBS Head Office. DBS may, at its sole and absolute discretion, declare any entry void if the winner fails to produce such verification. The Prize must be col ected from 13 December 2013 till 10 January 2014 DBS. Living, Breathing Asia
4. Results will also be published on the DBS Facebook Page by 20 December 2013.
5. The Winners will need to sign a receipt of acknowledgement upon receiving the Prizes 6. DBS' decision as to the Winners of the Contest shall be final and conclusive.
D. Instagram
(a) Instagram is not liable to you whatsoever for this Contest; (b) The Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Instagram.
E. General
1. Identification and notification (as may be required) of the Winner will be based on the photo in their Instagram page.
2. DBS may substitute or replace the Prize with any other item of equal or similar value in the event the stated Prize is not available for whatever reason. Winners cannot substitute or exchange their Prize for cash, credit or any kind.
3. Any Prize unclaimed after 10 January 2014will be forfeited without further notice, and the Prize, or its equivalent value, will be donated to the Community Chest or to another charity of DBS’ choice. Under no circumstances will the Winner have recourse against DBS once the Prize has been forfeited pursuant to this clause.
4. DBS assumes no liability or responsibility for the acts or defaults of the merchant or for any non-delivery, non-performance or defects in the Prizes. DBS is not an agent of the merchant. Any dispute about the quality or service standard must be resolved directly with the merchant. The redemption of the prize shall be subject to the merchant’s terms and conditions. The winners accept and enjoy the Prize at their own risk. DBS will be not responsible for any injuries, loss or damage suffered as a esult of the redemption or usage of the Prize.
5. DBS may disclose and publish the Winner’s name, and any other particulars in any manner it thinks fit for publicity or commercial purposes. The Winner shall cooperate with and participate in any publicity activities organised by DBS in relation to the Contest without compensation whatsoever. Failure by the Winner to comply with this Clause shall result in his/herdisqualification.
6. All Qualifying Participants expressly and irrevocably authorise and consent to DBS disclosing information regarding their particulars to the parties involved in the organising, promotion and conduct of the Contest. Such information may be used in the operation and marketing of DBS’ products and services. Qualifying Participants may receive via e-mail or SMS, promotional news, services updates and other information about DBS’ products and services. Qualifying Participants may choose, at any point, to unsubscribe to these mailings.
7. DBS’ decision on all matters relating to the Contest (including selection of the Winner and valuation of the Prize) shall be final and binding.
8. DBS may vary these Terms or discontinue the Contest at any time. DBS shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in connection with the Contest or its cancel ation, and any notice which is misdirected or lost in the post. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and any brochures, marketing or promotional materials relating to the Contest, these Terms shall prevail.
9. These Terms will be governed by and construed by Singapore law and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore. A person who is not a party to these Terms shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) to enforce any of these Terms.



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