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Cambridge English for

Answer key

Unit 1 Patient admissions
2 d 3 a 4 h 5 g 6 c 7 e 8 b
1 The temporal pulse is often used to take the pulse of an infant.
2 The presence or absence of the carotid pulse is felt during a cardiac arrest.
3 The pedal and tibial pulses are palpated when assessing blood circulation.
4 The most common pulse used by nurses is the radial pulse.
2 e 3 f 4 b 5 d 6 a
1 rate 2 character 3 beats 4 tachycardia 5 slow
6 bradycardia 7 rhythm 8 force 9 thready 10 bounding
Unit 2 Respiratory problems
1 Asthma symptoms
2 Wires are inserted into the lungs
3 Radio waves burn off some of the muscle inside the airways
4 Perhaps the cost
5 More days without asthma symptoms
Unit 3 Wound care
Completed handover notes
David Young
Cambridge English for Nursing Cambridge University Press 2008
Cambridge English for

Answer key

Christine Browne
Unit 4 Diabetes care
2 subcutaneous
3 pitting
4 absorption
5 absorb
6 actions
7 intermediate
8 mixed
9 genetically
Unit 5 Medical specimens
2 urinary retention 3 bacteria 4 catheterisation
5 voiding 6 discharged 7 clamp
Unit 6 Medications
1 To check a medication order
2 The frequency of dose and the signature were missing
3 Yes
Dose, route and missing signature.
Cambridge English for Nursing Cambridge University Press 2008
Cambridge English for

Answer key

Unit 7 Intravenous infusions
2 h 3 f 4 a 5 g 6 b 7 e 8 c
2 chorhexidine 3 lumens 4 occlusion 5 occlusion
6 syringes 7 cannula lock 8 occlusive dressing
Suggested answers
1 Chris said to heparin lock daily.
2 Chris said to use an alcohol and chorhexidine solution to swab the exit site.
3 Chris advised that it was important to flush the line after the administration of
4 Chris said to tell you that all infusions should be run through an infusion pump to 5 Chris reminded you to change the dressing over the exit site three times a week.
Unit 8 Pre-operative patient assessment
2 Why is the operation necessary?
3 Will I have a scar?
4 Will I have a dressing?
5 Will I have a drip?
6 Will I be able to eat and drink after the operation?
7 Will I be in a lot of pain?
8 Is there anything else I’ll have to do after the operation?
9 How soon can I get back to my normal activities?
Unit 9 Post-operative patient assessment
Answers will be student’s own.
Unit 10 Discharge planning
Cambridge English for Nursing Cambridge University Press 2008


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A) Articole in publicatii nationale si internationale 1. Cornelia Ilie, Stela Iancu, Monica Duldner, Dan F. Anghel, "Water-dispersible, biodegradable copolyesters from pet wastes. I. Investigation of hydrophylic character", Rev. Roumaine Chim., 2011, 56(7), 725-734. 2. Emeric Bartha, Stela Iancu, Monica Duldner, Mircea D. Vuluga, Constantin Draghici, Florina Teodorescu, Dragos Gherase, 

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