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We have managed to survive the wet weather and are hoping for a drier weekend! The children have made an excellent start to the school year, with all our pupils and staff working really hard and playing
their part fully to help us to continue moving forward as a school.
Start of the School Day
We would just like to remind parents of the arrangements at the start of the school day.
The school day begins at 8.55am, when pupils line up on the playground and enter the school promptly
to begin their learning.
Pupils and parents are welcome on the school premises at 8.45am, when we also have members of staff
on duty to ensure the safety and welfare of our pupils on the playground. During inclement weather
the school doors will only open at 8.45am to allow children into school. We ask that parents leave their
children at the school doors and allow pupils to come into school independently, as the corridors
become quickly congested and very wet and therefore a safety issue.
We would ask that if you and your child arrive at school before 8.45am that you remain with them until
a member of staff is present. During inclement weather, the pavilion is available for shelter until
8.45am, when, as outlined above, pupils can then enter the school building and be supervised by our
teaching staff. Again we ask that pupils are left to enter the building alone, to foster independence
and enable them to enter in their classroom in a safe and calm manner.
We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Year 5 visit to Glaramara
Last week Year 5 went on a residential
trip to Glaramara in the Lake District.
When we got there we were all very excited and could not wait until our first activity appeared to be ghyll scrambling because you get very WET!! We had to wear all in one suits that made us look like teletubbies. We found it very hard the children had an amazing time and we all wish we were back there! By Seb Dean and Imogen Lehmann Parent Governor Election Update: We have received three nominations for the three vacant Parent Governor positions. As a result, we will not need to hold a secret ballot to select our new Parent Governors. Further information will be provided next week after the new appointments have been ratified by the Full Governing School Open Day / Open Evening
We are holding school open days on Monday 1st October, Wednesday 7th November and Friday 7th December. If you have a child, or you know of anyone who has a child who will be turning 4 on or before the 31st August 2012, and will therefore be starting school in September 2013, we would like to invite you to attend one of these Open Days. Please contact Mrs Munslow in the School Office for further details. Midday Assistant
There will be a vacancy for a midday assistant starting on Monday 8th October. If you are interested in this position, or you know of any family or friends who would like to take up this position, please contact Mrs Munslow in the school office for further details. Lost Picnic Blanket
Warrington Contemporary Arts
A black ACTOS picnic blanket (in a bag) has Festival!
been found in school. It could possibly be from After the huge success of last year’s festival the Jubilee Garden Party held in school in July. there is another opportunity to get involved Please contact Mrs Munslow in the school office with lots of arts events across Warrington throughout October (many free of charge). There are open exhibitions at Warrington For more details go to
Football Coaching Year 1 / 2 and Year 3 / 4
We will soon be sending out details regarding Football Coaching for these year-groups. This will be provided by David Campbell Soccer, who delivered excellent coaching for our Year 3 and 4 children last year. Unfortunately, Tom the coach who delivered the training, has recently been injured. Therefore, we are in the process of making alternative arrangements which is why there has been a delay in sending out a letter to parents. Further information will be sent out next week, when all the arrangements have l - Tickets are still available to buy for one more week - the first draw will be next Friday. The cost is £12 per number for the year to take part in 12 monthly draws with prizes of £15, £10 and £5. This is a great fundraiser, and exciting for the children if their number is drawn out. If you can't attend our fundraising events during the year, please at least support this. To take part just send your details and £12 in an envelope to the school office, and if you'd like a particular number that can be arranged. All profits go to school funds. AGM - Tuesday 16th October - 7:30 at the General Elliott - all welcome.
Dates for the next two weeks in school



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